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10 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 14, 2017 17 Comments

10 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Fit Chick's - 10 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas
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Hey Valentine!

We hope you are all feeling the love on this day and every day!

Today we are sharing 10 amazing last-minute date night ideas for Valentine’s day.
We know that our readers are usually a little more prepared than last-minute but just
in case you need a little assistance with your plans
– or maybe your significant other does –
then we got you covered.

If you are looking for some assistance in the gifting department,
we have help for that too,
check out our list of 20 gifts for her here.

As always, we hope you enjoy this post and hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!



10 Last-Minute Date Ideas:

  1. Do a DIY project: Do you both have a big DIY project that has been on your list forever? Can it be done indoors [if needed] or doesn’t require a ton of money? Then maybe doing a DIY project is your Valentines date. We have a ton of ideas over on Pinterest, but maybe you just bought a new home and are tight on cash so a new DIY large mirror or table is in your budget. Working together can be sexy and fun and it will help build your relationship.
  2. Go Karaoke: Who doesn’t love Karaoke? Well if you are shy and don’t want to sing, you and your date can always go and people watch. [ I love people watching – is that weird? ] Anyways, I bet as the night goes on it gets wild! Who knows maybe one of you will even work up the courage to get up on stage after a drink or two. Either way it is a night out that probably won’t make your wallet burst into flames and it is almost always guaranteed fun around midnight.
  3. Have a Mini Wine Tour: Sure the wineries close at a certain time but yours doesn’t have to! Grab a couple of different bottles from different locations on the map, a couple different types of cheese and crackers and have a mini wine tour. If you don’t like wine then go for the beers. Don’t like beer then get extra rowdy and grab some tequila. Whatever your drink of choice is just make sure you don’t drink and drive!
  4. Have a beach date: Since it may be a bit chilly, grab some heavy blankets, pillows, flameless candles and champagne and head to the beach. Hang out in the back of the truck [or even car], relax and watch the waves. It is always super romantic and chances are you will have the place to yourself.
  5. Scavenger Hunt: Find a scavenger hunt online [maybe even a sexy one – if those exist] and go down the list. Even if you don’t finish the list it’s the adventure and laughs that counts. If you need help finding a good list, always check Pinterest [they have everything]. This even works if you are doing a group date or if you are having a galentines date night.
  6. Re-create your first date: Depending on the time of year and time of day, this can be tough but if your first date was at a certain restaurant or place that is open late then go back and give yourselves all the first date feels. It is something so simple that can instantly spark or re-spark up some loving feelings.
  7. Be a tourist: Sometimes it’s really fun to be a tourist. If you can’t hop on a plane then take a drive and visit somewhere new in a nearby city. If you don’t have a big city near you then find a new restaurant, museum or event in your own town. Trying new things is a quick and easy way to keep the love alive.
  8. Candlelight takeout: If you and your date are still in that new, adorable stage and are to shy to cook together then maybe some takeout and candles will do. Set the mood and have a casual night in. Grab a couple movies or even a trilogy and spend the night cuddled up in some great food and romance.
  9. Cook together: I don’t know about you, but cooking together can be really sexy. Maybe it’s because we recently received a ton of awesome cookbooks like the Skinnytaste Fast and Slow cookbook, Thug Kitchen, and the Complete Cooking for Two cookbook but we love to cook together. If you want to cook for your man then maybe grab a recipe from The Dude Diet.
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  10. Couples massage: You can never go wrong with a massage. If you are tight on money, then give each other a nice 15-30 minute massage. Light some candles and get sexy.



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Fit Chick's - 10 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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