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Blogology-101: Photography Tips

July 25, 2016 29 Comments

Blogology-101: Photography Tips

Fit Chick's - Blogology-101: Photography Tips
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Hey Love!

Welcome back to another round of our fabulous Blogology series.
If you read our previous posts about blogging and how to start then you know you are in good hands!

Today we will dive into all of our favorite photography tips and tricks that we have learned over the years.

Also, let me throw it out there that I am no professional however I do love taking pictures for my blog and in general.
I love learning neat little tricks from professionals and other bloggers and I take pictures on a daily basis.
I have watched numerous YouTube videos and have read just about every Pinterest pin on how to make my photos look better so no worries over here.
You are covered!

*Brace yourselves because these posts tend to be a little longer than the norm.


Okay ready?

Here is a list of our photography tips and tricks:

 1. Lighting: One of the most important and very first tips I learned when I started researching best photography practices was all about good lighting. The absolute best kind of lighting is natural light but if you are trying to get things done at night or on a rainy day you might need some extra help. A lot of bloggers – myself included – use lighting kits. Whether they are filming videos or taking photos, a little extra lighting never hurt. The kit I personally use is the Fancier Studio kit (you can find it here). They have other kits available also with a backdrop but I just needed the lights. I also learned about the difference between Manual mode and Automatic mode. Shooting in manual mode drastically changed my pictures. I also learned about ISO (like what?), Shutter Speed and Aperture. When you think of ISO think about sunlight. Depending on how much light you need is how high or low of a setting you will choose. Think the lower the number the less light assistance you need and the higher numbers give you that extra burst of light. Shutter Speed is how fast or slow the shutter opens. The slower the speed the more light that gets let in. For Aperture, that is really more about focus. If you want more background in your photos then go for a higher ‘F stop’ or focus.

2. Back Drops + Backgrounds: When I first started out. My backgrounds consisted of my frumpy old table top and my grey carpet. My carpet was beautiful and brand new but it wasn’t doing it for me. I really wanted that beautiful marble tile like look in my pictures. I thought it looked so classy and chic. Without giving my entire apartment a face-lift I decided to do some research. I found some beautiful tiles at a local Lowes for super cheap. After I found the tiles, I also bought some white poster board, wrapping paper (that fit my photo theme), contact paper, a white soft throw blanket (for when I need a larger area covered) and a white faux sheepskin rug. I also decided to do a little DIY farm table project with my boyfriend to up-cycle my old frumpy table top (this is what it looks like now). These products really helped make my pictures POP and they gave them the chic vibe I was looking for. You can check the marble look here, the faux sheepskin rug look here, the throw blanket look here, and the white board here. I have the contact paper photos coming soon so stay tuned but in the meantime feel free to stalk my IG. It’s encouraged. 😉

3. Props: Some of my favorite props to include in my pictures – that makes them look more professional in my opinion – are fake flowers or plants, adorable kitchen objects like plates, napkins and straws, office supplies (I personally love anything rose gold or gold), makeup, and more. Props add a layer of fun to your photos but make sure not to overload them!

4. Cameras: Currently, I love my DSLR Canon EOS Rebel Sl1 camera – you can read more about it here – but honestly I use my iPhone camera for about 50% of my photos too. Another popular camera is the Canon G7X Digital Camera. I personally love that the camera has a flip screen (SO clutch!). I have heard a lot of great things about Nikon cameras as well I am just not as familiar. A DSLR camera is great because I love that I can adjust the setting vs a camera phone which is pretty standard. They do sell little lenses to add to your iPhone cameras. I haven’t personally used them but if you wanted to try one before splurging on a DSLR or Digital Camera then maybe that is the best route for you to start.

5. Apps: When I first started out I didn’t edit my photos at all and occasionally added a filter (and you could tell). I started looking into popular apps that some of my favorite bloggers and youtubers used. After some serious test-driving, I have found these apps to be the most useful for my purposes. For photo editing I love VSCO, Squaready, and Afterlight. I use VSCO and Afterlight for brightening, filters, and anything else I want to adjust in my pictures. I use Squaready to create that adorable little border you see around my IG photos. I also love Boomerang app for fun, moving photos and LiveCollage for any photo collages I create. I also just downloaded Camera+ because some blogging friends recommended it. I am still getting used to it but it seems like it has slightly better camera options then the one that is on the iPhone.

6. Social Media Help: Whenever I have a question or want to learn how to do something, I go straight to Pinterest or YouTube. Pinterest makes me feel really stupid and I love it because I learn so much from people all over the world. It also inspires me to be really creative and think outside the box but most importantly, it has taught me so much about photography, blogging and more.

7. Inspo: I like to use social media hashtags as inspo. If I am looking to create a new, fun photo sometimes I will search IG for some new inspiration. I like to find new ideas that I think my followers and readers will love. It is also great to see what photos are popular and what people like to see.

8. It’s Okay to Ask: It is okay to ask someone how they achieved something. If you get an answer, great if not move on and find someone else that created something similar and see if they will help. I remember reading a post how a girl reached out to someone she admired and she asked how she achieved a certain look and the girl responded and was very helpful! Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response but if you never ask the answer is always no!

9. Themes: A lot of people can search Pinterest for themes. It can be a certain way you edit each photo, sticking to only showing certain types of photos, etc. If you peep my IG, you will see beauty products, swatches, fashion, inspiration quotes and the occasional selfie. I try not to stray from that on my blog account and my photos are always edited the same way with the same two or three apps. My fitness IG has a different theme. It shows my bolder, brighter colored pictures with lots of fitness and food tips, bikini prep photos and more.

10. Angle: Angle is so key! The way you angle a photo is another cool way to set yourself apart. I personally take mostly overhead shots when I take pictures of my favorite products. Another angle I love is a side angle if I am taking a picture and want whatever I am focused on to pop. For example, if I am taking a picture of an eye shadow palette, I will get super close and on angle to show the shadows in the best light and have them really glisten.


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