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First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty

February 13, 2018 No Comments

First Impressions:

Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!
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After a much needed ‘week off’, I am back and ready with some fresh new content. I’m sad to report that I underestimated the time I would need to finish my new business website but that is okay. The week off gave me some time to catch up and take a quick breather to recharge.

Anyways, enough about me, how was your week?
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Who is ready for some First Impressions? Now I am calling these first impressions because 1. They are new products to me and 2. I wrote down my thoughts as I tried them each for the first time. I was so thankful to be invited to some pretty sweet events recently for First Aid Beauty, Dr. Brandt, and Soap and Glory. If you follow me on the gram then you saw some shots from the events and if not then go peep my highlights section.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned below I received complimentary at the events or in PR. I was not asked to write a post. As always, all of my opinions are my own, honest opinions.


First Impressions: Pixi Beauty and First Aid Beauty:

Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

Pixi Beauty: For those who aren’t aware, Pixi Beauty is a beauty brand that is currently sold at Target. This may actually be the first time I have talked about their products in depth. I’m excited to share these new products with you. Ps- can you tell which lipstick is my favorite below?

  • Glow Tonic: Aside from the fact I’m obsessed with the personalized jumbo bottle I received last month, I actually use this product multiple times a day. It currently lives on my bathroom counter and I love to apply this all over my face and neck in the morning and at night as part of my am/pm skincare routines. I wanted to include this in my first impressions because it was a new product to me. My first impression was that it cleaned my skin and removed any excess traces of makeup left behind. I also like that it has witch hazel in the ingredients. My face felt (and feels) fresh and clean after each use.
    Final Thought: ? I’m here for it
  • Rose Flash Balm SkinTreat: This balm claims to be a moisturizer, primer, and mask all in one. I have been using this product at night after cleansing. I’m not sure how I would feel about this as a primer and since I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t want to comment on that but as a moisturizer I love it. My first impression was that it gave me more of a sleek and lightweight moisturizer vibe. I was honestly surprised to read that this was also a primer and a mask. It says you can apply a thick layer as a mask for 5 minutes but I’m not sure how I feel about that either.
    Final Thought: I dig this as a moisturizer not sure how I would feel about this as a primer or mask.

Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

  • Rose Caviar Essence SkinTreat: First Impression = this feels SO weird. The instructions say to press the formula gently onto the skin and neck and to let it absorb. It feels like you are pressing slippery jelly onto your face which is weird however I like that it didn’t leave my face a greasy or sticky mess. It also smells nice and the next day my skin feels super soft.
    Final Thought: ? I’m here for it
  • MatteLast Liquid Lips: I received five of their shades in PR. My first impression was that I LOVE the applicator and formula. It is very, very lightweight, pigmented, long lasting, and comfortable to wear. Aside from the fact that I love that all five shades are definitely in my neutral shade zone, I really love these liquid lips. I carry the Matte Beige shade in my every day bag since I tried it a few weeks ago.
    Final Thought:YAS to this liquid lip product!

Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

First Aid Beauty: I received the two Hello Fab products in PR and the tinted moisturizers at the event I recently attended. If you have been around FCN for a minute you know that I am a big fan of First Aid Beauty so I was hoping these didn’t disappoint…

  • Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream: This might be my favorite of the three products. My first impression as soon as I opened the jar was holy tropical coconut dreamy vacation vibes. Seriously this smells so good. This formula actually reminds me of the Tarte Drink of H2O product however, I love the smell and finish of First Aid Beauty’s product significantly better. My hands feel more hydrated and the product actually skins into my skin instead of just laying on top of it. My first impression was I wanted to drench my bod in this cream [I swear] but I settled for my hands, face and neck. I have been using this at least a couple times a week since I got it.
    Final Thought: ? Way to go FAB!
  • Hello Fab Ginger + Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask: First Impression: wow that has a very distinct smell but considering the product has ginger and turmeric in it, I was kind of ready for it. If you are one who is more sensitive to smell, this mask is probably not for you, however, if you don’t mind skincare that has a bit of a smell then I would suggest trying this mask. My first impression was that I liked the mask. It does have a very different texture that you might have to get used to but it does feel like jelly. I liked that I only had to leave it on for 10 minutes and that I could rinse it off after I used it. A lot of masks want you to massage the excess product into the skin after using them and I’m a big fan of masks you don’t need to wear for hours to see the results. I have been using this about twice a week and so far have been liking the results.
    Final Thought: ? A little smell never hurt and I like the quick and easy use.

Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer: Let me start off by saying, I am not a huge fan of tinted moisturizers. My past experiences with them have not been wonderful. Also, the shade I picked to try [medium] was a little too tan for my current complexion so it made me look like I hit a tanning bedo. With that being said, after I tried the lighter shade [light], I actually liked the moisturizer which surprised me. I think that for a tinted moisturizer, it actually has coverage and it is buildable. It did moisturize my skin and I think this product is great for running errands or on gym days where your skin needs a little extra love. Would I wear this as a foundation? No, but that is not what it is meant to be. If you like tinted moisturizers I highly recommend this one. Also, the shade range seems okay. They currently have five shades but this is a moisturizer and not a foundation. I don’t believe these have officially launched yet so keep an eye out for them when they do!
    Final Thought: Do I now like tinted moisturizers? ?


Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty! Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

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Fit Chick's - First Impressions: Pixi Beauty + First Aid Beauty!

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