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I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

August 29, 2018 No Comments

I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!
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Hey Babe!

As you all know, one of my favorite moments my wedding planning process so far was creating my bridesmaid proposals. I love my friends so much and wanted each of them to feel extra special and extra loved.

As we get closer to the big day, I’m still constantly searching for sophisticated gifts that my bridesmaids will love. During my latest search, I found the perfect combination of style and comfort in Cinderollies. What are Cinderollies you might ask? Well, keep reading to find out why they are the perfect bridal party + wedding accessory.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cinderollies.
As always, all opinions are my own, honest opinions.

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Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

I have to admit, when I first discovered Cinderollies, I was strictly looking for an incredible bridesmaid gift for my wedding day. I never thought I would end up finding a product that not only worked for my bridesmaids but for me as well.

What are Cinderollies?
Cinderollies are simply foldable flats that you can put in your purse! They are perfect for wedding receptions, wedding favors, every day, industry events, and so much more!

 Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

One of the things I knew that I wanted was for my bridesmaids to be stylish yet comfortable. I knew that I didn’t want to gift them with traditional flip-flops and that I wanted a product they would want to use well after my wedding day. I was so intrigued by Cinderollies website and the reviews that I decided to grab a few pairs to try them out. That’s when I decided to say YES to Cinderollies! The foldable flats are not only super comfortable but they are also stylish. I mean they come in so many perfect colors [not just black!] and they are also a flattering shape on the foot. One more thing I love about these foldable flats is that they come in a chic little carry case which is great for on-the-go and easily fits in your bag.

Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

You might ask why it is so important for me to gift unique items that my bridesmaids will want to use after my wedding? It’s because I can’t tell you how many robes or bridesmaid tote bags I own which have now either been donated or used as grocery bags. Don’t get me wrong, I love each and every gift I have received but when I go out, the first tote I grab isn’t one that says bridesmaid and I have so many of them.

When I first started brainstorming different gift ideas, I thought ‘what is something you always need or want every day and at a wedding?’ The first thing that popped into my head was comfortable shoes. Then I thought about all the flip-flops I’ve gathered over the years. I started researching different wedding flats online and that is when I found Cinderollies. Thanks to their bulk order option, I am able to gift my bridesmaids with chic, foldable flats that they will want to use during my wedding reception and hopefully after the night ends.

Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

Why do I love Cinderollies?

  • They come in MULTIPLE colors
  • They have a wide range of sizes
  • They ship quickly
  • They are affordable and available for bulk order
  • They are easy to take on the go
  • They have the perfect ballet flats shape
  • The team behind Cinderollies are super friendly and easy to work with
  • I  love to bring these foldable flats with me to industry events, while traveling, at the office, for a night out, and I even keep a spare set in my car just in case!
  • The product is stylish, unique, and exactly what I was looking for

How do they compare to their competition? Well, I didn’t fall for Cinderollies for no reason! I think the quality is better. I love that they come in a bunch of different colors instead of just black! I love their convenient little carry case and most of all I love that they are affordable. I am so happy with the pairs that I tried. I actually love them so much that I will also be wearing a pair to my wedding reception along with my bridesmaids!

    Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

Where can you buy Cinderollies?

When I said the team was easy to work with, I forgot to mention the buying options are equally as easy! The flats are available via their website or via Etsy.

Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

Also, the team at Cinderollies provided me with a 20% discount code which they told me I could pass on to my readers as well for working with them! So if you plan on ordering 6 or more pairs of Cinderollies, use the code is ‘BRIDAL20′ for 20% off your order!


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Fit Chick's - I Said Yes to Cinderollies!

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