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Blogology-101: Media Kit Basics

January 12, 2018 No Comments

Blogology-101: Media Kit Basics

Fit Chick's - Blogology 101 Media Kit Basics!
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Hey Love!

Happy Friday!

I know I’ve been going hard with the makeup talk lately so I wanted to switch it up today and talk about something that is equally as exciting to me, media kits and marketing!

I know, #nerdalert, but seriously I love branding and marketing and pitching yourself or your brand to companies and other brands can be tough. Below are the media kit basics that every kit should have. If you want a more in-depth post or even a mini course on media kits and branding let me know.

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Fit Chick's - Blogology 101 Media Kit Basics!

Media Kit Basics:

I’m going to break it down into six main points because I feel these are the must-haves that every media kit needs. Again, pitching yourself can be tough so making sure these points are included in your kit will only help you stand out.

About: Every company you approach is going to want to know who they are dealing with. That means they want to know about you and your website/brand/company. Don’t make them search for anything. Brands and companies are very busy and if they can’t find the information or if it isn’t readily available they will simple pass over your kit and move onto the next. My kit has a blurb about me and an additional short blurb about my website/brand.

Contact Info: How can they get ahold of you if they don’t have any contact info? I know this seems silly, but you would be surprised to find out how many people forget this simple step. This information should be right on the front page. My media kit is three pages. The first page has my brand and contact info, the second page has my audience/reader information, and the third has my offerings and pricing. Give them everything so they don’t have to ask.

Social Stats: No matter how much some may want to deny the power of social media, companies zero in on the stats. Put your best stats first and if you have a platform that isn’t performing as well if it isn’t relevant for your pitch to that company then you may want to leave it off. A tip for those just starting out, if you only have a few followers and while you are building up, list the social icon and your handle in the meantime. Let them know you are present on social media and as you grow add in the numbers.

What Do You Offer?: Make it super easy for the company you want to work with! Tell them what you currently offer and what opportunities you are open to. If you are pitching yourself or an idea, make them understand why they NEED to work with you and all the benefits. Your offerings can range from sponsored posts, reviews, ambassadorship, etc. Don’t limit yourself. You never know what could happen.

Site Traffic: Like social media, companies and brands want to know all about the ROI [return on investment] if they choose to work with you. They are going to want to know your monthly visitors, audience [Demographics, Geo, Acquisition] aka how they get to your site and who they are potentially reaching. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up for your blog or website, do it now and start learning how to read your stats. [Hmm, future blog post? Let me know if you want that below!]

Pictures and Pricing: This can be optional but I think it is a must-have. Putting your photos out there whether it is past collaborations or just your beautiful creativity will show the brands your aesthetic and may even catch their eye if they aren’t familiar with your work. As for pricing, it could be tricky, especially when starting out and having no idea what to charge. My suggestion is to always go a bit higher than you think. When negotiating, brands can tend to low ball and offer you a lower offer which may be exactly what you wanted if you shoot for a higher amount. Don’t be afraid to stick to your prices too. At the end of the day, you are a business and a brand.

Fit Chick's - Blogology 101 Media Kit Basics!

Bonus* One of my favorite ways, and the easiest way, to create a media kit is by using a template in Canva or PicMonkey. They have so many different styles and designs it makes it really easy for you to create something wonderful. I use these platforms to create most of my graphics as well.

Also, one additional thing I want to point out is personalization. One thing I love to do is personally mail a few printed and personalized kits. I only get a few media kits printed at a time since the stats are always changing but taking the time to hand write a personal note along with the kit is a sure to make you stand out by showing that not only did you take the time but that you aren’t just mass-sending your kits to everyone.

Do you want a more in-depth blog post or mini course on how I created my kits? Comment below!


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Fit Chick's - Blogology 101 Media Kit Basics!

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