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Fit Chick's Blogology-101 Classes

Our Blogology-101 Posts:


Blogology-101: What I wish I knew before I started blogging
Blogology-101: How to start a blog
Blogology-101: Photography Tips
Blogology-101: SEO Basics
Blogology-101: 5 Investments To Make As a Blogger

Coming Soon!:
Blogology-101: Email Lists
Blogology-101: Blog Posts + Editorial Schedule
Blogology-101: Advanced Photography
Blogology-101: Photo Editing + Picmonkey Basics
Blogology-101: Making Lists + Evernote
Blogology-101: Networking + Affiliate Programs
Blogology-101: Link Parties
Blogology-101: Social Media
Blogology-101 Mini Course: Pinterest
Blogology-101 Mini Course: Facebook + Facebook Groups
Blogology-101 Mini Course: Twitter
Blogology-101 Mini Course: Instagram
Blogology-101 Mini Course: Bloglovin
Blogology-101: Giveaways + Local Support
Blogology-101: Niches
Blogology-101: Top Plugins and Tools
Blogology-101: Media Groups

Come take a peek into my New York lifestyle. I love chatting about beauty, style, business, blogging, and so much more! Please feel free to stay awhile.


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