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10 Ways To Be More Productive

March 8, 2016 21 Comments

10 Ways To Be More Productive

Fit Chick's 10 Ways To Be More Productive

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Hey Boss!

We are kicking off this week chatting about productivity and positivity.
1. we think it is important and
2. because this year is all about goals and reaching new heights.

We just achieved one of our goals – for the year – this morning.
We are officially debt free!
One of our goals was to pay off our debt and to do it way before the deadline and we did it.
No more student loans and our car is paid in full!


Okay, here are our 10 Tips for being more productive:

1. Goal Setting: Ah yes, goals. They come in all shapes, sizes and dreams. Goal setting – for us – ties in with tasks and to-do lists (see below). We like to look at our tasks as mini goals of what we want to achieve for that week or month. We set big goals too (like above!) and smaller goals but either way each goal gets us closer to the person we want to become, it keeps us on track and it helps us be productive each day.

2. Take 20 Minutes: I like to take 20 minutes each day and just start something. Anything really. Whether it is cleaning, organizing, meal prepping, or even something as simple as stretching, it helps to get you going. I set a timer for 20 minutes and whatever I can accomplish in that time I am okay with. Normally, the 20 minutes isn’t enough and I may even go over. At the end of the day, at least I did something productive whether I completed the task fully or not. If I didn’t fully complete it, then there is always the next day to continue working on it.

3. Create Routines: A couple of years ago I told you how one of my new years resolutions was to make my bed every day before leaving the house. I am proud to say I have held that resolution for 4 years. Something as simple as starting your day off with a routine whether it is making the bed, washing your face, or brewing some coffee, can help get you on the right track. Right now, my morning routine consists of 1. Making the bed 2. checking emails 3. Having a healthy breakfast (brain power baby!) 4. creating a simple to-do or task list for the day and 5. usually going to the gym or work depending on my schedule. By the time I get out the door I have already completed at least three things I wanted to do. It sets me up for a successful day.

4. Task or To-do Lists: You hold the power with this! A task or to-do list could be as big or little as you want. Being the type-A perfectionist that I am, I like to make daily and weekly task lists. My daily tasks can be as simple as ‘go to the bank’ or ‘reply to all my emails by noon’ or ‘pick up my contacts’. They can also be very direct and detailed and that is okay. When I create my weekly tasks, I create these lists on Sunday nights. I like to think of the big and little things I want to do for the week or maybe even in two weeks. I have a nice planner that I invested in at home that stays on my desk (which is currently my kitchen table) 🙂

5. Delegate what you can: What I have learned over the last few years is that it is okay to let go and not control everything. This is extremely difficult when you are a perfectionist (trust me) but it also makes your life a lot easier. I’m not saying give out the hardest task you have but it is okay to ask for help. Sometimes my mom drops my clothes off at the cleaner and that is okay. I don’t have the time and it’s on her way and she doesn’t mind so she is kind enough to take that off my plate.

6. Manage your time: Schedule down time and solid work time. Each day I like to carve out at least three success-frames (like time frames but cooler). One period is for rest. Disconnecting to all of life and just relaxing. That is at least an hour a day and usually at night. The second period is for work. I carve out a solid two hours (at least!) just to tune into my work. No phone, no social media, no TV, nothing but focus. Period three is the 20 minutes that I talked about above. Sometimes the 20 minutes is in the morning for me and sometimes it is at night before my relaxation period.

7. Put your phone down and disconnect: Going off of the last point, you don’t realize how much of your time is consumed on your phone. Especially by social media. Start with 10 minutes a day and see how much more you can accomplish.

8. Don’t Multitask: What?! Yes, I said it. Multitasking actually makes your life harder. It is very, very difficult to do two things at once and not make a mistake or get bogged down. Start with one task or project then move on to the next. You will get things done faster and with more accuracy.

9. Drink Water and Snack Healthy: If you caught my 15 favorite apps post, then you know I have an app just for water intake. Yes, it is that important. Water helps you function and keeps your head clear. If you need to switch it up, add lemon or fruit to your water or try tea. Healthy snacks, and water, keep your brain moving without the crash. Healthy habits like these heighten your energy, awareness and make you more productive.

10. De-clutter: As you know, I love being organized, and your work space is no exception. Actually, it is probably the most important area to keep clean. When your space is clear of clutter and other distractions, you can focus on the task at hand.

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