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Blogology-101: Quick Ways to Brainstorm New Content

February 27, 2018 No Comments

Blogology 101:

Quick Ways to Brainstorm New Content

Fit Chick's - Blogology-101: Quick Ways To Brainstorm New Content!
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Happy Tuesday!

I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about previously being in a rut and just feeling pretty blah. Today I’m sharing how I was able to move forward by sharing all my quick ways to brainstorm new content ideas so you can avoid the dreaded rut too!

Sometimes bloggers/vloggers hit a dreaded rut or they just burn out. Back in January, I felt like I was just pumping out content and writing the same type of content over and over again. It wasn’t fair to you guys and it certainly wasn’t enjoyable for me and I didn’t want to resent the process so I finally took a week off after 3+ years of consistently blogging. 

The break was much needed and although there are some days where I still hit a snag, for the most part, these quick tips have helped me push through any negative thoughts about the process and I think you will find them super helpful. Whether you are a business owner looking to up your Instagram game or a new blogger just looking for some help, these quick brainstorming ideas will be sure to help.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me if you were ever stuck in a rut and how you overcame it.


Quick Ways to Brainstorm New Content:

Ask Your Readers: Whether it’s a quick Instagram Stories Poll or a Twitter poll or simply asking them to comment, what better way to connect than to ask your audience what content they want to see? Do they want to learn something? Is there a certain topic or post they want to see more of? What do they struggle with? Do they want to see a certain product? Ask them! They are the ones reading your blog so it is super important to make sure you are giving them the content they want to see. If you are too afraid to ask or maybe they aren’t responding right away then check out your google analytics or blog stats to see what past posts were the most popular.

Research!: One of my favorite ways to brainstorm new content ideas is to do some research. Find out what questions your ideal client is asking. Go to your favorite blogger or vloggers pages and read the comments. Learn about what they want to see [if they fit with your audience]. Again, what are they struggling with? What do they want to learn? Is there a specific topic they wish more people spoke about? The amount of ideas I grab from reading the comments section is incredible. It also opens you up to finding potential new readers.

Write it out: You know I love me some lists! Make a list of several topics or what topics you enjoy writing about on your blog. Then brainstorm three to five posts about each topic. For example, I write about beauty, style, blogging, business/career, weddings, and lifestyle. I would come up with at least 3 different posts for each topic so I have a list to reference if I am ever in a jam or need some extra help.

Search For Inspo: Hold Up, First DO NOT COPY other peoples work or content! Second, it’s okay to browse social media for inspiration. For example, a YouTuber recently posted a video where he tried to follow along with another Beauty YouTubers makeup tutorial and it went viral! To the point where all the ‘popular’ beauty YouTubers created similar videos to join the trend. It’s okay to be trendy or to want to try something new and different. Before everyone started recreating this idea, I knew that was going to go viral because it was a just such a unique and fun idea. You can also look on Pinterest or any social media platform for inspiration but I just wanted to share the YouTube video as an example of how to find new and exciting content ideas.

Create a Collaboration: If you are really in a rut or just need a little extra TLC, grab some of your blogger friends an work together! Create a collaboration post where you cross-promote each other content. It’s an exciting way to connect with your friends and potential new readers. Plus supporting each other will never go out of style.

Pitch Companies You Want To Work With: What’s more exciting than working with a company you love? Yes, there is a strong chance you may get free product(s) or services but you also get to build a relationship and network. If they decline your offer or don’t get back to you, you can still post about the company. After the post is up, use it as a way to showcase yourself to that brand and maybe they will want to work with you on future posts.

BONUS: Have Backup Posts Ready to Go: The beauty of backup posts is having them ready for days where you are just exhausted or burnt out! I usually have at least two or three draft posts ready to go but I wish I could have more. Have backup posts ready is also helpful for when you are traveling or if you just need a little vacation.


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Fit Chick's - Blogology-101: Quick Ways To Brainstorm New Content!


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