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Amazon Prime Day Favorite Finds 2019

July 16, 2019 No Comments

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Hey Friends!


Welcome back on this incredible Tuesday!

Today I am sharing some of my absolute favorite Amazon products in honor of Prime Day so you guys can score some sweet items that will hopefully not only be reduced in price but will also make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Most of the items listed below are either long time favorites or newer finds but either way, they have made my life so much easier and more functional. I hope you guys enjoy this post and cheers to an ah-mazing, super-productive day stalking Amazon Prime Day.


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and share your favorite Amazon finds or tell me if you have tried any of the items on today’s list.


Amazon Prime Day Favorite Finds 2019

Insert Bag Organizer: Where my never-full babies atttt? Jk jk but for anyone who own a large tote or handbag this is a game changer. Taking organization to the next level has been my number one goal this year. I feel so much more productive and I save some serious time knowing where everything is. If you guys caught my pantry organization on my IG stories then you already know I Marie-Kondo’d the shit out of my house so why not my every day items like my handbag too?

This organizer is not only lightweight but I’m pretty sure it has every compartment you can think of. It has 13 pockets which is great for storing your keys, cell phone, beauty products, wires and cords, and basically everything. Also, if you don’t have a large everyday handbag, this works great for work bags or bags you may bring to school.

Car Trunk Organizer: Keeping up with the theme of organization, one thing that drove me absolutely insane for so long was my messy trunk. I tried a bunch of different trunk organizer and this one is my favorite. It’s sturdy, durable, easy to use and you can easily secure it in your trunk. I tried to use the organizers that attached over the back of the seats and some of the other trunk organizers and they were either poorly made and didn’t hold the items or they weren’t big enough, etc.

So far I have used it to keep my spare travel makeup case, reuse-able bags, and umbrella in my trunk organizer but if you have one comment below and me what you store in yours!

Small Travel Jewelry Box: As you guys may or may not know, I’m insanely obsessed with my Vera Bradley travel cases but for small trips, this little jewelry box is perfect. To be honest, I’m one of those girls that brings 800 earrings and never wears any jewelry anyways but I do always bring it with my just incase I remember to put some on.

I love this travel jewelry box not only because it’s compact but because it actually neatly holds quite a lot of jewelry. On the top layer, it has slots for your necklaces, the middle insert allows for some bracelet storage, and the bottom holds rings and earrings. Granted, if you are big on the statement necklaces, this case probably won’t do your collection justice and you may need a larger travel case like my Vera Bradley one. However, if you are into dainty jewelry like myself or just going on a quick trip, I find this case to be extremely functional.

Rug Grippers: Do yourself a favor and grab a couple packs of these if you have carpets on hardwood floors or carpets that don’t believe their edges deserve to touch the floor. Oh my gosh, if it wasn’t for these I would have returned all the carpets in my house. It all started with the aisle runner we purchased for our hallway. Even though we bought the protector mat to go under the carpet, it was still sliding all over, the corners were flailing, it was a mess. I purchased a pack of these [it comes with 4 pieces per pack aka one carpet] and apply them to the corners, that was back in January and the carpet hasn’t budged. We walk on it everyday, our two maniac dogs think it’s the perfect play area, and I promise it doesn’t move and the edges have not lifted. We recently purchased a few more for two of the other rugs in our house and I am so happy I found these.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Hunnayyyy, I never realized how badly I needed these until I started wearing them. To be honest, when I first heard about them, I thought it was just another gimmick to take peoples money but my bestie Amanda swore by them and she doesn’t mess around so I bought a pair. Again, at first I didn’t think they did much for me but after wearing them for a couple days in a row, the day I didn’t wear them I noticed I had headaches again. Once I put the glasses back on the headaches got better and eventually went away. Now I’m not saying these glasses save the world or solve all your problems but I will say I did notice a difference wearing them vs not wearing them. Could it be all in my head, perhaps, but am I typing this post and wearing them while feeling great, yes. So, if you are on the fence about blue light glasses, I would recommend a cheap pair from Amazon to try first.

