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Favorite Photo Editing Apps

December 22, 2017 No Comments

Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Fit Chick's - Favorite Photo Editing Apps
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Anyways, piggybacking off my last photo equipment post and because a lot of you asked, today I’m sharing my favorite photo editing apps! These are my go-to apps that I use almost daily when I edit my photos for social media.

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Fit Chick's - Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Favorite Photo Editing Apps:

The first three apps I use to edit every single Instagram photo I take and post.

VSCO: This app is great for seeing all my photos in an Instagram-ish tile like layout. It allows you to see the way the photos will look together and this is the app I mainly use to edit size, exposure, clarity, saturation, etc. I will say I use this more for the editing than the layout. Since I use so many apps to edit, unless I go back and upload the final photo to VSCO before posting, I won’t get the full and final style or look. It also doesn’t show videos so if your IG feed has videos posted it won’t look accurate to your feed. To solve this problem, I love to use Planoly. It shows your current feed and you can upload photos and videos to see how it will actually look.

Facetune: A lot of Instagrammers use this app to edit and smooth out photos but  I personally use it to whiten and brighten my backgrounds. I also love to use the ‘details’ option to really sharpen my pictures if needed. Other cool tools are the reshape, patch, and tones functions.

Afterlight: I pretty much use this app for my white borders on my IG photos and for an occasional filter. There are a lot of really cool features in this app but I just usually stick to those two.

Favorite Instagram Stories Editing Apps:

Font Candy: I use this app mostly to add cool fonts to my Instagram story photos or videos. I don’t really use words on my feed photos so for now that is all I use it for. For my blog post photos that need fonts I use PicMonkey.

Hype Type: I love this app! It adds fonts with animation so it really helps your photos/Instagram stories stand out! They are always adding new styles and I love how much more professional it makes everything look.

Fit Chick's - Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Favorite Video Editing Apps:

Pocket Video: This is one of my favorite video editing apps. I love that you can create videos for YouTube, Snapchat, IG, Facebook and more with this app. It is good for editing up to 10 minutes of HD video and I LOVE that it supports horizontal, vertical or square videos.

Filmmaker Pro: This is another video editing app I use when I’m not using Pocket Video. You can trim, split, or duplicate clips pretty easily and it has a picture-in-picture video option.

PicPlayPost: I use this app when I want to add a collage with video and photos. I use this more on my fitness Instagram when I want to post workout clips with photos.

iMovie: So this is technically an app however when I use this app to edit, I do it on my computer and for larger videos. They have a ton of tutorials around the www on how to use it which I highly advise to check them out. Our Bridesmaid video was edited with this program/app.

Extra Favorite Editing Apps:

Retouch: This app is like a mini photoshop. I use this to remove any unwanted items in my photos. For example, if you take a photo and there is a car in the background that you don’t want included, you would use the lasso option to cut it out of the picture. I have used a bunch of different similar apps but this one is the best.

LiveCollage: This is my favorite collage app when I want to include more than one photo in a post. They also recently added a Facetune toolbox which I am excited to try!


I hope you guys find this post helpful.
If you have any questions, please comment below!

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Fit Chick's - Favorite Photo Editing Apps

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