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I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo…

June 5, 2018 No Comments

I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo…

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...
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In the beginning of May, Tarte ran a promotion. The promotion was for 7 full-size Tarte products for just $63 bucks! If you are familiar with Tarte products, you will know that most of their makeup products are about $20 and up. So when I saw this deal, I jumped on it.
Here is what happened…

Before you go,
comment below and tell me if you grabbed this Tarte promo too or if you have tried any Tarte products recently.


   Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo:

What I want you to know is what they don’t tell you… 

I was shocked to learn that this deal happens twice a year or at least that was what I read [since I had never seen it before]. Anyways, I had been dying to try their new shape tape foundation [because the shape tape concealer is incredible] which is normally $39 on its own and I needed a new concealer so I decided to go for the May promotion.

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

  • What they don’t tell you, is you have to pick one of each type of product and they give you about 7 or so different product choices per type of product. Meaning, they let you pick from one of each: a foundation, a concealer, a highlighter, a lipstick, a liner, a mascara and a makeup bag. So it is really 6 full-size products and one makeup bag. Either way, for $63 it’s still a great deal but a little misleading and I don’t need any more mascaras at the moment.
  • You can’t exchange or swap which means if you pick the wrong shade, you are stuck with it. Also, right before I placed my order, I was curious to see the different shades on another website like Sephora and was shocked to find out they no longer carry the shape tape foundation or concealer. I don’t know if they are still available in the actual stores but they are no longer listed for purchase on the Sephora website which was interesting… [not sure if this was because of the shape-tape shade scandal a few months ago? Either way, still interesting]. After I purchased I found out that Ulta still has them listed on their website.

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

  • A lot of the product choices were products were either really good [like solid OG favorites] or older, limited edition products. There wasn’t much in-between. For example, a few of the product choices were from their older collections that they either don’t sell any more or that are currently on sale. I wish I had a screenshot to show the products or that I wrote down the actual products but since I don’t, I don’t want to throw out any false product names. With that being said, even though some of the products were sale items, they did have some highly-popular products like their lights, camera, lashes mascara and their clay pot shadow liners.

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

Also, and this is unrelated to the promo itself/I’m not sure if this is a normal thing on Tarte’s website, but it had a $10 add-on for their foundation brush which is normally $34 and one of my favorites that currently needed replacing so, of course, I added it. Oh, and you get two free samples… yay.

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

What did I order?

1. Tarte Shape Tape Foundation in shade Medium Honey: I don’t know how, but I happened to pick my perfect shade. If I didn’t I would have been stuck with a random shade [haha] but since I picked the right shade, I’m happy to say I really like this foundation. Even though there was an incredible amount of backlash over the shade range a few months ago, for me, this shade works. I do wish they would expand their range in the future but again for me, it works. The only slightly odd thing is the applicator is exactly like the concealer applicator. I don’t mind it since I use a foundation brush or beauty blend to apply the foundation but it’s almost like a giant version of the concealer. The coverage is a little sheerer than I was expecting too so I would say it is a medium coverage rather than a full coverage.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-Hour Concealer: If you have tried any of the Tarte Amazonian clay products before, you know they are worth the price tag. This was the second product I was excited to get in the promotion and I’m glad it was available as a choice. I was looking for a new concealer since I ran out of my Estee Lauder one, and I LOVE that this is in a stick formula so I can carry it with me and can apply it without a brush or sponge. Again, I just happened to wing it on the shade choice and I went with ‘light’. There aren’t many shades so I assumed this one would work for me year-round. Thankfully I was right!

3. Tarte Gleam Team Highlighter in Champagne: I remember being a little disappointed in the available highlighter products in this promotion. This was the only highlighter I was a little excited to try. It has a liquid highlighter on one side and a cream highlighter on the other. They are both very pretty highlighters but they aren’t as ‘blinding’ as I prefer. I tried to find the description on the Tarte website and it is currently no longer listed so if I did love this product, I couldn’t repurchase. I did find it on Ulta but not sure how long it will be around.

4. Tarte Drench Lip Splash Lipstick in ‘Hey Sailor’: This lipstick is part of their Rainforest of the Sea collection. I normally wouldn’t go for this shade since it is a big vibrant [you know I love my neutrals] but I figured why not try a fun color. I’m happy to say I really love the creamy formula and the shade isn’t as hot pink as I thought it was going to be. I would wear this shade with a casual neutral eye or just winged liner. I’m happy to report this product is currently still available on the website in multiple shades!

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Pot Waterproof Liner in ‘Brown’: Since I don’t own any brown gel eyeliners, I wanted to try one. My first thought was that the pot was really small and didn’t look like it had a lot of product compared to some others I own. So, of course, I compared it. Here is what I found: Stila’s Smudge Pots [my favorite gel liner] is 4g for $20, Colourpop Creme Gel Colour is 3g for $6, and Kylie Cosmetics is 3g for $14. The tarte Clay Pot is 2.5g for $21! That means it had the least amount of product and cost the most. I was shocked and sad. Anyways, do I love the product, yes. It is easy to apply and pigmented but there are a lot of other brands out there that have more product and cost less for a similar quality.

6. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara in ‘Black’: This mascara is a staple in most beauty guru’s collections. I too own a one of these full-sized mascaras and a bunch of their samples. It is a great mascara that has been around for some time so I knew exactly what I was getting.

7. Mermaid Makeup Bag: Although this is a good size, high-quality makeup bag. I already own too many. Would I purchase this on my own if it wasn’t included in the promotion? No, but that is simply because I don’t need any more bags and it also wasn’t for sale anywhere.

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

Add-On Makeup Brush: This foundation brush I’ve owned for at least a year. I think I washed it too much and that is why the bristles started to fall out but it is one of my favorites. It gives my foundation application an airbrush finish which I love and it is super soft on the skin. The add-on brush had a different/pretty handle than the older one I own. The first brush I bought for $15 instead of the full priced $34 and this one I bought for $10. Do I think it is worth $34? Yes. Would I buy it for $34? No, but that is only because I have purchased it two times for half the price.

Total Cost:

If I purchased each of these products individually, here is what they would have cost:

  • Shape Tape Foundation: $39
  • Clay Concealer: $25
  • Gleam Team Highlighter: $28
  • Drench Lipstick: $17
  • Clay Pot Liner: $21
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara: $23
  • Mermaid Bag: not sold in stores or online so I don’t have a price
  • Total: $153 + a makeup bag

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

Would I purchase this promo again?

Honestly, it would depend on the selection of products available during the next promotion but I do think for $63 you get your monies worth. What I did like is that you do get full-size products that normally cost easily more than $63. What I didn’t like was that some of the products offered were either old collections, no longer available, or on sale. I didn’t like that because if I did truly love one of the products and went to repurchase it, there is a good chance Tarte would no longer be selling it which seems silly to me.

I also wish that instead of the makeup bag you got another product. I have more makeup bags than I can count and even though this one is a good quality, I would rather have another product [even if it was just a deluxe size]. Overall, I think the promo is clever and I am glad I purchased the products that I did. Tarte is a high-quality beauty brand that makes some of my favorite products.

Swatches + Extras:

Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...
Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...
Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...
Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

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Fit Chick's - I Purchased The Tarte $63 7 Full-Size Products Promo...

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