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Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional

June 1, 2018 No Comments

Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional

Fit Chick's - Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional!
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Hey Beautiful!

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but Fridays for me are all about
beachy waves and the perfect happy hour cocktail!

For those of you who have been around FCN for a while now, you already know I have nothing but love for Kenra Professional products. Seriously, I must own over 20+ of their haircare products and I use them all-the-time!

Today I wanted to share five products that I use to get my perfect beachy waves and two additional products for those who just want to add ridiculous amounts of volume to their hair.

Before you go, comment below
and tell me if you have used Kenra Professional products before and if so, what is your favorite product?

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Fit Chick's - Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional!

Products For Beachy Waves:
Kenra Perfect Blowout
Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo
Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner
Kenra Thermal Spray
Kenra High Grip Spray

Fit Chick's - Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional!

Products For Extra Volume:
Kenra Dry Shampoo
Kenra Volume Mousse

Step 1:

First I wash my hair with Kenra’s Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Make sure to only put the conditioner on the ends of your hair and not your scalp!

After washing and before blow-drying, I add a dime size amount of Kenra’s Perfect Blowout cream. This product gives my hair such incredible volume. I use it whether I curl my hair or straighten it. After running the product through my hair, I blow-dry my hair with a round bristle brush.

Fit Chick's - Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional!

Step 2: 

After my hair is dry, I apply my Kenra Thermal Spray to protect my hair from any potential heat damage. I let it sit for about a minute then gently brush the product through my hair so it isn’t condensed.

Note: I especially like to add this product when curling my hair because it helps my hair hold the curl a little better. It gives my hair a bit more texture which works well with curling wands or curling irons. If you don’t use a thermal spray that is okay but your hair my be a bit silkier/smoother and the curl may not hold as well or as long.

Step 3:

Using my clip-less curling wand, I wrap my hair around the barrel. Make sure any hair around the face gets curled away from your face for this look. Any hair towards the middle to the back of my head gets alternating curls [inward and outward] to give a more natural wave.

Once my entire head is curled/waved, I let it sit until my hair is cool. After about 5 minutes, I gently run my fingers through to break up the waves.

Step 4:

To keep my beachy waves in check, I add my favorite Kenra High Grip Spray or Finishing spray or hair spray depending on the humidity and that’s it!


If you really want your waves to stay tight, pin each curled strand as you curl. Also, if you are just looking for more volume, add either the Kenra Mousse or Perfect Blowout cream when blow-drying. After your hair has cooled down, add a bit of dry shampoo to the scalp to give it a little extra texture and volume.

Fit Chick's - Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional!

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Fit Chick's - Beachy Waves with Kenra Professional!

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