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Blogology-101: Five Ways To Find Inspiration

June 26, 2018 No Comments

Blogology 101:

Five Ways To Find Inspiration

Fit Chick's - Blogology-101: Five Ways To Find Inspiration
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Hey Friend!

Happy Tuesday!

How was everyone’s weekend?!

Lately, things have been a bit of a whirlwind for Steve and me between the new house and our upcoming wedding but one thing I always have time for is inspiration!

Whether it is a new book, podcast, or you are just looking for something to lift your spirits, my five tips below are sure to help you find that inspiration you are looking for.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me if you are a blogger or business owner
and how you find your inspiration?


Five Ways To Find Inspiration:

‘Secret’ Pinterest Boards: Whether you are secretly crafting your dream home or looking for new inspiring content, secret Pinterest boards are perfect for helping to increase inspiration. I like to create my business mood boards and content inspiration so I can see how different colors, styles, and content all look together. Seeing the thoughts in my head in one place is always inspiring. Maybe you are working on a new project or gym goals and you don’t want to share yet. Having a place/space where you can gather information or inspiration is sure to uplift and it saves time so you don’t have to always search. Plus, I love that you can always ADD to the boards for ever-growing inspo.

Throwbacks: Throwbacks aren’t just for Thursday. Whenever I need an extra push, I’ll listen to an old song or look at older photos to bring me back to that happy moment or memory. Sometimes reading an old book or conversation can be uplifting. Bringing yourself back to a moment and trying to recreate or improve can be uplifting.

Crushin’ It: One of the most inspiring things for me is finding a new girl or guy crush. Someone who is crushing it in the industry I’m looking into or aspire to be in. I love to visit their feeds and see what they are up to. What their day-to-day looks like, how they style photos, what their processes are, etc. For example, if I want to check out some inspiring and uplifting fitness and business inspo, I visit Lori Harder’s page. If I want beauty inspo I’ll go to my favorite beauty guru’s page. I’ll search hashtags if it is something specific I am looking to expand my knowledge on.

Brainstorm: When in doubt, brainstorm. Put it out into the universe. Start with an idea and just build. You never know what could come of it. Similar to what I just said, you can also search hashtags and see what kind of content comes up. That always helps me spark new ideas or content creation. It can also be fun to brainstorm in groups. If you are a small business or a group of friends planning something [a party, vacation, etc] something really awesome can come from brainstorming together.

Try Something New: One of my goto’s for inspiration is to read an uplifting personal growth book or success story. Listen to a business or meditation podcast. I love trying new things. It’s honestly how I come up with have of my content or ideas. For example, this year I have become obsessed with vellum paper. I think it is so different and classic. I was playing around with different ways to print on the vellum and ultimately ended up creating my dream wedding invitations [which I just sent out and are a HUGE hit!]. I discovered the vellum by shopping for something completely different at staples for a completely different project so don’t be afraid to look into or to try new things.

Bonus: Declutter! Decluttering your workspace, home, digital space can always put you in a good mood. When you are in a better mood, you are more than likely to want to do more which could mean creating or trying something new.

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Fit Chick's - Blogology-101: Five Ways To Find Inspiration

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