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Holy Grail: Top Five Paula’s Choice Products [+ HUGE giveaway!]

December 5, 2017 No Comments

Holy Grail: Top Five Paula’s Choice Products
[+ HUGE Giveaway!]

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!
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Hey Beautiful!

*Cue Jay-z baby cause today we are sharing our HOLY GRAIL skincare products from Paula’s Choice!


As you all know, I went hard in the skincare department this year. I was blessed that I never had to deal with acne but that didn’t mean I wasn’t insecure about my skin. I always had this horrible bumpy skin on the back of my arms, my pores were huge [no, not a mean girls quote], and my face always had blotchy red spots.Truth be told, it was embarrassing and I never left the house without some foundation.

Fast forward to this year when I decided to do something about it. I dove head first into soaking up as much accurate information as I could about skincare and the products that ‘worked’. It was until I was invited to a Paula’s Choice event this past August that I truly understood the value of a good skincare company and their products. I am proud to report that not only do I leave the house without any makeup on now but that I also get an incredible amount of compliments and I want to say it is thanks to these five products below.

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Also, enter our EXCLUSIVE giveaway below! One lucky winner will win each of these products! That is a $176 dollar value!

Disclaimer: We received the products in this post complimentary in August at a Paula’s Choice event. We were not asked to write a blog post about these products. Paula’s Choice was kind enough to supply the giveaway prizes.
All opinions are our own, honest opinions.


Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

Top Five Paula’s Choice Products:

Before I get started, if you caught our chicken skin post, you know I am LIVING for the results from their lotion. I chose not to include their body lotions in this post [even though they are easily our favorites] because I wanted to share my other top five products for those who don’t suffer from that dreaded chicken skin. I wish I took before and after photos of my face because the results are real but I didn’t expect such a change in such a short amount of time.

Also, we just want to thank the amazing team at Paula’s Choice. Ever since we met them this past August they have been nothing short of informative, and well, truly wonderful. Aside from the fact that they are so easy to work with, they are very generous and truly want the best results for their customers. They are easily one of my favorite beauty companies.

Holy Grail:

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

1. Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel: Sweet goodness, I cannot express how much I love this moisture gel. I use it probably three times a day, every day. It has drastically reduced the ‘texture’ from my skin, boosted my collagen levels, minimized my pores, and it really leaves my face glowing. I literally wear this gel without any makeup throughout the day and get compliment after compliment on my complexion. My skin SOAKS this product up and it feels so hydrated and non-oily after each use. It also is available for dry skin and a few other skin types and I love that it is color and fragrance free.  Also, a little bit of this product goes a long way. I have been using this since August at least twice a day [and like I said sometimes three times] and the bottle has yet to run out. It says to use at night but you can wear it during the day as long as you follow up with an SPF. Price $29

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

2. Resist Anti-Aging Eye Gel: This is a newer product to their skincare line which I have been fortunate enough to try. Ever since I have started using this product, the puffiness and fine lines under my eyes have essentially disappeared. I truly feel like this product has made my under-eye area look at least 5 years younger. I use this every night and before I apply my makeup. Also, like most of their products, this product works for all skin types. Price $33

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

3. Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster: Since pores are a huge concern of mine specifically around my nose and chin area [thanks high school Kara], I always had to use some pretty heavy primers to clog up those pores for a smoother look. Well, once again Paula’s Choice has changed my life. This booster has drastically reduced the size of my pores. It is also kind of fun to apply. I know that sounds weird but I love to use it as a spot treatment on my problem areas in my skincare routine. The Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 which research has shown can dramatically shrink pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I just recently started applying some to my fine lines around my eyes and again I have seen a dramatic difference. Also, like the other products, it is good for all skin types, fragrance free, and NEVER tested on animals. Price $42

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

4. Resist Advanced Pore-Refining Treatment 4% BHA: Like I said, pores and me, we’ve had our differences. This treatment has worked wonders on unclogging my pores and smoothing my skin. It is an exfoliant which I love to use on my face AND neck and it truly does remove dead skin. I love how gentle it is and this is one of my favorite anti-aging treatments. It has reduced the lines on my neck a fair amount and it is such a loved product that it is currently SOLD OUT on their website. Price $36

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

5. Radiance Renewal Mask: So you want radiant skin? This product is your gal. It has visibly improved my skin tone and radiance. You know I love me some sheet masks but this mask, I use twice a week because it is that good. Every morning after using this my skin looks incredibly hydrated, fresh, and youthful. Seriously my skin looks SO amazing after using this mask. I love that it isn’t a heavy like other sleeping masks. A lot of sleep masks, make my skin feel oily and like my face is lathered in a heavy product but this mask is so lightweight and non-oily. Price $36

Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

Also, one more thing, I think each of these products make for great stocking stuffers! Anyone who is looking to improve their complexion or just into beauty would be amazed by these products.


I honestly think I love Paula’s Choice so much because every single product I try has floored me with the results I see and in such a short period of time. Before August, I honestly had never heard of Paula’s Choice and now 9 out of 10 skincare products I use are from their company. They deliver every time, they are affordable, and the results are undeniable. Their company is also one of the few, genuine companies I have had the privilege of working with.
I am a forever fan and customer.


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Fit Chick's - HOLY GRAIL: Top 5 Paula's Choice Products + HUGE Giveaway!

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