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Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

March 15, 2019 No Comments

Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

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Hey Beauties!


Gosh, it feels so good to be back into the swing of things!

Today, I’m sharing a new, fun series I like to call ‘Fresh Finds’. You guys know I’m all about finding the latest and greatest hidden gems and products that are worth the buck so I thought this would be a fun way to share new products or services. Basically, anything I think is really cool, worth your hard-earned money, and that would be beneficial to you all. 

Before you go, comment below
and let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you have any recommendations!

Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned below I received complimentary at the events or in PR. I was not asked to write a post. As always, all of my opinions are my own, honest opinions.


  Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

Fresh Finds: March 2019

Pretty Vulgar – Powder Room Translucent Setting Powder: In efforts of branching out and trying new things, I was really excited when I got this setting powder in one of my BoxyCharm boxes. Not only do I love every product I’ve tried from this brand but I also was looking to try some new powders so it was a perfect storm. 

Guys, I was shocked at how much I loved this powder. Do I dare say this has replaced my current favorite Laura Mercier? Yes, I do! Seriously. It makes my foundation look like silk. It blurs my fine lines and does not leave a trace of color. I love a beautiful matte finish and right now I am LIVING for this powder.

Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

Touch In SOL – No Poreblem Primer: Yes! If you have ever tried their ‘bum bum creams’ then you already know how insanely good their products smell. This primer not only smells great but when I used it under my favorite foundations, it gave them a whole new luminous life [especially with my current dry-er skin]! I am happy to say it did make my makeup application smooth and fresh and I have been using it daily. I am excited to try this product in the summer as well when my skin isn’t being messy. 

HANHOO Watermelon Illuminator Overnight Serum: Lightweight and refreshing? Um – yes please! This winter season has been literally kicking my skins tush so hard that my normal go-to’s haven’t even been able to keep up. When this happens, it usually means I needed to branch out and find some new products to shake things up.

Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

Not only does this serum smell great but it feels great on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling dewy, brighter, and plump [without feeling greasy] and definitely not dry or dull. I love that this overnight serum is available at Walmart and for only $24. It W-O-R-K-S baby! 

Signature Soy Candles: Can Target ever really do wrong? No, of course not. Let me start by saying, I’ve never been a huge candle person. Like I never went wild for candle sales or felt the need to light them all the time… until we bought a home. Sure I would have a few and light them occasionally, but when I randomly grabbed these Signature Soy candles off the end-cap [genius marketing] of my local Target aisle, I became that girl who now has a candle in every room. For $5 or $10 dollars [depending on the size], you cannot go wrong. They last what feels like forever and the little ones are SO powerful they can smell up a whole room haha. They always have different scents coming out but the ‘Emerald Amazon’ candle and the ‘Crystal Flora’ candle smell so insanely good, I grabbed three of each. Oops.

Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

Patchology Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand and Cuticle Mask: As you guys know, Patchology is one of my favorite skincare brands. You also now know, this winter has been doing the most on my skin. Seriously my body, feet, hands, face have never been so dang dry. When they sent me these hand and cuticle masks, I dove right in and haven’t looked back. The macadamia oil, rosehip oil, and shea butter combo… wow. These are so deeply moisturizing I felt like I was at a spa. Now I know you guys are probably like well they sent them to you so this must be sponsored but it’s not. 1) I would disclose if it was a sponsored post and 2) they didn’t ask anything of me when they sent them my way. I just love to share products that actually work, are relatively affordable to the hard-working human, and that I think you guys would love as much as I do. SO, if your hands are in desperate need of some TLC, check out these hand masks.

Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

Peaches + Cream Pigments: I have to admit, I’m not one to go for Instagram fads or ads but I kept seeing these pigments everywhere on IG and they looked so fricken pretty, I figured why not try em’. I have to admit, I was intimidated for the first like 2 weeks of having these pigments. I just didn’t want them to explode all over my desk or not apply them correctly, but once I finally put on my big pants and tried them… HOLY SMOKES. I now use them pretty much all the time. SO pretty, SO pigmented and they just add instant glam to whatever look you are going for whether casual or the full face. These are seriously one of my favorite finds to date. 

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Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019  Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019  Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019  Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019 Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019


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Fresh Finds: March Beauty Favorites 2019

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