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10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

September 15, 2017 1 Comment

10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

Fit Chick's - 10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business
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Our 10 Reasons to Start Your Own Business:

 1. Be your own boss: It’s funny how even when I was 18 and in college, I knew the only thing I wanted in life was to be my own boss. That sole reason, was the reason I decided to pursue a degree in Business Management. It wasn’t because I thought I was smarter than anyone or that I could run things better, it was because I knew I wanted my freedom, creatively and in life. I also knew that I wanted to follow my passion but if you told me at 18 that branding and social media would be my passion, I would have told you that you were crazy. Aside from the fact that ‘social media’ consisted of Facebook [which required a college email back in my college days] and wasn’t called social media, I had no idea that my passions would change about 10 times between now and then. Either way, I still wanted the same result, to be my own boss. I knew what I was capable of and since I had been working since I was 14 [for all sorts of industries from theme parks to retail to insurance to aviation to fitness and more] I knew that one day running my own business would be cake because it would be mine.

2. Work-Life Balance: No matter what job you have, one thing you should always look for is work-life balance. In fact, I even wrote a whole post on what perks you should require your next job to have. But anyway, what better way to make sure you have the perfect blend of work-life balance than by being your own boss. When you run you own business it is a lot of work. Definitely more than a regular job but the best perk you get from running your own business is that you get to set your own hours and schedule. Whether you are running an online business or a product-based business, you still decide when you are open for business.

3. Your Environment, Your Rules: You set the deadlines, the tasks, create the projects and call the shots. Even for someone who thrives off structure, I don’t think there is anything work-related that is better than that. I can tell you first hand what it is like to work for someone who is intimiated by you and your work ethic and it sucks. They do things to try and get ahead and at the end of the day they take it out on you. When you are your own boss, not only do you not have to worry about that crap but you get to set the rules. The other part of owning your own business is you get the creative freedom to create which in itself is worth becoming your own boss.

4. Financial Freedom: Do I even have to say it? This is everything! No more salary negotiations or being told what you are worth. You get to decide how much [or how little] you want to make. I say how little because even though all of these points make owning your own business extremely desirable, you still have to put in the work and it is a lot but I’ll tell you a secret… It’s SO worth it. 

5. Follow your passion: Who doesn’t want to follow their passion or passions? I am not an overly creative humanbeing but one thing I do know is that there is nothing more rewarding than doing something you love. By creating your own business, it allows you to follow your passion. It allows you to choose what clients to work with, how to value your brand, and it allows for people to respect you and your integrity.

6. Networking + Relationships: I know I could talk about networking here at FCN until I am blue in the face and that is because it is so important. New connections and relationships are never a bad thing. I will never forget when I first met my mentor, Jen. I was stuck at a job where there was not only no room for growth but I was also working for someone who was threatened by my success and skill-set. Unfortunately, instead of wanting to work with me, he would lie about me to make himself look better and the GM eventually promoted him over me. My mentor asked me “would getting fired be the worst thing to happen to you? It’s never been discussed but would it be?” My immediate response was “Yes! I would have no financial security, it would ruin my resume…” and the list went on. After our conversation I thought about what she said and I realized that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to me, it would be the best thing. Needless to say, my connection/mentor went on to help me start my own business and I am forever grateful to that relationship. When you start your own business, having connections [large or small] can be huge. Networking allows for the start of those relationships so I take it very seriously and I think they are extremely important to every business.

7. Become a mentor: I never thought I would be someone’s mentor. For the longest time all I wanted to do was inspire others but mentoring was never on the table, until I decided to start my own business. By creating my own business, it has opened doors which I never knew existed. One of those doors, was mentoring. I have always thrived off seeing my clients succeed, it’s literally half of the reason I do what I do, but when you are able to mentor someone and watch them succeed, the emotional reward is so incredibly monumental.

8. Your own office: One of the best perks about owning your own business is choosing your own office. Whether you sell physical products and own a store front or if you are an online business, you get to choose your own workspace. One of my favorite things about running an online business is that I get to work from wherever I want. Seriously, one day it could be my home office and the next it could be an adorable coffee shop. I could even work on the road if I needed or wanted to. That perk alone is so amazing.

9. Job stability: Yup. This one seems self-explanatory but another amazing reason why everyone should own their own business and be their own boss. Obviously, or hopefully, you will never fire yourself so you will always have job stability.

10. New Skills: Yes new skills and constant learning are part of the job but so is failure. I don’t know about you but my biggest lessons and successes have been learned from failure. That’s not to say everyone fails, but there are usually some hiccups or setbacks when opening a business and that is okay. My main reason for deciding to run my own business is directly related to what I believe is my biggest failure in life to date. Anyway, even if you don’t fail [which is 100% okay], constantly learning is part of own your own business and with that learning often comes new skills.


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Fit Chick's - 10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

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