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My Best Amazon Purchases

May 25, 2018 No Comments

My Best Amazon Purchases

Fit Chick's - My Best Amazon Purchases 2018!
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Hey Friend!

Lately, I feel like I’ve purchased some pretty amazing products off of Amazon. Most of them were personal products I wanted and some were for blogging but all the purchases I think you guys would deeply enjoy having in your life.

I broke it down into lifestyle purchases, books, and blogging purchases. I only listed my more recent book purchases but if you want to see more of my favorites, you can read all about them here and here.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me your best Amazon purchase or your number one Amazon recommendation.


My Best Amazon Purchases:


Fit Chick's - My Best Amazon Purchases 2018!

  • Wireless Security Camera: So this purchase was actually for my fiance Steven. Not because I wanted to spy on him but because while we were at work, he liked to check on our pup, Leo. Now that I work from home, it’s not really necessary so we haven’t used it but it worked great for us while we weren’t home so we could see what Leo was doing. The picture was always clear. The app was easy to use and it was one of the few that didn’t have a laundry list of security and privacy issues.
  • Amazon Fire Stick: If you don’t own an Amazon Fire Stick, I need to know how you live. I love that I can access my Hulu account, YouTube, on-demand channels, movies, prime and everything all in one place. If you are thinking of purchasing one, wait until Amazon prime day when they are like half off. 😉
  • Portable Oven: Yes, I said oven! Okay so this purchase was more of a fitness purchase but I think it is a great lifestyle purchase too. For those of you who are always on the road traveling for work or just having adventures, this little travel container with a heating plate is awesome. I know when I was doing my fitness competitions, this would have been a lifesaver because the hotels I happened to stay in didn’t have kitchens or even microwaves so all we ate were cold food. I think it’s great if you travel and your car has an outlet [most jeeps do] for hot meals on the go. I just think it’s a nifty little gadget.
  • Heating Pad: The item I never knew I needed until I had it and now I can’t live without it. For my homegirls, this heating pad saves lives during that time of the month. I also love to use it after a workout to keep my muscles loose for when I am ready to stretch. If you have injuries, it is also helpful.

Fit Chick's - My Best Amazon Purchases 2018!

  • Cricut Explore Air 2: If you have an ounce of passion for DIY projects, you need this machine. I have created custom t-shirts, paper flowers, wedding signs, personalized glassware, you name it. They sell this machine at Michaels but I got it for a really great sale price on Amazon last year.
  • Waterproof Cosmetic Organizer: This is such a great product to travel with. It fits all my toiletries and it is waterproof! I love the drawstring closure too so everything stays compact.
  • Bathtub Caddy: Why I didn’t purchase one of these caddies earlier is beyond me. I love that I can read my book or watch my Hulu while relaxing. This caddy has a spot for a glass of wine, your phone, and it extends!


Fit Chick's - My Best Amazon Purchases 2018!

  • The 10X Rule: I love this book. Grant Cardone is wild. Seriously, this book just makes you understand life, personal success, and happiness. It teaches you how to apply ‘massive action’ to help you achieve results and accomplish your business dreams.
  • She Means Business: This book is all sorts of empowering. It was one of the books I read when I first started my entrepreneurial journey and I still reference it all the time. It is empowering challenging, honest, and inspiring.
  • SkinnyTaste Cookbook: I love SkinnyTaste cookbooks. Out of all the cookbooks I own [about 7 or so], the only ones I always find myself grabbing are SkinnyTaste. The recipes are delicious, quick, and easy to make. Enough said.


Fit Chick's - My Best Amazon Purchases 2018!

  • Sony A5000 Camera: This camera I just purchased about a week ago and it has made my blogging life significantly easier. It has a flip screen so it makes filming videos easier. It is drastically smaller than my DSLR camera so it is easier to travel and vlog with [which I can’t wait to start doing!]. Most importantly, since I have a beautiful camera already, I didn’t need the newest model and to save a few bucks I purchased a ‘used’ one which is like brand new.
  • Bendable Tripod Stand: This stand was a knock-off to one of the popular bendable tripods but it works just as well and it costs less. I debated putting this purchase under lifestyle because I think it is great for families or groups of friends who want to take photos. I like to bend it around branches or poles to get a nice full size shot and it is discrete.
  • Francierstudio Lighting Kit: If you want a professional lighting kit that won’t break the bank, this kit is awesome. I originally purchased this kit because I was doing a lot of work at night [videos, etc] but now I use it anytime to balance lighting on gloomy days or during filming.
  • Space Saver Hanger: I know these are for trousers but I like to use them for fabric backdrop storage. It really does save space!


Want More? Check out my full list of Amazon Favorites!


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Fit Chick's - My Best Amazon Purchases 2018!

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