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Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

July 10, 2018 No Comments

Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

FIt Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day
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Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about my white teeth, my hair care routine, and skincare routine so today I wanted to share with you five beauty products that I use every single day that help me maintain a healthy, glowing look.

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FIt Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day:

FIt Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

  • Toner: Since my ‘T-zone’ is usually oily [depending on the time of year], I always use toner before applying my makeup for oil control. I also use toner in the morning and at night so really I use it at least 2 or 3 times a day. Toner evens the skin and really removes any dirt, sweat, leftover makeup, pretty much everything. I have a bunch of favorites, but I love my Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, Paula’s Choice Toner, and Derma-E Radiance Toner.

Fit Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

  • Whitening Toothpaste: One thing I switched years ago was my toothpaste from a regular toothpaste to a whitening toothpaste. When I said it made a significant difference…it did. I constantly get compliments on how white my teeth are/how bright my smile is. I no longer use whitening strips which I used to buy all the time. Even though my teeth were relatively white, looking back at photos I can now see a huge difference. When I do have a big event coming up [like once a year], I’ll use my Smile Brilliant kit but otherwise, I use this toothpaste every day. My personal favorite is the Sensodyne Whitening, Repair and Protect Toothpaste. I like Sensodyne because they have options for sensitive teeth.

Fit Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

  • Deodorant: Yup. I know. Pretty obvious right? Although there are some people who don’t wear deodorant, I’m not one of those people. I did, however, use the same deodorant since high school up until this year. This year, after getting a weird rash, I decided to try a more natural and unscented deodorant which I ended up loving. My current natural deodorant is by Native. I prefer the unscented deodorant but I know they have other scents. The deodorant I used for over 15 years was Degree motion sense. I still love that deodorant but I don’t want my rash to come back and I’m not sure if it was from that deodorant or not but I’m not willing to chance it. Oh, also, I used the natural brand “Jason” before trying Native and it really didn’t do much for me but I heard others love it so check out which brands work for you.

Fit Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

  • Lotion, Moisturizer or SPF: I’ll have you know, I’m not a big fan of lotions. I really don’t like walking around with lotion on. Idk what it is. Even if it is a very sheer, non-sticky lotion, I just feel uncomfortable. What I do like to do is apply lotion every night before I go to bed so when I wake up my skin is refreshed and glowing. For face lotions it’s a little different, I don’t mind it as much but I still prefer to use moisturizers and SPF in the morning and at night. I also use different lotions for different reasons. If I just want an everyday natural glow, I use Nivea. If I want to control or curb my chicken skin, I use my Paula’s Choice lotions. I also love my Fresh Beauty Age-Delay Body Cream. It makes my skin feel younger and looks more refreshed.

Fit Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

  • Hair Oil or Thermal Spray: I think the number one question I get asked is what I use in my hair. For the most part, my ends are always healthy and my hair is full of shine. Aside from using better shampoos and conditioners like Redken, I have been using Biosilk’s Silk Therapy treatment on the ends of my hair since high school. Over the last three years, I’ve added thermal sprays into the mix while using heated tools which have also helped. As you guys know, my favorite heat protector is from Kenra.

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Fit Chick's - Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

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