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2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What’s to Come

January 2, 2018 No Comments

2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly,
and What’s to Come

Fit Chick's 2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What's to Come!
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Hey Friend!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2018!

Before we get this party started, I know I said I wasn’t planning on setting specific goals or resolutions for 2018 but… here we are. As the days went by, I realized and remembered that I have borderline undiagnosed OCD and that I LIVE for lists. Making lists just allows me to see things more clearly and as much as I wanted to be super carefree and chill in 2018, it happened anyway.

Unlike the previous years though, I am not going to revolve my life around these and I am not going to put a ton of pressure on myself to accomplish them in a specific time frame. I just wanted to see what I want, where I want to be, and how I want things to evolve all laid out in front of me for 2018. I’m also a huge fan of mood boards but this year I decided to just stick to the lists. I realized I do have a pretty huge life event coming up so I want to make sure I’m feeling my best mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.


Before you go,
comment below with what your big plans for 2018 are
or if you decided to ditch the list this year.


Fit Chick's 2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What's to Come!

2017 Recap:

Each year I like to reflect on the good memories. If something bad happened I like to think of ways to try and avoid those situations in the future. I’m happy to say 2017 was pretty good to me but I also had a surreal life experience. So let’s recap!

The Good:

I got engaged!: Holy Smokes! I can’t believe this past September was a full year since Steven popped the question. We knew we wanted to take our time planning and that is why our wedding is set for September 2018 [of course I’ll share the exclusive deets once it happens] but wow time has flown. I also asked all 11 Bridesmaids in an EPIC proposal which I’m still obsessed with.

Weddings and Babies: Last year my cousin [who I’m super close with] and my bestie since Pre-school both got married! I’m so happy for them and the memories are still fresh. Also, a few of my besties also had babies or are currently preggo so I’m excited for their next chapters.

FCN finally got a facelift: I know this may not seem like a huge deal, but it was something on my blogging to-do list for literally almost 9 months. I think it took so long because 1. I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t decide on a layout design and 2. because I was scared that I would royally mess something up but I’m happy to report all is well and I’m obsessed with the new layout! [and I hope you are too] 😉

New Friends: This year I really wanted to create a supportive blogging network. I’ve been blogging since 2013 [holy crap] and I have had some good relationships over the years but this year I seriously found my blogging besties. Not only did we go to multiple events together but we are all just so supportive of each other. It gets tough some days and sometimes you just feel like ‘is anyone even reading this?!’ and it’s just nice to be able to chat with friends who understand the backend.

New Collabs: I think my favorite thing about blogging, aside from connecting with you guys, is networking. I love working with brands to bring you all exciting new products. You know I only like to promote products I truly love and this year we started our new honest AF series, Heck Yeah or No Thank you, but most importantly I was honored and excited to work with all these new brands.

5k on IG: This was a huge milestone. I would love to say numbers don’t matter but the truth is a lot of major beauty companies won’t even talk to you until you have at least 10k worth of followers. One of my goals this year is to hit 10k so I can hopefully bring new and exciting brands and content to FCN. PS- we just launched an awesome new Grande Cosmetics giveaway last night – so go enter!

Turning 30: Steven and I both turned 30 this year. I can’t even lie it was like a weird out of body experience for me. It took me a hot minute to be okay with it and then I realized I couldn’t change it. Plus all of my friends turned 30 and after talking to them, I realized my feelings were totally normal and then I decided my 30s would be the best years of my life.

Vera Meet and Greet: I hosted my first successful meet and greet! It was AH-mazing. I loved the staff at the local Vera Bradley store, the turn out was great, and I just had so SO much fun. It was a serious highlight and accomplishment for the year!

The Ugly:

I was laid off: So this is something not a lot of people know 1. because I was mortified and had never, ever been let go from a job [I’ve been working since I was 14 years old!] and 2. because I was hopeless for a minute. I didn’t know what to do with my life, I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in aviation [the industry I had just spent the last 6-7 years in], I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. It was only a short period of time [about 3 or 4 months] but I was in a really low place. However, something really amazing came out of it. I started my own business, Kara Larkin Consulting Corp! It really is true that when life has your back up against the wall, and you enter fight or flight mode, that you handle your sh*t and figure it out. So that is what I did. I decided to channel my energy into something I knew I would love to do and for a very long time. I always wanted to be a business owner so this was just another dream. The tricky part was that it came before I was ready. It was honestly something I was working towards part time but life decided I was ready earlier than I thought.

