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The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal…ever!

November 7, 2017 No Comments

The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal…ever!

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!
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Hey Girl!

 Today is the day – it’s here! 
The most EPIC bridesmaid proposal… ever!

If you are one of our loyal babes who is already on The List, then you then you know we had a truly devastating moment back in August – but – anyways we are moving forward and today we are ready to share our epic proposal aka promposal.


As you know we don’t tend to share a ton of personal posts but we have made an exception for our wedding journey. The point of this post and video is really for us to remember our moments with our bridesmaids but if you can grab some inspiration for your proposals that makes us just as happy.

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Our EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal:

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

When I tell you my fiancé thought I was crazy… trust me he thought I was crazy. “Your going to do what? I don’t get it.” was his initial response followed by “Okay whatever I support you” which is one of the many reasons I love him. He always thinks I’m crazy yet supports me anyway [haha].

Okay back to the proposals promposals. I started with wanting to create an epic box. One the girls would be over the moon to receive and something personal [personal being the keyword]. After I realized I really couldn’t make each box super personal without making them completely different, I started to mess around and create the ‘presentations’ aka the personalized packets full of photos and facebook conversations from our friendship. I really wanted to take each girl through our entire, documented relationship and show them all we had been through and why they were so important to me. I loved going through the photos, half of which should never see the light of day and half of which are cherished photos we both loved. I also wanted to include conversations to show them how our relationship had grown or at least as much as I could since Facebook first came out in the beginning of our college adventures and before cell phones became the giant robots they are today.

Anyways, from the packets came the puzzles. I wanted to do something a little different for asking the girls the actual question “will you be my bridesmaid” [or Maid of Honor for Ashley]. I found this wonderful lady on Etsy and from there I started putting everything together. After I created each of the proposals I knew I had to give each girl their box individually/one-on-one. I really wanted them to experience the moment and the box and know how special they each are to me.

After that finally came the thought of filming the moments. I knew half of them were going to want to murder me but I had already had half the vision in my head and I knew it would be something magical that we could always look back on.

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

So here we are today. It literally took a year to create and complete this little project of mine but I am so happy with how everything turned out and I hope the girls are too. I now present to you, the most EPIC bridesmaid proposals…ever!

Ps- to learn more about our bridal party you can view our website here. Steven obviously wrote his descriptions…

Box Details:

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

Unicorn Cookies: So the Etsy shop [CarolinaPartyDesigns] I used for the cookies is no longer available BUT my girl Lisa at LHE Bakes makes a delicious and equally amazing cookie. Feel free to check her out: or

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

Mini Cookies: These were so cute, affordable, and delicious.

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

Bridesmaid Puzzles:…

Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

Beauty Products included:

Face masks: no longer available but search Amazon for masks or Ulta!
DIY Rose Gold Nail Kit: made by me
Ulta Lipsticks: no longer available but similar set:
Mini Nail Polish:
Hello Gorgeous Mirror:
Hot Pink Boxes:
Coasters: TJ Maxx

Bride Tribe Box message: created by me
Box Glitter Names: created by me

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this exclusive post!


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Fit Chick's - The Most EPIC Bridesmaid Proposal ...ever!

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