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Five Easy Ways to Be Healthier at Work

October 3, 2016 14 Comments

Five Easy Ways to Be Healthier at Work

Fit Chick's - Five Easy Ways to Be Healthier at Work
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Hey Friend!

Today we are back and chatting about just a few of our favorite things like health and happiness.

In the past you may have caught our posts on 10 tips for staying healthy during the holidays
or 10 Tips for a Happier Life but today we are focusing on staying healthy in an office work environment.

It can be difficult at times to stay on track so we are here with our top five tips
on what you can do to make your day a bit healthier while at work.

Alright let’s get started!


Fit Chick's - Five Easy Ways to Be Healthier at Work

Here are Five Easy Ways to Be Healthier at Work:

  1. Pack Your Own Food: Your waistline will thank you! If you sit in an office all day – like me – something as simple as packing healthier food options can make all the difference. I cannot tell you how much this will change your work life. By bringing your own healthier foodslike snacks and meals – you will have more energy, better brain power, you won’t feel sluggish, you will have better focus and so much more. You won’t be grabbing at any of those greasy catered lunches or leftover office party cookies. You won’t be thinking about where your next meal is coming from. The positives from bringing your own food are endless.
  2. Drink Up: As much as I would love for this one to be about champagne, it’s not. Drinking lots of water will help flush your system and keep you from mindless eating. It will also make you move a bit more too. If you don’t like regular water, then I highly recommend trying a flavored water like Nestle Splash. I received and tried the lemon Nestle Splash beverage from Influenster and it became the inspiration behind this post. It was very refreshing and a nice change of pace from my regular water or tea and you may drink a little more than you normally would. If you are looking to slim down then I recommend cutting out the sugary drinks – like soda – and opting for a flavored water.
  3. Walk It Out: Piggy-backing off of number two, drinking lots of water is one way to ensure you get up and walk around. I tend to drink about a gallon of water a day so I am up and moving every 30 minutes to an hour. Walking around and staying active will keep your body happy and healthy while the water will help flush out toxins. If you have stairs in your office building, don’t be afraid to use them. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs and get in some light booty work!
  4. Have a Stash: My coworkers all make fun of me for not eating the office goodies we get from time to time. Being a personal trainer, I allow myself to indulge but on things I think that are worth it. I would rather have a stash of healthy snacks and treats that way if I am really tempted I can satisfy my craving without the crazy amount of calories. Some of my favorite healthy snacks are Sriracha Cashews, Quest chips, Krave Jerky, Dark Chocolate or Snackimals but I also have a list of healthy snacks that I can bring with me. If I know we are having an office party that day, I may bring a snack that I know will satisfy certain potential cravings.
  5. Recharge: I really like to use my downtime to the max. Often I will use my breaks to recharge with a little nap or I will go for a walk if it is nice out. Usually I opt for the nap, I believe it is important to give your brain a break. Harvard Health advises taking a 20 to 30 minute nap is the ideal pick-me-up and even napping for just a few minutes has its benefits. They also say that sleep improves learning, memory and creative thinking so don’t be afraid to grab some Zzz’s.

Fit Chick's - Five Easy Ways to Be Healthier at Work
[Disclaimer: I did receive this Nestle Splash beverage courtesy of Influenster for sampling purposes.
All of my opinions – as always – are my own].



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