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Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

July 25, 2017 No Comments

Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes
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As someone who is constantly getting sweaty – whether during a workout or a game – we are always looking for ways to freshen up and to keep smelling great.

We were so excited to receive these deodorizing underarm and body wipes from Game Face Wipes that we had to share our thoughts.

Also, before we dive in, as always our reviews are always our own, honest opinions.

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 Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

Game Face Grooming was established in 2015. They pride themselves on simplicity and disruption but they are also mission driven. Their goal is simple: do one thing well, but break the norms of an entire category to create a new narrative and original attitude.

Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

Game Face Deodorizing Wipes

Game Face Deodorizing Wipes are actually formulated for men, but “lady users are welcome” too.

Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

Price Point: Price is currently $7.99 on their website.

Review: HOLY SMOKES do these smell good. I would have never thought that these wipes were designed for men. Honestly I was expecting a normal deodorant smell or something powdery-fresh but these wipes literally smell like vacation. Yes I’m serious. I was so pleasantly surprised but the smell, size and how fresh I felt after using them. I seriously wish I had these handy during my travel softball and field hockey days because they would have totally helped. Right now I have been using them post workout [almost regularly] when I have to run errands after and can’t get a quick shower in. I seriously feel so refreshed and the fact that the wipes are body sized [or as they say “man size”] is amazing. I was expecting almost a makeup sized wipe and these are about two and a half times the size of a makeup wipe. Also, the packaging states these are for all skin types which is great for anyone with sensitive skin. They are paraben free, hypoallergenic, 98% natural, 100% biodegradable cloth – and – they don’t test on animals!

Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

Pros: Aside from the fact they smell like a coco-nuty, vacation heaven, they truly make me feel refreshed after a sweat session. I honestly didn’t think I would be so excited to share this product with you all but after trying the wipes over and over again I have to say I will definitely be purchasing these after I use them all. They come 25 wipes in a pack and I like that the price and amount per package is in line with their competitors. I like that they are available at Walmart as well as GNC stores for easy purchasing. Also, [I know I am skipping ahead a few months], but this product would be a great stocking stuffer for any man with a physical job or who for one who likes to workout or any woman who likes to workout or to keep them in her car for on-the-go. Just sayin’.

Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

Cons: I wish their wipes were more gender neutral. If I wasn’t sent these wipes I would have never known they existed and especially with the packing and description geared towards men, I would have never picked them up. The packaging is more on the masculine side [since they are designed for men] but they smell like a girls trip to me.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this review and found a new product to try!

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Fit Chick's - Game Day Ready with Game Face Wipes

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