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Fresh Finds: May Beauty Favorites 2019

May 17, 2019 No Comments

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Hey Friends!


Happy May!
Can you believe how fast this year is flying by or is it just me?

As you guys know, I love sharing my little beauty gems that I find along the way that I think will either rock your world in the best way possible or help make your life/beauty routine that much easier. Today I am sharing my May beauty favorites. A few of these products are actually products I’ve been using for a while but haven’t really chatted about or they might be older products that I started using again after a very, very long time of not using them. There are also several brand new products but either way they are all gems in my eyes so let’s dive in!

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Whatever it is, spill the tea cause I’m listening and here to help.

Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned below I received complimentary at industry events or in PR. I was not asked to write a post.
As always, all of my opinions are my own, honest opinions.


Fresh Finds: May Beauty 2019

Colourpop Concealers: I first discovered Colourpop concealers last March when they launched and I just realized two things: first, they are now available in select Ulta stores which is HUGE since Colourpop is predominately sold only on their website. This means you can actually find and try your shade(s) in the store and not have to try to color match via internet photo swatches. Second, I never really discussed how much I love them. In my opinion, they have the quality and coverage of a higher-end concealer with a drugstore pricing [hello $6.50]. I decided to share them in my May favorites because I just picked up a couple more shades from a local Ulta and realize I grab them every time I use concealer. They are SO creamy, covering, and worth the price tag. I love how they don’t crease up, come in a ton of shades, and they work well with other products.

You may be saying ‘Girl, why do you have a white concealer?’ I use that ‘Fair 00’ concealer for my shadows to make them pop if I want more of an impact on the pigment or shimmers. Also, you may notice some of the product cartridges are different. The newer packaging is the frosted, matte packaging. The ones that are shiny and you can barely read the labels are the original concealers I purchased online when they launched. They also renamed them after they launched so ‘Light 20’ and ‘Medium Tan 35’ now have different names but I haven’t found what the new names are yet since I haven’t had to repurchase yet. Which is also a good thing since I’ve been using these regularly since March 2018 [I just wanted more shades hence the new ones]. ?

Pixi Rose Glow Mist: Oh Pixi! I admit, I get a lot of their products in PR packages but that’s not why they are on the list this month. I genuinely love this glow mist and have already made a solid dent in how much I’ve used since I received this product. The mist is so refreshing and I love using it during the day or at night for a quick refresher. The scent is a rose scent, so if you are highly sensitive to scents you may not love it but if you aren’t, I really love how it makes my skin g-l-o-w. The mist is “packed with 7 flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants” and it makes my skin feels restored and dewy each time I use it.

Kylie Cosmetics The Wet Set: This is one of those products I’ve had forever but barely used. You know what I’m saying?

Recently I was traveling for an out of state wedding and decided to grab a couple older products that I either never really used or loved and they got lost in the shuffle as new launches kept coming out. This was one of those products. When I was away, I decided to apply my highlight with a damp beauty blender and when I say it was easily the prettiest highlight I ever created, I mean it. I got SO many compliments. It wasn’t blinding just subtle and pretty AF. I used the two medium shades together for a pinky-iridescent vibe one night and the darker shade another night when I was just doing a bronze-y glow. Both nights I got equally as many compliments and I was excited to actually use a product again that I spent a decent amount of money on.

Note: While some Kylie products are now available in Ulta, this one is not and most of her products are sold strictly on her website. The wet set pictured below isn’t currently available since I believe it was a birthday or holiday edition but there are other wet sets available on her website under ‘highlighters’.

Joah I’m So Fly-Liner: JOAH is actually a new brand I introduced to my beauty game within the last few months. If you caught my IG story, you may remembered I grabbed the Fly-liner and their peach setting powder from a local CVS. While I enjoy the setting powder, I do feel I have some better options in my stash so that’s why that one didn’t make the cut. However, the fly-liner…I will say [in my opinion] is a solid dupe for the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. They both have a brush tip and are super pigmented. They apply the same and are easy to use but the KVD liner is $20 and the JOAH liner is $8.

Note: I will say that I have only been using the JOAH liner for a few months so while I do think it is a dupe at the moment, because the application is essentially identical, I just hope the product lasts as long. The Kat Von D liner is .55mL and JOAH is .5mL. Also, they have very similar ingredients. Just sayin’.

Catrice Prime and Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray: I got this product at an event last year and didn’t even realize I had it until I saw RawBeautyKristi using it and it looked familiar. ?‍♀️She was doing a first impressions video and raving about the spray so I decided to try it and have now used it everyday since and even purchased it after I ran out. 

It is a very fine mist and I like to use it as more of a final touch setting spray. The only thing I will say is you go through the product rather quickly if you use it daily and I wish it came in a bigger size. With that being said, you can’t beat the price. For $8 I really love the way it sets my makeup and gives me a beautiful, airbrushed finish.

Urban Decay Brow Blade: Where are my no-eyebrow queens at? ?Yup. I’m here for you and I might have just saved the day for us. As you may know, I’ve had essentially ZERO brows my whole life. A combination of a 1x bad wax job and no eyebrow hair growth are to thank for that. Luckily in high school, thin eyebrows were a thing [I still don’t understand why] but in today’s standards, mine would have not survived and if we had social media back then [besides myspace] they would have easily become a meme. I just aged myself so hard but I digress.

Anyways, in high school and college I solely used the Estee Lauder eyebrow pencil which I’m pretty sure ripped out whatever eyebrow hairs I had left but there weren’t nearly as many options back then as there are now. Also creative youtube videos showcasing different ideas and products weren’t a thing yet. After I started to branch out, I discovered pomades, colored brow gels, and powders which while they worked wonders still were a pain to try and create two identical brows out of nothing. Fast-foward to about 2 years ago when I first got my eyebrows micro-bladed. Finally a positive life-changing experience and time saver. While I do need to get them redone since they are fading, they are a solid stencil for me to fill in. That brings us to the Brow Blade. Holy crap. One side is an ink stain tip and the other side is a waterproof pencil. If I’m being honest I bought this for the stain tip. It allows you to create little hairlike strokes that actually look like hair and it’s SO freakin easy to use. I am obsessed with using it towards the front of my brows and ends where I have literally no hair and as great as brow powder has been to me, it is just hard to create strokes with and I’m not a magician.

To wrap-up: I still use a powder to fill in the sparse areas but the pencil is so precise. I outline with the pencil to create the shape, use the stain to create the hair-like strokes, then I fill in with powder in the areas that need a little extra TLC. I promise if you have no brows or difficulty with filling in your brows, this product will make your life easier [in my opinion].

Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish: Paula to the rescue again. If you have an occasionally oily or just regularly oily t-zone like me, this product will put an end to it. I used this product religiously last summer then unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle of new launches until they repackaged and regifted it to me and I remembered the glory days of using it.

I like to apply the shine stopper on my t-zone or anywhere that I feel is a little too oily as a primer. For the areas that aren’t oily, I will add a bit of my current favorite primer and then add my foundation. Not only does this product stop the shine but it lasts pretty much all damn day. It is one of the only products I’ve used where I don’t feel like I need a mid-day touch up and I love that I don’t have to worry about my face.

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