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Beauty Products I Can’t Stop Repurchasing

March 30, 2018 No Comments

Beauty Products I Can’t Stop Repurchasing

Fit Chick's - Beauty Products I Can't Stop Repurchasing!
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This post was almost a 12-page rant about gym etiquette after a few unpleasant run-ins I’ve had lately at my gym but then I gathered thoughts and said just breathe and let it go…

Anyways, I thought you would much rather read about some products that I have repurchased time and time again over the years. Think ride-or-die products that you know will never let you down. I wanted to share these with you because I know I always talk about new and favorite products on here but never the ones that get me through life. These products have been repurchased so many times I can’t even count.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me if you have tried any of these products or what your ride or die beauty repurchases are!


Fit Chick's - Beauty Products I Can't Stop Repurchasing!

Beauty Products I Can’t Stop Repurchasing:

1. Physicians Formula Bronzer: As you guys know, I have been using this bronzer non-stop since at least 2002. If they ever change the formula or discontinue this product I will be in serious trouble! I can’t even tell you how many of these I have repurchased over the years but this is truly one of the only bronzers that give me a beautiful, warm glowy tan that I love. I love that this is a drugstore brand so I’m not spending $30 on a bronzer. It is a bit higher priced for drugstore brands however, it lasts a long time and the quality is worth the splurge.

2. Clinique Even Better Foundation: Again, another staple in my beauty routine since the early 2000’s. I know you guys have heard me talk about foundation after foundation but if there is one foundation that I can depend on to get it right every time, it’s the Clinique Even Better Foundation. Again, I don’t know how many times I have repurchased this product but it’s definitely a ton [even though it lasts a very long time!]. If you are looking for drugstore foundations, I have a ton of favorites, but one I have repurchased multiple times, in multiple shades is the Milani Conceal Foundation.

3. Kenra Thermal Spray: This thermal spray has single-handedly rescued my hair. I wish I had this when I was growing up since I used heated tools on my hair pretty much every day. Even though my hair is pretty strong and healthy, I’m sure this would have worked wonders! I have repurchased this product two or three times and I’m happy to say it is here to stay!

4. Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover: Love at first wipe? Perhaps. When I need a makeup remover that can get rid of anything, I turn to this guy. I love using this makeup remover to take off my eye makeup and lipsticks but also it really removes any heavy makeup I apply. It is a hidden gem for sure.

5. Ponds Cold Cream: Another makeup removing baddie! The thing I love about this cold cream is that with one swipe, ALL my makeup is removed. I love that it isn’t harsh on the skin and you don’t need to pull on your face. I also love that it is a drugstore product. I have repurchased this product about two or three times and again, it is one that I will always have in my cabinet.

6. Urban Decay Stark Naked Lipstick: yes, this is my perfect nude lipstick. It is also the only lipstick that I have ever used so much that I used the entire thing. If you don’t like nude lipsticks or you want a good creamy lipstick, this formula is so unbelievalby comfortable and pigmented. I love this nude lipstick so much that I even bought it in the pencil liner.

 Fit Chick's - Beauty Products I Can't Stop Repurchasing!

7. kat Von D Shade and Light Palette: I have to admit, I was a HUGE fan of ABH’s contour kit until I discovered this Kat Von D palette. It has the perfect tones for my skin and I think it is really versatile for many skin tones. I love that I can easily warm up my skin with a beautiful contour while also brightening my under eyes with her amazing powders.

8. House of Lashes – Lash Glue: I was a ‘Duo Lash Glue’ girl forever. I mean, forever. Until I discovered the House of Lashes glue. I feel like this glue doesn’t lift in the corners of my eyelashes and it actually sticks. I don’t ever feel like my eye lashes are going to fly off and I just love that it comes in black and white [aka clear] because I use both depending on my mood and look.

9. Mac Fix+ Spray: This spray can really do it all! I love applying it to my beauty blender sponge, as a primer, to wet my shadow brushes for ultimate pigment, to set my highlighters, I mean is there really anything it can’t do? I also love that it now comes in a mini bottle which is awesome for traveling or on-the-go. I have repurchased this product so many times because it really does it all!

10. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray: Similar to the fix+ spray, I have gone through bottle after bottle of this setting spray. I have also tried a significant amount of setting sprays and nothing compares to this one. I really love how it makes my makeup look super smooth and really locks in my makeup. I also love that it blurs any harsh lines.

11. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder: The holy grail of setting powders. You have probably heard every single beauty guru mention this powder and it’s for a reason… it’s simply the best. I have tried so many powders and no matter what, I always come back to this one. I have mini versions and full size and I still will keep repurchasing this products for as long as it’s around.

12. Wet N Wild Brow Powder: As someone who had a very traumaic brow history, I can say that of all the high-end and drugstore products I have owned and tried, this is the only one I have repurchased over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some benefit Ka-Brow and I have repurchased it but my ride or die will always be this Wet N Wild brow kit.

13. Benefit Porefessional Primer: I have ALOT of primers. I mean alot! There are so many that I love and use over and over again but the only one that I catch myself actually purchasing over and over is the Benefit Porefessional Primer. It blurs my pores and fine lines like a champ! It is also not over-priced which I love.

  Fit Chick's - Beauty Products I Can't Stop Repurchasing!

14. LA Girl Pro Face Powders: I could talk about face powders for days. I recently discovered LA Girl Pro Face powders last year and since then I have purchase at least 7 or 8 or them. The one thing I will say is they don’t last as long as I would like but the formula is amazing for drugstore powders and I use them every day along with my physicians bronzer. In my opinion, these are the drugstore powders to own and love.

15. Milk Makeup Mascara: It’s rare that I find myself repurchasing mascara. I think because I get so many sample size mascaras that I never really have to purchase any but the one that I did repurchase was from Milk Makeup. I love how fluffy and full it makes my lashes. The wand is unlike any other that I have seen or used. For me, it is worth buying over and over.

16. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara : If you are looking for a drugstore mascara, this is the one I have repurchased time and time again. I usually love the ‘Carbon Black’ mascara when I apply my lashes because it really blends them evenly but I also love using it for every day simple makeup.

17. Face Masks: I dedicated a whole post to face masks so I don’t want to single out just a few. Pretty much this entire I list I have repurchased over and over again.

Fit Chick's - Beauty Products I Can't Stop Repurchasing!

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Fit Chick's - Beauty Products I Can't Stop Repurchasing!

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