Universal Cleaner: I know you’re over there like dear god not another cleaning or organizing product but here me out, I’m sharing these products to make your life easier kid. I purchased this cleaning gel mainly for my car because my car is disgusting [*Regina George voice*]. Don’t get me wrong my car is technically clean because it’s organized AF but damn I still don’t know how that center console gets so MFing dirty. Right? So back to the cleaner, I bought it to handle the business that is my center console but also because the description said CAR VENT cleaner! Yes, just close the vents and goodbye dust! I will say that this cleaner definitely works best on removing dust and crumbs and not so much on little random dog hairs but it still is a beast. This is a newer item to my house so I’m eager to see how it holds up over time but for like $6 bucks come on.

The ChomChom: If you are a dog owner, with a dog that sheds, if you take away anything from this list, you need this product in your life, in your car, basically anywhere it will be handy. It you don’t have a dog, don’t worry they make one for cat people and people who don’t own animals. I found this product thanks to RawBeautyKristi and it is probably the best find of 2019 so far.

Okay back to the roller, if you are a dog/pet owner, you have probably tried every type of hair roller possible and trust me I’m with you. Disposable rollers, paddle felt rollers, straight-up tape formed into an O shape, I feel felt your pain. What makes the ChomChom so dang wonderful is the little compartment that stores the removed hair and the fact it is reuse-able. When I say I cleaned my entire backseat and floor of my car without emptying the compartment and it actually removed all the hair, I’m not playing and when you’re done, simply open the compartment and remove the hair. I was SHOCKED how much hair I emptied into the garbage. This product is worth every penny to me as the owner of a large yellow labrador and a tiny black-haired Chiweenie.

Space Saving Hangars: Last organizing product I promise. Whether you live in a small space or just want to save space, these hangars are next level. The space they save in my closet is amazing. They come in a 12 pack and claim to save 85% more space and I truly believe they do. I like that they are metal so I feel they are more durable and can hold significantly more weight. Each cascading hanger can have 6 garnmets vertically or 12 pieces horizontally but I prefer the vertical storage. I use these space savers in my every day closest but also for my storage closet where I keep my seasonal items.

Flawless Touch Hair Remover: Peace peach fuzz. ✌I started shaving my face a few years ago with the popular face and eyebrow razors and about a month ago, I purchased the Flawless Touch Painless Hair Remover after watching an Amazon haul on youtube. It’s safe to say I will never use the face razors again. This hair remover leaves your face feeling baby smooth and it truly is painless. It’s also super quick so if you need to touch up an area you can quickly.

Some of you may be asking why you even need to shave your face and you don’t. I personally feel my makeup applies better with my peach fuzz removed and my skin appears to have less texture so I that is why I choose to shave away those little hairs.

Spa Headbands: Genius. Why I didn’t think to look for these sooner is beyond me but I’m so glad I found these headbands. As an avid makeup lover, when I go full-glam, it can be such a pain to remove my makeup with a head of freshly washed hair. Even when doing my skincare routines, I get so uptight about putting water on my face because I don’t want my hair to get wet. These terry cloth headbands save my hair so I can remove my makeup with ease. Even if you don’t wear makeup and just like to use skincare products, these will work great for you too.

Silk Scrunchies: I originally bought these because I was looking for scrunchies that wouldn’t leave a mark or indent in my hair. After staring at my silk pillowcase it popped into my head that they had to make silk scrunchies and if not then you can bet you would see me on the next season of Shark Tank. Anyways, no shark tank for me because I found a TON of different scrunchie packs available. I ended up with stylish bowknots and fun patterns pack which is not what I originally wanted but I am happy with the pack I purchased. I’m still looking for some simple silk scrunchies but holy crap I don’t need a 60 pack at this time.


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