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Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know

July 3, 2018 No Comments

Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know

Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know!
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Hey Beautiful!

Can you believe it’s July? Wow, talk about June flying by right?

Anyways, in an effort to keep my promise to always help you learn the best of beauty [which includes tips and tricks], I thought today I would share my eyeliner hacks that you need to know.


Before you go,
comment below and tell me your number one tip for applying eyeliner and what your preferred type of eyeliner is [gel, liquid, etc].

Disclaimer: Today’s post is featuring products from Pixi Beauty that I received in PR. I was not asked to write this post. As always, all of my thoughts and opinions are my own, honest opinions.


Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know!

Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know

  • Look Down: So this one beauty hack changed everything for me. I not only do this when I apply my eyeliner but also when I apply my eyeshadow and false lashes. It changed everything and this hack instantly stepped up my makeup game 110%. My shadows blend easier, my liner is smoother and even, and my lashes are always as close to my lash line as possible. So what’s the hack? Ever wonder why every beauty guru uses a hand-held mirror when applying shadows, liners, and lashes? It’s because looking slightly down into the hand-held mirror makes everything easier to apply since your eyelids are relaxed. I know, it blew my mind too and instantly made me feel dumb but when I tell you it changed everything, it really did. I just decided to try it one day after seeing guru after guru holding the mirrors. At first, I thought it was just for filming purposes but then I realized it was because it makes everything so much easier.
  • Use Eyeshadow First: If you want to try a wing liner but aren’t as experienced or have never ventured out, use an eyeshadow with an angled brush to create the wing and then fill it in. Sometimes I just like the look of using eyeshadow as a liner. It gives a softer look especially if you use a dark brown shade [very pretty!]. The point of using the shadow is so you can practice [or you can obviously wear it out] but it is a lot easier to wipe off and try again or you can blend it out if you don’t like the look. Also, if you don’t want to use shadow but still want to practice, use a gel liner. It’s a little more forgiving than a liquid liner but either way make sure to look down to prevent any jagged edges or uneven lines.

Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know!

  • Conceal It: One of the best hacks I ever learned was how to fix eyeliner mistakes. Before I discovered the power of the hand-held mirror, my winged liner or even regular liner was sometimes not as smooth as I wanted and that’s when I discovered how to conceal the mistakes. For my winged liner, if the line isn’t even or maybe it is a little thicker than I wanted it to be, taking a swipe of concealer [I personally love shape tape for this] add it to a flat concealer brush, and run it along the eyeliner you want to remove or cover up. I do this when I have already applied my foundation and set it. If you haven’t applied foundation yet you can simply take a makeup wipe and clean it up but for those who apply shadow after foundation, concealer is great. After I use the concealer I set it with a setting powder. If the eyeliner on my lid is a bit jagged, I take a small flat brush with extra eyeshadow and go over the liner I want to fix. It really is incredible how easy it is to conceal so don’t worry if you aren’t the best at applying eyeliner because these hacks, have your back!
  • Tape Works Wonders: I know this hack has been around f-o-r-e-v-e-r and there is a good reason for it… it works! If you are looking for a super clean line and don’t want the hassle of free-handing, then grab some tape and apply it on an angle on the outer portion of your eye where you would apply your winged liner or where you want your shadow to end. After you are done with your eye look, remove the tape for a clean-cut line.

Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know!

  • Brighten Eyes with Nude Liner: Not only does a nude eyeliner in your waterline brighten your eyes, but it makes them appear larger! I personally have been loving the Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Liner for this hack.
  • Don’t be afraid of color: So you want to add colored liner but maybe don’t know how or are afraid to? My favorite quickie eyeliner hack is to apply a black or white eyeliner and simple add a colored shadow over it with a small angled brush or flat brush. You can also do this with glitter + glitter glue over the liner. 😉


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Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know! Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know! Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know! Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know! Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know! Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know!


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Fit Chick's - Eyeliner Hacks You Need To Know!

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