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Five Things You Shouldn’t Do During an Interview

March 14, 2017 No Comments

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do During an Interview

Fit Chick's - Five Things You Shouldn't Do During an Interview
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Hey Friend!

Are you on the hunt for your dream job?
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There are so many times when we have interviewed candidates and thought
what were they thinking?!‘ or ‘It was going great until that happened!
So we are here to make sure you don’t make those silly, nervous interview mistakes.

Some of these may seem like common sense and some you may have never thought of
Either way, as long as you don’t do any of these five things and follow our tips for a killer resume you will be in the running for your dream job!

Oh and once you get that dream job make sure to check back and learn how to stay healthy while at work.



Five Things You Shouldn’t Do During an Interview:

  1. Be Presentable: Do not show up disheveled or wrinkled. If you show up looking a mess to an interview where you are trying to impress, all your potential employer will be thinking is ‘I can’t imagine what they would look like coming to work’. Yes – seriously! No matter what job you are applying for showing up in wrinkled, untucked or disheveled attire is never a good look. Also, dress appropriately for the role you are applying for. If you are not sure whether to go more casual or dress it up, always opt to go dressier. You would rather look more put together than not. One last thing is to make sure you don’t do is show up smelling like smoke. There is nothing worse than walking into an interview and smelling like you just walked out of a bar or hookah lounge. Save the cigarette for after the interview if you really need one and make sure you don’t smoke on the property where they can see you.
  2. No Hate: I don’t care if they were the biggest jerks and you were the glue holding the company together and they were too blind to see it, do not mad-mouth your former employer… ever! I’m talking nothing negative about former supervisors, colleagues, jobs etc. Even if it was the worst job you ever had an your boss was a dummy, they don’t need to know and you should be focused on selling how awesome you are and what an asset you would be to your new dream company. If your interviewer asks you to tell them about something you didn’t like about your old job or to tell them about a tough situation, you tell them how you handled an undesirable situation and made it a success or better. For example, a lot of clients at my current job are very wealthy and very demanding. A way to answer those questions are to tell them about a situation that seemed impossible and how you resolved it AND made the client happy. If they ask why you are leaving your current job, an easy answer is always personal growth because chances are you are looking to expand your skill set and actually grow.
  3. Don’t Show up Unprepared: Do you research on the company. I cannot stress that enough. If it is your dream company, chances are you have already stalked their website and that is fine. Know everything from who is in charge to when they were established to what services they offer. You should also know where they are located. If you have to do a dry run to the location before the interview then do it. Make sure you show up at least 10 minutes early. Five minutes is okay too but it is cutting it close and 15 minutes or earlier makes it awkward. If you show up 15-20 minutes early sit in your car or outside and continue to read up on the company. Glassdoor is one of my favorite resources when researching an employer. The website has actual employee company reviews, salary ranges, and actual interview questions and the company’s process listed by current employees or interviewed candidates. Also, make sure to bring extra resumes and make sure the resumes will wow them.
  4. Don’t be rude: I’ve said it before but I cannot stress it enough: do not be rude! Make sure you are the nicest human being ever to the receptionist, janitor, mailroom attendant all the way up to the CEO. It doesn’t matter who it is just be polite and professional towards every person you encounter. First impressions are everything and you never get a second chance at them. You also never know who has influence at the company and these are your potential new coworkers, don’t you want them to like you?
  5. They are not your friends […yet]: You would be surprised how many people use slang, crack unprofessional jokes, talk politics [unless the job you are applying for is political obviously], talk about personal issues, family problems, answer phone calls, etc. The interviewer(s) are not your friends and they don’t care about your personal issues. They are trying to do their job and if they know your issues before they hire you, I’m sure they can’t imagine what else will come up once they do hire you. So keep a lid on it and control it. Oh and also do not lie. The interviewer will find out and you won’t get your dream job. If you don’t have all the experience the role requires, talk about how quickly you learn and your strengths.


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Fit Chick's - Five Things You Shouldn't Do During an Interview

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