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Kara Larkin Lifestyle

Kara Larkin Lifestyle

I’ll start out by saying that I’m just a normal chick whose goal in life is to learn and grow as much as possible. With that being said, I consider myself a life ‘semi-pro’. What that means for you is that I have made the mistakes, learned the lessons, and am here to teach and guide you on how to become the best version of yourself.

On the blog you’ll see me chatting a lot about beauty trends and products but also about style, home decor, career and relationship advice, blogging, etc. I cover a wide range of topics and nothing is off limits so if you want to open a discussion on something drop a comment or shoot me a message.

My dream and goal is to help empower you, to teach you cool tips and tricks that I’ve learned from the industry pros, and to make you realize how incredible you are. When I started this journey, I was just documenting my fitness competitions and hoping that people would like my workouts. I had no idea this blog would not only go from hobby to business but from fun to passion. I hope you all enjoy my content and please feel free to stay a while!

Kara Larkin Lifestyle


Come take a peek into my New York lifestyle. I love chatting about beauty, style, business, blogging, and so much more! Please feel free to stay awhile.


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