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Review: Biossance – The Detoxifier + More!

October 10, 2016 10 Comments

Review: Biossance – The Detoxifier

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!
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Hello Love!

Happy Tuesday!
Today we will be reviewing the Biossance The Detoxifier mask
and other goods I received courtesy of Preen.Me.
Let me start off by saying I was sent this box complimentary for testing purposes.
All of my reviews are my own honest opinions.
I was not asked to write a full blog review.

With that being said, this review will be a little bit different
since we received multiple products.
If you caught my L’Oreal review then you know how this goes.

If you follow our Instagram [@fitchick_nextdoor]
then you already got a sneak peak yesterday.

I tried these products multiple times so I am able to give an honest review.

The Detoxifier [Squalane Modeling Mask]
The Revitalizer [Universal Moisturizing Concentrate]
The Purifier [Soothing Cleansing Oil]
The Refresher [Makeup Removing Cloths]

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

The Detoxifier is a peel off modeling mask that gently removes toxins while quenching skin and purifying pores.
The Revitalizer is a weightless all-in-one body oil that can be used from head to toe daily.
The Purifier is a daily facial cleansing oil that effortlessly dissolves makeup and impurities while leaving skin undeniably clean, moisturized and smooth.
The Refresher gently removes makeup and impurities without leaving skin tight or dry using an all-natural blend of antioxidants.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Biossance is a beauty company that sells face and body skincare products. They started as a company called Amyris in 2003 and have used innovative biotechnology to transform Biossance into what it is today. They pride themselves on their standards and their line of squalane-based products are incredibly effective and safe. They believe in effective products, sustainable ingredients, non-toxic products, the power of science and transparency.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Price Point: The prices of the products listed above range from $15 to $58.

Review: Overall, I enjoyed using all of their products. I think my favorite product is The Detoxifier mask. The mini demo that I showed on my IG did start off feeling a bit weird and was very cold but I absolutely LOVED the end result. I also tried all of the other products. I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved the soothing cleaning oil – aka the purifier – it was very light weight and made my skin feel incredibly refreshed. After using the detoxifier mask and the purifier oil, I applied my primer and foundation and the application was flawless. I also felt like it made my makeup last longer and it stayed in place better because my skin was so hydrated and clean.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Product – The Detoxifier: Not going to lie, this was a weird experience. The steps have you mix the two packets together in a bowl then apply the mask with the fan brush. At first I thought I didn’t mix it well enough because it applied slightly lumpy but after looking at pictures I saw everyone’s masks looked the same. It was also very, very cold. I’m not sure if that was just me, the gel or the squalane feature of the mask but it was very cold. After you apply the mask you leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes then peel it off. After I peeled the mask off my skin, it honestly felt 110% more moisturized. My skin was incredibly smooth and it was definitely quenched. My face was still freezing but it felt great and the next day my skin was still super hydrated and smooth.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Product – The Purifier: After I applied and removed the detoxifier mask, I applied the soothing cleansing oil. You apply the oil on your face then lather it with water to remove any makeup that was left behind. You don’t have to use the cleansing oil after the mask but I wanted to try it so I did. My skin was still freezing from the mask – and now the cleansing oil – but after I lathered and removed, I can honestly say my skin had not felt that smooth and clean in a while. After drying my face, I applied my primer and foundation. The application was flawless. I’m talking f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. As I wore my makeup throughout the day, it not only stayed in place but my my skin still felt extremely soft and quenched. I have combination skin and my skin was not oily in my T-zone like it can normally get later on in the day.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Product – The Revitalizer: I was pleasantly surprised with this product as well. I normally stay away from body oils because it can sometimes irritate my skin – however – since this formula is so lightweight it didn’t irritate my skin or leave it feeling like a hot oily mess. I applied some to my arms and my drier areas like my elbows and knees and it absorbed the concentrate like it was going out of style. I didn’t feel sticky afterwards and when I put on my clothes they didn’t stick to me or make them feel uncomfortable.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Product – The Refresher: I used these makeup removing cloths several times and am sad to say I was not as impressed with this product as the others. I am a loyal fan of the Neutrogena wipes and always compare any wipes to them. They seemed a little dry and didn’t remove my makeup as easily. I do like that they are biodegradable however I did feel like they didn’t remove the makeup as easily.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Pros: I cannot get over how great my skin feels after using these products [even days later]. For a skincare company I think they are top-notch. I think the prices are a bit high – from what I normally buy – but for the quality of the product I think they are spot on. I love that they sent me all full sized products. I appreciate that they really stick to their standards and are completely transparent about what is actually in their products. I like that they have a list of all the ingredients they do not use in their products so you can compare to other brands. I love their products so much that I would love to try more of their products in the future [especially their weightless eye gel].

Cons: I don’t have too many negatives. My only con was that the wipes didn’t remove my makeup as easily as the Neutrogena ones do and they were a bit dry. I also think the price is a bit high – for me personally – but again for the quality I think they are amazing.

Fit Chick Review: Biossance - The Detoxifier and more!

Favorite Product: The Detoxifier

Overall: I am happy to say I will continue using The Detoxifier masks, the Revitalizer concentrate and the Purifier cleansing oil. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to try these products thanks to Preen. I would easily give The Detoxifier, The Revitalizer and The Purifier products A+’s and I would give the Refresher wipes a B+’s.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this review.



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