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10 Things That Have Inspired Me Lately

July 18, 2017 No Comments

10 Things That Have Inspired Me Lately

Fit Chick's - 10 Things That Have Inspired Me Lately
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Hey Doll!

Happy Tuesday [as always] and welcome back!
Today I am chatting about 10 things that have inspired me lately.
Because sometimes as a blogger or business owner you can hit some ruts and it helps to hear what other creatives do to keep going. So today we are here to hopefully help inspire others and to share a bit of what has been going on BTS lately.

10 Things That Have Inspired Me Lately:

1. Podcasts: Over the last year I really started to get into podcasts. Specifically Lori Harder’s ‘Earn Your Happy’, Cara Alwill’s ‘Style Your Mind’ and Lewis Howes ‘The School of Greatness”. The messages are all extremely empowering and uplifting especially for people with entrepreneur mindsets, like myself. Sometimes when you are trying to find people who understand what you are going through, it can be tough but hearing others who follow and believe in the same lifestyle and hustle as you can be so refreshing and it lets me know I am not alone.

2. Pinterest and Instagram: Yes two of my favorite platforms but can you ever go wrong with Pinterest or Instagram? Remove the silly new algorithms from Instagram and it’s still very inspiring. I have really been loving Bloguettes, Be Social PR, Wedding Chicks, and Glitter Guide [just to name a few]. Pinterest is also my go to for inspiration but lately I have been really loving finding new marketing, business, and social media articles, wedding photos, home office decor, and so much more.

3. Wedding Inspo: A definite motivator has been my engagement party, the 12 weddings I have this year and my own wedding next year but aside from all the physical changes and motivation, I have really been inspired by different wedding websites and photographers. I really love stalking finding actual weddings and looking at their photos for inspiration.

4. Planning Ahead: I know you all saw my newest planner so yes I have been inspired to use that but also because I have found that the more I plan ahead with my blog content, appointments, etc. the more organized and stable I feel which is so calming and I am able to get so much more done with my free time. I try to plan at least a month or two ahead so if anything needs to be tweaked it isn’t a big deal.

5. Working with new clients: Getting started on this next chapter has been a bit rocky for me, honestly. I often find myself wondering if I am on the right path and if I am working towards something I am meant to be doing. However, finally the other day I had a client who just got it and trusted me. The feeling was so foreign to me. I usually am pretty confident in my abilities and my work but the last few experiences that I have had, have left me uncertain and second guessing myself. I was so inspired after the last client that I had helped that it really reignited the fire to keep going.

6. Following my passion and heart: I am a firm believer in over-delivering. Chalk it up to my thoughtfulness or my drive to be #SoExtra but I really have decided to follow my heart lately and I finally feel that everything is coming together. New clients keep coming to me and I really feel that is the universe telling me to keep going. Actually taking the steps to start creating my business has been overwhelming yet exciting. Just knowing that I have the capabilities to change my life and others is something I look forward to every day so yes I am inspired.

7. Making Changes: Isn’t it wild that by simply shifting some decor or adding some fresh paint that the entire vibe of a room can change drastically? Seriously rearranging or refreshing a room is so underrated and I have no idea why I didn’t start my remodel sooner.

8. Events: If you follow us on here, snapchat and Instagram, then you have seen our Derma-e event post and some Colgate x Kelsie Ballerini BTS. What I love about attending these events is meeting other blogging babes, some who I have been friends with for a few years, and some I have just met who are inspiring and beautiful. The events are fun yes, but they are also a place for networking so I am always looking to make new connections. In addition to attending the events, I have found a new passion for speaking at events. It is SO inspiring to be able to connect with my readers and to meet new peers and friends. With the being said, we do have more beauty events coming up – so stick around – but also in August we will be speaking at this event so if you are in the New York area come grab some tickets for this life changing event!

9. My friends: If you know me, then you know my friends mean the world to me. Seeing them succeed and seeing them truly happy in their lives makes me happy and makes me want to keep up. Their positivity and passions make me realize that you really can have it all. My blogging friends, they have become some of the most supportive people I know. I can honestly say I have a solid group of babes who just constantly lift me up and we are so supportive of each other. It really gives a new meaning to #communityovercompetition.

10. Beauty Tutorials: I have a confession: sometimes I watch YouTube beauty videos for hours. It’s good and bad. I look at it as my form of education because – semi pro at life – but still the gurus are so inspiring and I love learning new tips and tricks to try. As you know my forever favorite will always be Desi Perkins but I have also started to follow LustreLux, Laura Lee, Steph Ledda, Carli Bybel and more.

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Fit Chick's - 10 Things That Have Inspired Me Lately


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Fit Chick's - 10 Things That Have Inspired Me Lately

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