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5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Year Round

January 23, 2018 No Comments

5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Year Round

Fit Chick's - 5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Year Round!
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Hey Doll!

As you know, for 2018 I decided to set a few small goals. One of those goals was to make sure I’m feeling my best.

Going hand-in-hand with feeling great, means eating great and taking care of yourself. Today I am sharing five of my tips to help you stay healthy year round. I know that summer tends to come up fast and just because it is winter doesn’t mean we have to throw away our goals. These are tips that I practice and started to heavily reinforce for 2018.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me what is your go-to health tip that keeps you healthy year round.


Fit Chick's - 5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Year Round!

5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Year Round:

These are the tips I practice. As a personal trainer, I have seen a lot weird trends and practices over the years. These tips personally work best for me and may not be for everyone.

1. Single Servings: As soon as I get home, if I purchase something that I might be tempted to binge on [or let’s be honest, eat the whole bag of], I instantly put the entire bag or box into individual servings. I use my food scale and measure out single portions into little plastic baggies that way I am not tempted to eat more than a serving and they are also easy to grab for on the go. This works for fruit, snacks, nuts, pretty much anything.

2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach: One thing I swear by is not shopping on an empty stomach. You will be tempted to purchase things you normally wouldn’t just because you are hungry or your mind is racing or because your stomach isn’t currently satisfied. My favorite time to go shopping is at night after dinner or after a workout with a meal that way I won’t be tempted to buy crap because 1. I just had a great workout and 2. I just ate my post workout meal [or dinner].

3. Try new things: One thing I recently did was try a new fitness app. Normally I use the same apps to track my workouts or macros but recently my cousin, Ciara,  introduced me to a new app. It was perfect timing because I really needed to switch up my workouts and I was getting bored with the ones I was creating for myself. I was also just mentally exhausted from the years of making my own workout routines so it was nice to not have to think and the workouts were very, very similar to mine. I needed an extra boost of motivation and I found it so trying new things whether it’s food or workouts is always good to switch things up. The app is Sweat by Kayla Itsines for those who want to check it out.

4. Always have snacks handy: No matter where I go, I always have a snack with me. It prevents me from stopping and grabbing garbage just because I’m hungry. Often times I’ll be out doing errands or I might be out longer than I expected so I don’t want to get caught having to scramble for something last minute. I’ll either carry a couple of single serving snacks in my car or sometimes I even bring a lunchbox with my food depending on the day. I also carry a protein bar in my bag at all times for emergencies. You can check out my list of favorite bags here.

5. Always have food ready to serve: You are more likely to go out and grab some grub if you don’t have anything prepared. Also, you are more than likely going to grab junk food [if you have it in your home] if you don’t have anything prepared. Having protein packed meals or snacks ready to eat will limit or prevent the need to go grab processed crap or some casual takeout. One of my favorite snacks that I always have in my house is tuna and saltines. The tuna is packed with protein and the saltines give me the little bit of crunch I need. It’s the only way I can eat the tuna personally so if you have a better snack like lettuce wraps or something then go for it.


Want More? How about my favorite healthy snacks!


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Fit Chick's - 5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Year Round

Help It!
What is one health tip you swear by? Do you practice any of these tips?
Comment below!

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