Part of this new journey/business will be the launch of my KL website, but the other part is marketing and branding coaching services for women entrepreneurs and small businesses. Once again, when the website is up, you will see all of the services I offer but I am proud that I took an ugly situation and created something I am really proud of that I knew deep down I always wanted [I just needed the extra push].

Fit Chick's 2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What's to Come!

What’s to come:

More Videos: This includes IG quickie videos and YouTube videos. I just recently got some new equipment that I am excited to start using so now I just need to chuck the ‘no time’ excuse out the window!

Launching Blogging and teaching has become a serious passion. Since you all love my blogging posts just as much as my beauty and lifestyle posts, I have decided to take my Blogology-101 series to a whole new level. My new website will feature 1 main course for the year as well as pdfs, ebooks, and other tools for purchase and a ton of freebies. I’m excited for this next chapter. Who knows maybe some podcasting in 2019?! What do ya say?

Different Content: This year, one of my main goals, is to do more style posts and more tutorials. I always get asked about beauty products and how I do things and I get a lot of questions about where I get certain outfits so more style posts and better beauty content is on the goals list. Also, more wedding and relationships posts. I get SO many questions about relationships and I just love talking about everything wedding.

Better Photos: One thing I love to do is learn new tips and tricks for blogging but also photography. It has become a serious side passion of mine to the point my friends now have me causally document their life events. [Which I don’t mind because it’s practice] but I want to start getting more creative with my photos, poses, editing, etc.

New Posts: So as I sit here and work on my editorial calendar, I’m excited to share some upcoming posts with you. I was recently inspired by watching some YouTube videos and decided that since I talk about beauty products all year long, you guys probably want to know what the best and worst of 2017 was right? I’ll be doing a drugstore round up for sure and probably a high end but let me know below if there are any products you want me to review in the future. Also, upcoming is a wedding registry post, a new personal microderm post, a fabulous Kenra post, and so much more!

New Series: I’m excited to announce a new series coming soon called, That’s Dope or Dope Sh*t I haven’t decided yet but I’m looking forward to featuring new products or things that I find that I love. Not all will be beauty related so I hope this is something you will enjoy!

Fit Chick's 2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What's to Come!

Mini Goals + Resolutions:

Be more carefree: This is tough not because I care what people think but because I really love lists [hence this post] and being organized. I like to have a solid plan each day so my goal is to be a little less structured and to live in the moments more.

Be more consistent: This is more for workouts but also with blogging. I also want to get better with my editorial calendar and postings.

Save more money: Since we are currently planning a wedding and looking to buy a house this year, it is going to be a MONSTER! So my number one goal is to save more money. Last year, I had been invited to 12 weddings…This year I currently only have my own and I believe one other so I am hoping this year will be a bit easier on the wallet.

Connecting: One thing I really, really want to do and always strive to be better at is connecting with my readers, aka you! I want to know what you guys want to see more of or what you want me to shut up about. I want to know if posts are helpful. You name it. I do this all for you.

Try New Things: Being a perfectionist, this is something hard that I am trying to work on. Whether it is new food, workouts, blogging styles, new graphics, videos, etc. I am trying really hard to overcome and just let it roll.

Eat out less and Meal prep more: I’ll be honest, after doing my competitions I fell out of love with meal prepping and it has definitely been a struggle. Being restricted and so on point for so long took a toll. Plus, food tastes so much better when someone else makes it right? Yeah, well they also put a ton of crap into the meal that you don’t know about. Along with that, I want to save more money so my goal is to eat out less and prep more. My body will feel better and so will my wallet.

Mini Monthly Recaps: Let me know if this is something you guys want to see but I am planning on setting 5 small goals each month and working on tracking my income and expenses. I will definitely be doing this for myself so just let me know if it is something you want to see.

More Collabs: A few of my favorite collabs from this year were the Jord collab [I love that watch], the Vera collab, all the Kenra collabs, the Beauty Crop collab, the Derma E collabs, and of course working with the amazing babes at Paula’s Choice! I’m excited to see what this year will bring.



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Fit Chick's 2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What's to Come! Fit Chick's 2017 Recap: The Good, The Ugly, and What's to Come!

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What is your number one goal or resolution for the year?
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