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5 Tips for Surviving Halloween [+ 5 Last Minute Costumes]

October 26, 2017 No Comments

5 Tips for Surviving Halloween

Fit Chick's - 5 Tips for Surviving Halloween!
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Hey Babe!

Happy almost Halloween!

I know that surviving Halloween can be a bit tough but have no fear, we are here today to help you successfully navigate this years candy covered fiasco.


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5 Tips for Surviving Halloween:

1. Buy Candy You Do Not Like: If you take away anything from this post, this is the one I want you to take with you. I do this as a regular practice throughout the entire year. My fiancé loves his snacks and unfortunately so do I. My simple solution is to buy food that he eats that I don’t like because then I know I won’t even go near it. So for Halloween, my tip is to buy candy you wouldn’t even touch. For example if you love Reese’s [hello favorite! ?] but hate Tootsie Pops then buy the Tootsie Pops girl! You will save yourself at least 3 to 5 pounds in sugar I promise.

2. Go to the gym: I know this a wild one but just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean you have to skip the gym. If you don’t want to drive to the gym then go for a walk or jog outside with all the trick or treaters. If you don’t want to leave your house then do a home workout [we even have one handy for you]. Just get moving and stay away from the bowl. I don’t want to hear your excuses. 😉

3. Eat Breakfast: I know you already know I’m a fan of breakfast but believe it or not there was a three month period of time where I was just over it and didn’t want anything to do with it. Somedays I wouldn’t eat until noon or 1pm and – guess what – those days were so out of whack and so were my meals. My fridge was empty, I had no energy and I would just grab whatever was around me. Trust me when I say you do not want to be this girl on Halloween surrounded by a ton of candy [hopefully candy you don’t eat – see tip #1] but if you find yourself surrounded by Reese’s [personal fave], then by eating actual food and having breakfast you won’t be as tempted to just grab. Your stomach will be satisfied so even if you do grab it will more than likely be one or two vs ten pieces of candy. Right?

4. Out of Sight Out of Mind: Am I right? If you just can’t stay away from that Reese’s sale at your local grocery store, then make sure to put the bowl outside. I’m talking literally outside of your house, on your front step, and far away from you. If the bowl is out of sight then you will be less tempted to dive in. Plus if the bowl is outside the candy will go away faster right? 😉

5. BYOC? Bring Your Own Candy: The worst thing is extra candy lying around. Even if it’s candy you don’t love, sometimes you just find yourself picking up the weirdest flavored dum dum pop right? So what better way to get rid of your extra candy than by bringing it to all your friends at work? If you and your friends are sticking together on the anti-candy parade then put a bowl in your office lobby but just get rid of that sugar!


5 Last Minute Costume Ideas:

1. Desi Perkins BeetleJuice:  You already know my girl came to slay. This tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow.

  • What you will need: A blonde wig, green hair spray or eye shadow, a black and white striped shirt, makeup or face paint

2. LesleyMarie1213’s Female Chucky: Another detailed tutorial and if you are trying to reuse the similar striped shirt from Desi’s Beetlejuice then this is an option. Also she is hilarious and makes her own wigs [don’t worry you can just buy yours].

  • What you will need: A red/orange wig, a black and white striped shirt, a fake bloody knife, overalls, fx transfers and fake blood [you can get these are party city], and some makeup.

3. Roxxsaurus’s Queen of the Dead: This is a super quick costume. I love that you don’t need much for this look.

  • What you will need: a crown, a black wig, feather lashes or halloween lashes, a black outfit, makeup. Optional: some creepy contacts

4. Giulianna Maria’s Mermaid Skull: Between the Queen of the Dead tutorial and this one, I don’t know which one is easier to put together last minute. You really just need some makeup for this one.

  • What you will need: bright makeup [greens, blues, purples], a fishnet for scale effect, lashes, and a little face paint. Optional: rhinestones and contacts.

5. SMLx0’s Old Woman/Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast: I love her regular makeup tutorials and I was so excited to see her create this look.

  • What you will need: A blonde wig, a crown, a black hood or cape, half a set of lashes, makeup, and a rose.

Alright babes! We hope you enjoyed this post and best of luck surviving Halloween 2017!

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Fit Chick's - 5 Tips for Surviving Halloween!

Fit Chick's - 5 Tips for Surviving Halloween!

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