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How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party

May 12, 2015 17 Comments

How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party

Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through them help support this website.

Hello Gorgeous!

You want to know all of my secrets for throwing a kickass bachelorette party?
Well, I don’t blame you.

But! Today is your lucky day because I’m going to share all of my crazy ideas and secrets to throwing a kick-ass weekend for your BFF.

I decided to throw my best friend a weekend staycation in Greenport, Long Island aka Wine Country because, well, she loves wine.
(If Wine Country isn’t for your bride then check out our list of 10 Best Bachelorette Party Destinations here but after you read this post!)

Now.. I have a couple of pretty simple must-haves and then a few that I would consider optional items/ideas.


Anyways, Let’s get started:

  1. Plan ahead: I started planning my best friends bachelorette party in October…her party weekend wasn’t until May. Now, I know you are like Kara…you’re crazy…but let me tell you why. First, I wanted to be prepared and organized (you all know about my borderline ocd) but in all seriousness, I wanted the girls to be aware of the date so they could plan for it. Second, I wanted to figure out what we were doing and I wanted to make sure it fit in with the date I had picked.
  2. Don’t be afraid to staycation: Being from New York, I could have easily planned the overdone Atlantic City trip. But I wanted different and I knew I could pay a lot less and get a lot more if I stayed local. Besides the fact that my best friend isn’t the “vegas-go-hard” type, I thought the weekend I planned was classic, a ton of fun, and very cost friendly for the girls.
  3. House vs. Hotel: Yes to the house all the way! You get so much more when you rent a whole house AND you don’t have to listen to anyone’s rules or hours of operation. Plus, you can decorate it however you damn well please. I used HomeAway for our house rental which slept 7 girls, was adorable and cost the girls $35/night (but this depends on the home you rent). The cost of the whole weekend at the house was a little less than one room for two nights in AC. Just sayin’...and if you can choose a date that is in the “off-season” and bring your own food you can reduce the costs even further!Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!
  4. Keep it classy: Two. That is the magic number for male-related decorations. I chose these candies to put on top of chocolate covered Oreos I made and these straws because they are fun and make awkward conversations happen in public. Now you might be like but Kara..just two?!… and my answer is yes. I understand that she is getting married but overdoing this item can look sleazy. However…to make everyone happy, I also have two optional items for this one ;). First is a giant umm Halloween costume and second is a blow-up doll named Petey-pecker with something that is not humanly possible going on downstairs (if you know what I mean). These options I would only recommend at night and after going to multiple bars. Why? because you will be drinking, you will try on the costume and will have way too much fun with both of them. Trust me.
  5. Games: I planned a total of two. Why? because I thought most of the games were corny and because I wanted everyone to hang out and relax before we headed out. The first game was for after the bar(s) the first night. Each girl got a mini play-doh and animal print eye-mask in their welcome gift margarita glass. I gave the girls about a minute or two to create play-doh shaped winkies with their eye masks on. The end result was really funny and it kept the party going. The second game was simply a pinata filled with candy and mini bottles of alcohol because who doesn’t love that?Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!
  6. Give favors: I thought it was the least I could do since they put up with my million emails. 😉 I bought neon margarita glasses and filled them with cute items the girls would actually use like: lipsmackers chapsticks, animal print eye-masks, trendy hair-ties, a cute lipstick pen, ring pops, bubblegum, two chocolate covered Oreos (that I made), and bachelorette pins with different sayings. Oh and play-doh.
    Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!
  7. Coordinate outfits: This is a must because you want your friend to feel special and stand out! I told the girls to wear only black at night. I didn’t care if it was a dress, pants, shorts, or body paint just as long as it was black (obviously no one wore body paint but you get the point). This also made it easier for the bride-to-be. She was able to pick anything as long as it wasn’t black. I also emailed her a cute checklist of items she would need for the weekend (like types of shoes, additional clothes, etc) since it was a surprise. For the wine tour, we ordered custom tank tops that said “Let’s Get Wild – Ashley’s Bachelorette” and Ashley’s tank top said “Bride”. I found the Bride tank top on Etsy.Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!
  8. Theme baby!: The theme I chose was “Last Walk on The Wild Side” which was perfect for my bride-to-be. We love joking around and referring to each other as animals, but besides that it was different. I found a lot of neon animal print decorations which I thought gave it a twist from the usual basic animal print. I ordered a lot of decorations and supplies from Oriental Trading Co., Amazon and The House of Bachelorette which I found to be the cheapest.
  9.  Include an inside joke: “Look at that fucking cookie! Did you really think that this group of women was gonna finish that cookie?” So we’ve all seen the movie Bridesmaids and if you haven’t then you are violating all the rules of feminism. Oh wait, that’s mean girls. Either way, you need to watch both. One inside joke between the bride and me is about that scene from Bridesmaids with the giant cookie (Of course that meant that I had to create a giant fucking cookie). The point is, it made my friend laugh andddd it gave us something to snack on the entire weekend. (We had a casualty on the drive out so don’t mind the missing piece and cracks) 😉
    Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!
  10. Hire a photographer: This is optional but I wanted my friend to have pictures besides just selfies. It was a little extra surprise I bought for her and the girls and we took them during one of the stops on the wine tour. Also, I wanted it to mean something so I hired the photographer who took the bride’s engagement pictures. She was already comfortable working with him and his pictures are magnificent. It’s all in the details. 😉
  11. Be considerate: Lastly, plan something you think the bride would actually want to do. If it was up to me it would have been VEGAS baby! but my friend is a more low-key wine bar nights kind of gal so a wine tour for one of the days was perfect. Also, take into consideration how much the girls attending will be paying. You don’t want them to be emptying their pockets especially if the bachelorette party is close to the actual wedding date.

So, to recap, get crafty with the details, don’t go over budget, and make it all about the bride-to-be.

The reason this weekend was so kickass wasn’t because I went over the top, it was because I made sure what we were doing was cost friendly while still doing something the bride and the girls would actually enjoy. Having the house for the whole weekend also allowed the girls to come and go as they could and didn’t “lock them in” to something they couldn’t afford.
Catch my drift?



Fit Chick's How to Throw a Kickass Bachelorette Party!


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