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5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself

February 16, 2018 No Comments

5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself

Fit Chick's - 5 Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself

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Hey Beautiful!

As you know, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but some people will still be celebrating this weekend. If you don’t have a Valentine I’m here to tell you it’s going to be okay and a little self-love never hurt anyone.

Today I’m sharing 5 easy ways to pamper yourself so if you don’t have a Valentine or simply just want to feel AMAZING these easy things will be sure to help.

Before you go,
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or what your go-to pampering tip is!


Fit Chick's - 5 Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself

5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself:

1. Party For 1: Some of my friends always joke with me about having parties for one… I’m a big fan of this and they know it. I personally don’t mind going to eat by myself or doing things alone. I personally love some ‘me’ time and I think it is much needed. If you are the kind of person who can go out by themselves then I say grab a nice bite to eat with some wine and just relax. If you are the kind of person who would rather not be seen eating alone [It’s okay. It’s like more than half of the world I’m just weird], then maybe grab some takeout and some wine and just chill. Throw on some rom-com’s or your favorite movie genre and just have a nice relaxing night in.

2. The Ultimate Bath: I’m a big fan of baths. I wish I took them more often but when I can they are so worth it. Since bath bombs have become extremely popular, I feel like I can say take a bath without people looking me crazy. So, grab a bath bomb, a face mask, a bath pillow, some candles, maybe even a bath tray, some good reads, and some wine and just RELAX!

Fit Chick's - 5 Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself

3. Mani + Pedi: I feel like this one should be a given but not everyone does it. For the longest time, up until like a year ago, I only used to get my toes painted. I think because I was always able to do my own fingernails and even toenails so that is why  I didn’t go as often but there is just something about having someone else paint them that is so nice. Am I right?! For the ultimate pampering, splurge and get a high-end pedicure or manicure. About once every three months I will do the ‘spa treatment’ pedicure and it is amazing. It lasts a little longer and it’s worth the extra bucks but especially if you are someone who works out a lot and needs a little extra help.

4. Apply a Tan: You may laugh but doesn’t it feel great when you have a tan? Even if it is just a little bit? I personally love self-tanners and usually apply them at least once a month or two in the winter. Tan skin makes you feel and even look leaner in my opinion plus I love a healthy glow. If you aren’t great at applying the tanner yourself then go to your local salon for a spray tan. I promise you will feel even a smidge better. Also, it doesn’t have to be too aggressive, even starting with a gradual tanner will help. My personal favorite self-tanners are by St Tropez, Sally Hansen, and Norvell. I’ve also heard Loving Tan is a dream but I can’t bring myself to bite the bullet on the price tag.

Fit Chick's - 5 Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself

5. Stretching or a Massage: OMG I love a good massage don’t you? I wish I got them more often but $50-$80 a month [depending on where you go] can be a bit steep. I also suggested stretching because if you can’t afford to grab a massage every once in a while then stretching and a heating pad works wonders too. For the stretching, I will put the heating pad on first for about 10 minutes by my neck then 10 minutes for my lower back and even legs, then I do some stretching and apply the heating pad again. It feels so good that half the time I fall asleep for a few minutes so talk about relaxation! If you can afford a massage, then go grab one! Take care of your mind and body babe!

*Bonus: Pampering yourself doesn’t always have to be something that is dreamy and relaxing. One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is to check something off my list of things I want to do or learn. Something as simple as taking the time to learn something new or take a class or being able to check whatever off my list off is so refreshing to me and it is still practicing self-care and self-love because you are putting yourself first. Also, it doesn’t have to be something expensive. For example, I have been wanting to learn calligraphy for years, so the other day I finally looked into it and decided to take the plunge. I ordered a workbook and some pens off Amazon for maybe $30 bucks total and just started practicing. It was so exciting, fun, and I’m on my way to becoming a semi-pro at calligraphy.


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Fit Chick's - 5 Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself

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