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5+ Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

February 23, 2018 No Comments

5+ Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!
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Hey Babe!

Was it just me or was this the longest week ever?!
Well, at least it’s Friday right?


Okay I know saying I can’t live without these 5+ hair products is a little dramatic
they make my life so much easier and my hair so much healthier!

Lately, I’ve been getting a ton of questions about hair care and my favorite products. Over the last few years I have definitely laid off the flat ironing but I do style my hair a lot. The products below I have either been using for years [I’m talking 15+] or they may be new to the collection and I just can’t put them down.

Before you go,
comment below and tell me your favorite hairstyle.
Is it beachy waves, sleek and straight, super curly, or something else?


Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

5+ Hair Products I Can’t Live Without:

1. A Serum or oil: One thing I will forever swear by and that I truly believe keeps my hair healthy year round is a hair oil or serum. My personal favorite that I have been using since high school [aka early 2000’s] is by BioSilk. It called Silk Therapy and it now comes in a lite formula but I’m still a fan of the OG. It is a luxurious serum that you apply to the very ends of your hair. After applying the serum [you only need a dime size amount], any leftover product that is on my hands I will run through the bottom half of my hair but stay away from the scalp! This product has single-handedly saved my hair from damage and split ends. I also love that it gives my hair incredible shine without looking greasy. When I was younger I thought this product was SO expensive. Don’t get me wrong the price tag isn’t super cheap but it lasts so long that it is worth the extra bucks for me. I also love Verb’s Ghost Oil. I either use one product or the other but if you are looking for an oil this is a great product to try.

Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

2. Thermal Spray: Gosh I love me some thermal spray. I think I love it so much because when I style my hair with heat products it just makes everything easier. Whether it is a straightener or curling iron, my hair just feels so healthy and looks super shiny. I truly believe it protects my hair from heat damage and I think it should be a staple in anyone’s routing when using heated tools. My personal favorite, as you all know, is Kenra’s thermal spray. I have been using this for at least 5 years and swear by it.

Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

3. Textures: Whether you are looking for a little volume or maybe just some extra assistance with your waves, texture products can work wonders. I started using OSiS Dust It when my girl crush Chelsea Houska started talking about it and after that, I just went on a texture product binge. I’m glad to say I’ve weeded out a lot of products that didn’t work well [at least for me] so hopefully, you don’t have to make those mistakes. Anyways, if you are looking for incredible volume, I still love the OSiS Dust It but I also love L’Oreal Boost It Spray. Holy smokes talk about volume! If you are looking for waves that are actually wavy and long lasting then OUAI’s Wave Spray is a gem!

Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

4. Volumizers: I honestly never used any products in my hair consistently for blow drying until I received Kenra’s Perfect Blowout Styling Creme. I’ve used mousse occasionally [I like OUAI’s and Kenra’s] but it wasn’t until the styling creme that I started using a product every single time I blowdry my hair. I love how lightweight it is but most importantly I love that it doesn’t feel like I have product in my hair. My hair feels smooth and full of volume every time I use it. If you are looking to give your hair an extra bit of lift, then I recommend this product. You also only need a dime size amount or less.

Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

5. Dry Shampoo: Where my boss babes at?! I feel like dry shampoos are now essential in general but especially for girls on the move. Am I right? I always have at least one in my gym bag and one in my car. Since I go to the gym every day, my hair can feel a bit defeated at times and having a dry shampoo quickly gives it a bit more life. Luckily my hair doesn’t get super greasy so I only wash my hair every 2 or 3 days but on those days that I sweat a bit more, having a dry spray handy is like finding gold! My personal favorite is from EVA NYC which you guys heard all about in my recent post.

Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

6. Finishing Spray: Don’t get me wrong, I love regular hair sprays, wax sprays, etc. but finishing sprays are my main squeeze. Ever since I discovered them years ago, I really haven’t looked back. I love that they have a very strong hold like a regular hairspray without the weight and stickiness. My hair stays in place all day and I love that my curls or waves look natural and like they haven’t been plastered in a spray. I also like that you can easily comb out the curls and restyle them the next day or later that night if needed. My personal favorites: anything Kenra.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I have a very exciting post coming up soon that talks a bit more about haircare so let me know if you have any questions below!

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Fit Chick's - 5+ Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

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