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5+ Stores For Adorable + Affordable Swimwear

April 6, 2018 No Comments

5+ Stores For Adorable + Affordable Swimwear

Fit Chick's - 5+ Stores For Adorable + Affordable Swimwear
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Hey Doll!

Over the weekend I did a lot of researching and reflecting. I went through my messages, DMs, texts, emails and searched for the top questions you guys had asked me. I was surprised to find out that I got a TON of questions asking where I buy my adorable and affordable swimwear now that Victoria Secrets has ruined our lives and removed their swimsuit line…

But seriously why they removed swimsuits from the lineup still has me confused. Either way, over the years I have found a ton of cute swimwear sites to help save the day. Some shops are amazing and some were flops so I’m here today to share the 5+ stores that I keep going back to for adorable swimsuits that are great quality and they won’t break the bank.

Before you go, comment below and tell me
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Fit Chick's - 5+ Stores For Adorable + Affordable Swimwear

5+ Stores for Adorable + Affordable Swimwear:

Before we dive in, I’ll have you know that VS still does technically sell swimwear, however, it is under their PINK collection and it is very limited. I am also aware that Target has adorable swimwear however, I have tried to purchase tons of their swimsuits only to find that none of them ever fit my body type well. If you have good luck at Target then that is amazing, however, for me, I personally haven’t found a suit that works for me.

  • Francesca’s: Not only do they have the worlds most adorable decor and accessories, they have the cutest swimwear! Their clothing and swimsuits are made of high-quality fabric and their styles are very trendy. I also like that they have conveniently located some of their stores inside my local malls but if you don’t have one near you, their website is easy to navigate.
  • Venus: I started purchasing my swimsuits from Venus even before VS drop their swim line. The designs and quality of their swimsuits are very, very similar to the way the old Victoria Secrets suits were made. This is my favorite store to purchase my swimwear from and I love that they are very true to size. They also ALWAYS have some kind of sale going on.
  • Nordstrom: When has Nordstrom ever steered a gal wrong? I feel like you can really find some great suits here that will last a long time. Like the others on this list, their fabrics are very comfy and I like that you can browse a ton of different designers.
  • Talk about chic! Not only do I love their dresses but their swimwear always is super cute and again, trendy. Like the others on this list, their products are great quality and are appropriately priced.
  • Windsor Store: Like Francesca’s, I like that they have local stores. I have a few in my local malls and I love that! I know online shopping can be tough for swimsuits and clothing so I appreciate when I can go try on in person. Windsor has some really adorable swimwear, clothing, and accessories. 
  • Lilly Pulitzericon: Their bright and colorful patterns are to die for. If you have see anything from this brand, you will know it catches the eye. Their patterns are young and fresh. I like that they have a bunch of different styles available as well.
  • Hot Miami Styles: Another one of my longtime favorite sites to purchase my swim from [and dresses!]. I love that their suits last without getting worn down. They also have a ton of cute coverups. I like that they have suits for girls with curves and that their styles are different.

Bonus: Want chic and affordable sunnies? My absolute favorite place to shop is
DIFF Eyewear!



Since it has been a minute, and since I love you guys, I’m doing a giveaway on the gram today! Click the picture below for details on how to enter!

Fit Chick's - 5+ Stores For Adorable + Affordable Swimwear


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Fit Chick's - 5+ Stores For Adorable + Affordable Swimwear

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