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8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

March 27, 2018 No Comments

8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

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Hey Babe!

As you guys know, 2017 was the year of skincare for me. Before, 2017 I really didn’t pay much attention to my skin or use any skincare products for that matter and I thought my skin looked healthy and ‘good’ because I luckily never had issues with acne.

Come to find out that after doing a lot of research, learning, and actually taking care of my skin, that my skin was in really bad shape.

I am happy to report that ever since I started to learn and care about my skin, I have seen a drastic change for the better. In person and in photos it looks so much healthier and more vibrant. When I apply makeup I don’t have a ton of texture and now I get almost daily compliments on my skin! All it took was just a few simple changes and the help of some of my favorite products. Today I’m excited to share my tips on how to make your skin look younger and more balanced.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me your current skincare routine and favorite products!


Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin:

1. Sunscreen: I’m not telling you to go full lifeguard and sunscreen your entire bod, but I am telling you to try an use products that have SPF in them. SPF is pretty much the best anti-aging tool out there and if you can find it in something like your favorite foundation that is even better. Luckily [and essentially my whole makeup life] I have used Clinique foundations. They had SPF in them and I had no idea so that meant all throughout high school, sports, college, etc I was protecting my face and I didn’t even know it. I honestly would like to think that it contributed to me not having a ton of fine lines or wrinkles. Nowadays I still cherish and use my beloved Clinique foundation but when I do switch it up my foundation, I make sure it contains some SPF!

Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

2. Hydrate: I know, I know. You’ve heard this a million times but I swear when I am more hydrated my skin is more radiant and glow-y [if that is a word]. My face and my body feel so much better and my confidence is higher when I know my skin is taken care of. When I am hydrated my skin is less likely to suffer from irrtation or dryness. Being from New York, the cold months are very cold so staying hydrated can be tough but I promise your skin will thank you.

3. Less is more: Trust me when I say, I am SO extra. My friends literally have to tell me not to go full glam sometimes but seriously I get the most compliments on my skin when I keep it to a minimum. As of lately, I have just been wearing a foundation and a setting powder [and sometimes an occasional highlighter if I’m feeling casual yet extra] but that is when I get the most compliments. I love a good contour more than you know but less product allows your skin to breathe a bit more and if you are someone who has a lot of skin texture [think those little-raised skin bumps usually on your cheeks] then less makeup for your daily routine overtime will help reduce skin irritations and texture. My current daily routine is moisturier, foundation, setting powder. That’s it!

Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

4. Remove your makeup: Are you ready to cringe? I was that girl that NEVER removed my makeup at night. I would go to bed full glam pretty much any night I wore makeup and even on the nights I just had foundation on. It wasn’t until probably 2017 that I consistently removed my makeup and did it every single night [even if I had nothing on]. During the day you don’t realize how much sweat and dirt can get on your face so even if I don’t wear any makeup that day, I still take a toner or makeup remover to my face at night. This tip alone has made a world of difference in my skins complexion and any texture is virtually gone now. I still can’t believe I wore makeup to bed every night when I was younger [what a hot mess LOL].

Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

5. Create a morning and a night skincare routine: My current routine is a bit insane. I use a lot of different products but a normal routine really doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. In the morning something as simple as a toner to wash away any left behind dirt or makeup and a moisturizer [with SPF if possible] is all you need! For nighttime, any makeup remover, toner, and a nighttime mask or moisturizer will work wonders.

Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

6. Exfoliate: One of the best things I learned about skin care was about exfoliating. Removing those nasty dead skin cells… YUCK! I currently exfoliate at least once a week but sometimes more. Exfoliating has also tremendously helped with my skins texture issues and my pores are also thanking me.

7. Retinoids: Another benefit of actually learning about skin care was learning about retinoids. OMG hello game changer! Basically, in a nutshell, retinoids seek to unclog pores, boost collagen, reduce fine lines, even discoloration, while smoothing the skin. It is like the holy grail-younger-looking-skin product you need in your life. There are a ton on the market but I would recommend asking your dermatologist or doing research before just grabbing a bottle. They can definitely make skin sensitive and most good brands recommend using the retinoids once or twice a week to start and building up.

Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

8. You’re never too young for eye cream: I’m pretty sure my beauty icon, Lauren Conrad, said this but she is right! You are never too young to start using eye cream! It’s not going to hurt you that’s for sure. One of my favorite skincare products is my Paula’s Choice undereye gel. It crushes any puffiness while essentially banishing any fine lines. Ever since I started using undereye creams or gels my undereye area has looked about 5 years younger.


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Fit Chick's - 8 Easy Tips For Younger Skin

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