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15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows

May 1, 2018 No Comments

15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows

Fit Chick's - 15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows!
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Hey Babe!

One of my goals for April was to hit 10k steps a day… every day.

Not only am I happy that I hit that goal every day but I am also going to share my little fitness secret. In an effort to be more healthy and because I realized I was only taking about 300-500 steps a day now that I work from home, I decided something had to change.

10k a day does sound more difficult than it actually is [trust me] but I promise with my fitness tip, it’s really easy. Thanks to these 15+ binge-worthy tv shows, my pedometer, and my general awareness to move more, I was able to hit my daily goal and my body thanked me for it!

Now, I did not watch these all in a month but these are the TV shows that are not only binge-worthy but that I would actually watch all over again [and some I already have].

Before you go,
comment below and tell me your number 1 binge-worthy tv show. Tell me if you have watched any of these shows OR if there is one you think I may love!


15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows:

Fit Chick's - 15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows!

Whether it’s drama, comedy, or some romance you are looking for, I like to think these shows have a little bit of everything.

I personally love to grab my kindle and just walk on the treadmill as I binge. I know that doesn’t sound as fun as binging on the couch and relaxing but it does make the exercise fly by! Not only have I seen drastic changes in my body from hitting the 10k steps a day, but I feel better mentally and physically.

1. Pretty Little Liars: Okay this one may be first on the list because I am currently in the middle of binging the second season. Truth be told, I haven’t finished this one yet but I just started and I am already hooked. If you are looking for some drama and mystery, this show may just be for you. If you are a person who is scared of their own shadow like me, I promise it gives just enough of a spook without making you sleep with the light on at night. 

2. Gossip Girl: I will admit, I’ve watched this series twice already. Once a few years ago and again recently during my 10k steps a day in March/April. This has all the makings of good old school drama with a hint of that high school nostalgia except the kids in the show all have very rich parents and trust funds. 

3. Sons of Anarchy: I don’t have a favorite show, but for a very long time, this show was my absolute favorite. It is very different from any of the other shows I have watched in the past, and it’s one of the few I COULDN’T stop watching for hours. It doesn’t hurt that these bad boys are very good looking.

4. Breaking Bad: Another very different show for me but I am SO happy I watched this one. Steven and I decided to watch this one together and towards the end, I just had to keep going without him because I couldn’t wait. The concept of a high school teacher turned meth dealer is so wild. 

5. Desperate Housewives: Another series that I have watched twice. I know, you probably think I have too much time on my hands but I watched this one when it originally aired and then again about 3 or 4 years ago. It’s funny, a little bit dramatic, and Eva Longoria is flawless. 

6. Suits: Remember when I said Sons was one of my favorites? Well I watched Suits towards the end of last year and I think it finally replaced Sons as my top show. Blame it on my love for Gabriele Macht or just the fact that I LOVE the witty banter between ‘Mike and Harvey’. It is so funny and their humor reminds me of how my friends and I joke with each other. 

7. New Girl: This show is such an easy watch. It’s very funny and reminds me of a new-ish take on Friends. I love the how the different characters interact and the love stories. 

8. Greys: I have to admit, I stopped watching after the 11th or 12th season. I know they just renewed their show for another season but I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore after most of my favorite cast members were gone. The show is good and I like to think it still is but the first 5 or 6 seasons were INCREDIBLE. 

9. The Office: I made it to the end! If you are ANYONE that works in a corporate job, trust me when I say, you need to watch this show. My goodness, it is so scary how ridiculous this show is yet so realistic in so many ways. The insane moments and conversations from this show helped get me through my last corporate job and I swear when I say I’ve had versions of these situations play out in real life. I could watch repeats of this all day. 

10. Scandal: Can you believe this show just ended? Another good series with a great run! Another good political drama. This stars the infamous Olivia Pope character who not only has incredible style but she runs her own crisis management firm and ends up in the white house.

11. Glee: Let me start by saying, I don’t do musicals. Seriously, ask my family. When they used to drag me to Broadway shows, I would fall asleep [and they would get mad] but I just don’t like them. However, I loved the stories in this show and it brought to light some pressing high school issues.

12. Orange Is The New Black: There are reasons people watch this show within days of each new season release. It’s THAT good. It is technically based on a true story about a woman who is sentenced to a crime she committed a decade before. I love how they share each inmates storyline and it really connects you with each character and how they got to where they are.

13. Shameless: I l-o-v-e this show! It is currently still on TV and I hope it never wraps. I love how ridiculous yet funny each ‘Gallagher’ is. The situations the characters find themselves in are funny but also sometimes sad. 

14. Homeland: I guess I do watch a fair amount of political scripted shows huh? The first and second season of this show was SO addicting. The rest of the seasons and the current season are still good but it started off with a war hero returning home and being a possible terrorist!

15. Silicon Valley: You don’t have to be a tech geek or nerd to love this show. Another show that is very different on this list yet very quirky and funny. If you like ridiculous people then you’ll love Erlich Bachman’s character. 

16. House of Cards: The mind games oh my gosh! I think I love this show because it is so clever. The power tripping, revenge, and politics make for a very entertaining show. 

17. Lost: I can’t lie. I was mad at the ending but the show itself was super creative. Similar to OTNB, I like how they dive into each characters life before their current situation. 

18. Brothers and Sisters: Nothing like some good old family drama huh? I feel like this series didn’t get the recognition it deserved. It does dabble in politics but it is mostly about the family business and the father’s double-life.

19. Revenge: I started watching this show because one of the characters from Brothers and Sisters was staring in it and I loved her. This is one of those shows that can be a bit far-fetched but it’s still entertaining and worth a good binge.

20. Entourage: AH Ari Gold. If you love out-of-the-box characters, you will love how wildly entertaining Ari Gold is. I’ve personally had two bosses who were very similar to Ari so I’m not sure if it’s just me relating or the pull of the behind-the-scenes of Hollywood but this show definitely draws you in!

Fit Chick's - 15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows!

Secret Fitness Tip: If you are walking on a treadmill, grab your kindle or iPad and just binge watch + walk. The time flies by and you can easily get your step in. When I say my body drastically changed, I mean it really changed. My stomach was shrinking day by day, my body felt and looked more toned, and mentally I was a lot happier. My eating changed slightly but not drastically [since I eat relatively healthy on a regular basis]. My mood improved. I am more patient and less irritated. I am more clear-minded and positive. If you don’t have access to a treadmill, then maybe walk and listen to a podcast. It will help distract you from the physical exercise and will open your mind.


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Fit Chick's - 15+ Binge-Worthy TV Shows!

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