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Everything You Want To Know About Lash Extensions

August 14, 2019 No Comments

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Today I am SO excited because I am teaming up with the beautiful and talented Gisel Hernandez for this lash extension q + a! When I got my lashes done by Gisel for my wedding last year, I got a ton of questions about my lash extensions. To this day I still get asked questions about the process so when Gisel reached out about collaborating, I knew it was the perfect time to get the professional in here to answer all your lash questions!

If you guys follow along on Instagram you may remember me asking if you guys had any last minute questions about lash extensions. I did get a lot of similar questions so I took the most popular questions and added a few common questions. Below you will find a list of the questions along with their answers and if you head over to Instagram, you will see the full IGTV video with the lash process and us answering your questions!


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Disclaimer: I was gifted a set of lashes for the purpose of this post and video.
As always, my content and opinions are my own and are always honest.



Everything You Want To Know About Lash Extensions

Q: How long does the process take?
A: Each set really depends on the amount of lashes the client has. It also depends on the speed and experience of the lash artist. On average a new set takes about 2 hours.

Q: Are they expensive?
A: Lashes are considered a luxury service. Depending on the experience of the last artist the prices may vary.

Q: What ingredients or products are used to do lash extensions?
A: The main ingredient in the lash extension service is cyanoacrylate which is what bonds the extensions to the natural lash. Of course the other products you would need are the individual lashes, glue. tweezers, eye pads, tape, etc.

Q: How long do they lash?
A: Natural lashes shed daily and it’s recommended to get a fill-in every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain the lash extensions, Typically the lashes last 4 to 6 weeks without touch ups but it’s recommended to get the fill-ins if you plan on maintaining them.

Q: I heard your lashes go bald?! Like you loose all your lashes, is that true?
A: That is a really big myth in the industry. Lash extensions when applied correctly with integrity will not damage natural lashes. It should be a priority of the lash artist to maintain the natural lash health. It also goes back to how experienced the lash artist is.

Q: Do you have to get a new set every time?
A: No, if you plan on maintaining your lashes year round, you would get fill-ins every 2 to 3 weeks.

Q: Can I wear mascara and/or makeup with them on? Is there certain makeup you should wear?
A: It’s not really recommended to wear makeup with lash extensions but you are able to as long as it’s not oily or waterproof. Eyeshadows are ideal and liquid liners for makeup. Everything must be cleaned off daily with a lash extension safe cleanser to minimize build up if you choose to wear makeup.

Q: Can they get wet?
A: Typically after 24-48 hours water should no longer be an issue. The glue dries into a plastic-like consistency after being fully curated.

Q: What should be avoided after getting the lash extensions?
A: Definitely no rubbing or tugging and try not to sleep on your face. Stay away from oily products and no steam.

Q: Anything else we should know?
A: Aftercare is the most important part to maintain lash extensions. Cleansing daily with a lash safe cleanser and brushing your lashes daily with a dry mascara wand. Lash serums are also amazing to help your lashes to stay strong and have better retention. They can also be used with lash extensions and they help to ming in more lashes when desiring a fuller lash line. I recommend Grande Lash.

Gisel Hernandez is a professional lash artist and makeup artist in the New York City/Long Island area. She specializes in lash extensions, classic and glam makeup, and bridal makeup.

To learn more about Gisel Beauty or to book an appointment you can click here.
For 15% off your appointment, use the code ‘KaraLash’ at checkout!
*I do not receive any commission for the code, it is simply to help you save money

You can also follow her on Instagram at @GiselBeauty to see all of her latest work.

Watch the full video:

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Hi Beauties! 🥰 Today I am collaborating with the beautiful Gisel Hernandez of Gisel Beauty! We did a full q + a on eyelash extensions answering all your questions about the process. If you want to learn more or if you prefer to read instead, head over to the blog now and check out my latest post [link in bio] 💗🙌 • • Also if you are local, Gisel has agreed to offer 15% off if you use my code ‘KaraLash’ at checkout! I do not make any money from the code it is simply to help you save money 💰 • • • Time stamps: 💓 00:27 – Gisel’s background 💓 01:21 – How long does it take 💓 02:17 – Bald lashes?! 💓 03:44 – Do you need a license 💓 04:02 – Are they expensive 💓 05:04 – Do you need a new set each time? 💓 05:52 – Mascara and makeup 💓 06:47 – Different styles 💓 07:33 – How long do they last 💓 08:10 – What you shouldn’t do 💓 08:52 – Ingredients + products 💓 10:11 – Most popular lash 💓 10:44 – Starter suggestions 💓 11:15 – Aftercare 💓 11:55 – Do they hurt/itch 💓 12:41 – Removal • • ⏩ To learn more about Gisel, follow her at @GiselBeauty or visit her at • • Music 🎶: 🔂 Home ft Ria Choony 🔂 HipHop Rap Instrumental ft. Chris Morrow

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