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15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

March 2, 2018 No Comments

15 Minute Quick Glam

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial
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Alright, kids… I’m branching out!

Hey Beautiful!

As always welcome back!
Today I’m trying something new and honestly a bit terrifying to me…

One of the things I really wanted to do more of this year is beauty tutorials and videos. You guys have been requesting I do this for quite some time and to be honest it just comes down to me being a chicken sh*t about being judged, doubting my skills, and not wanting to let you guys down.

As you guys know, I am a self-declared semi-pro at life which includes everything beauty. Simply put it means I try to achieve as close to a level as certified professional as humanly possible without getting certified or whatever is the equivalent. I don’t consider myself a beauty guru because I still think I have a lot to learn but I do know quite a bit and my friends and family all come to me for help so I think that makes me a semi-pro. Again, I’m a big fan of learning and I am self-taught in pretty much everything except business management [hello Bachelor of Science] and as a personal trainer [AAPTE whats up] but I do watch and read hours of material to help perfect my craft so I’m not steering you guys in the wrong direction [and so Idon’tt look like a jerk in real life].

Anyways, I know you are all wondering what the heck is going on and I’m here to say, I’m dabbling in a little bit of a mini tutorial and a little bit of quickie IG videos because I’m not ready to go full YouTube yet.

But before you go,
comment below and tell me what your go-to quick glam products are.


15 Minute Quick Glam:

Before we dive in, I will have you know, it takes me a minimum of an hour to get ready… on a good day. Usually if I’m taking my time and going full glam it takes me about an hour a half so that is why this 15 minutes is a quick glam for me plus I think anything less is pretty unrealistic.

Recently, I was asked by a few friends to share a quick routine that they could wear all day and while running out doing errands, grabbing lunch, or whatever and they requested something that wasn’t complex but made them look put together and poreless [their words]. Anyways, I tried to keep this to a minimum and I did time myself. My normal glam would include A LOT more product and A LOT more time so this really is a quick on-the-go glam for me and I hope it works for you guys.

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 1: Primer: If you are going for a ‘poreless’ look then this is a must and it shouldn’t take a lot of time. My personal favorite primer is the Make Up For Ever Primer or the Benefit Porefessional Primer. I apply the product with my fingers to my nose, forehead, chin, and anywhere I feel like there are larger pores. You just need a small amount of product too. The rest of my face I’ll apply a moisturizer, fix + spray, or a primer that isn’t so dense. For this look, I used the Make Up Forever primer and First Aid Beauty’s Coconut Skin Primer Moisturizer. You just need something so the foundation has something to stick to.

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 2: Foundation: Apply your favorite foundation. For this look, I used my new favorite, Maybelline FitMe Dewy and Smooth foundation. I personally like to use my Morphe 439 Buffer brush or a makeup sponge. I apply the foundation either onto the brush or sponge and then dab it on my face and blend it evenly. Make sure to bring some product down onto the neck. Especially if you are using a shade that is a little darker than your current complexion. You don’t want to have a tan face and white nice or a ghost face if you use a shade lighter. Note: the shade I grabbed was a bittttt darker than what I wanted but I rolled with it.

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 3: Setting Powder: Normally I would apply about 3 different powders but since this is a quickie glam, we are going to use one for under the eyes [to brighten] and one for the entire face. My personal favorite under eye powder is from the Kat Von D shade + light palette. I apply it with a damp sponge or a small brush right under the eye. Normally, I would apply it to anywhere I put concealer like under eyes, forehead, chin, etc but since we only used concealer for that small dot on my chin [grrr] I only applied it to the under eye area. For the face, lately, I have been favoring the Maybelline Fit Me Loose finishing powder. I just take a large powder brush and apply it to the entire face [including my eye area]. Applying the powder over the eyes will set them for when we are ready to use eyeshadow. Also, since this is a quick glam I won’t be doing any contouring or using bronzer since the powder I chose gives me a nice sun-kissed tan to match the darker foundation I accidentally chose. 🙂

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 4: Brows: My brows used to take me 15 minutes to do, however, I recently did something to minimize the time but… I can’t share that news just yet. [but it’s worth the wait I promise]. Anyways, take a solid 3 or 5 minutes and fill in those brows. I use a brow powder from Wet N Wild but your favorite powder or pomade will work just fine.

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 5: Shadows: This is probably my favorite and the easiest part. All you need a transition shadow, a brow bone shadow, and a pop of sparkle. For this look, I used the Tartelette Toasted palette because my go-to transition shade is in it and it has a killer brow bone highlight. For the lid, I just popped the top right shadow of the ELF Aqua Beauty Cushion Palette [which apparently they now call the velvet touch eyeshadow palette on their website… weird]. Anyways, I love this shadow because it is dramatic but beautiful by itself. It is daytime chic or can easily slay a nighttime look. I apply the shadow with my finger since the formula is a soft, dewy texture. If you don’t have this shadow then you can use your favorite shimmer shadow. I like this shadow because it has a pretty sparkle and a blue-brown hue. To apply the transition shade and brow bone shades I use two different brushes. I apply the transition shadow in a ‘windshield wiper’ motion back and forth across the brow bone and at the top of the crease and the brow bone shadow onto the brow bone with the same motion. To make sure there isn’t a harsh line between the lid and the crease, I like to go back in with the transition shadow and buff it out.

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 6: Liner or Lashes: I personally love a good lash and I can apply them quickly so I just popped on my favorite set of Ardell lashes. However, if you are not great with lashes or don’t know how to apply them, then just throw on a little liner or a wing liner with some mascara and you are good.

 Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 7: Highlighter: This step is totally optional but since it takes 10 seconds I am adding it in because what’s glam without a bangin’ highlight right? I used the Kylie Cosmetics Wet Set highlighter and applied it to the top of my cheeks with my fingers.

Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial

Step 8: Lips: I have been loving glosses lately so I just went for a glossy lip but you can apply whatever neutral shade you prefer. I would recommend not doing a bold lip with this look if you are running around in the daytime but if you want to go bold then heck, just do it! The gloss I used in this look is by Colourpop from their My Little Pony Collection.

AH! That is it! I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini tut. 

If you want more quick glam looks or want to see some full glam videos then comment below!

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Fit Chick's - 15 Minute Quick Glam Mini Tutorial


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