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Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes… Ever!

September 26, 2016 12 Comments

Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes… Ever!

Fit Chick's - Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes...Ever!
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Hey Pretty!

How is your Tuesday going?
We are still spinning with excitement from our crazy-amazing weekend.
If you follow us on Instagram, then you know what I’m talking about and if you don’t well I think you should.

I have been on a little brush buying binge lately because I thought I needed better brushes?
– I keep telling myself that to justify the spending –
Yet I still find myself going back to the same dang brushes all the time!

I know we have talked about some of my favorites on here before
– like in our 101 series
but I thought it was time to list my ultimate ride-or-die
makeup brushes that I just can’t live without.
These are brushes I use over and over and over again.
I use them daily and even when I get new brushes I keep going back for more.
They are truly my favorites and they deserve a little spotlight.


Here is our list of our favorite makeup brushes…ever!:

1. Luxie – Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205I received this brush in one of my Ipsy bags and I am SO glad I did. It is probably my favorite eye brush of all time. I know that is a bold statement but I use it every single day. I use it on my brow bone and to blend shadows. It blends like a champ and I don’t know what I would do without it. Plus it’s adorable.

2. LuxieDreamcatcher Tapered Highlighting Brush 522: Luxie brushes are such a great quality and I love that they come in beautiful colors. This tapered highlighting brush hits the top of the cheeks perfectly. I love using it to apply highlighters or blushes. It is very soft and the bristles stay in place so there is no shedding.

Fit Chick's - Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes...Ever!

3.Wet N Wild – Shadow Brushes: Aside from the fact these brushes are 99 cents…they are ah-mazing. They are so amazing that I bought seven of them! Yes seven [see pictures below]. I love using them to blend my shadows. They are super soft and they do not shed even thought they are 99 cents! They also have several other brushes which are equally amazing like their powder brush, crease brush and their small concealer brush. I love using the powder brush to set my face with my Laura Mercier setting powder.

4. Nars – Kabuki Ita Brush: This brush is probably the priciest on this list. Normally I stick to brushes that are great quality but at an afforable price however I splurged on this brush but I am so glad I did. It greats the PERFECT contour. It sculpts like you would not believe. I love using it with my ABH contour powders for a beautiful, polished look.

Fit Chick's - Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes...Ever!

5. SLmissglam – Small Contour 107 Brush: Another Ipsy slam dunk! Aside from the fact it is so cute, I love how it fits perfectly under my eyes. I LOVE using this brush to apply my favorite setting powders. I know it is labeled a contour brush but I seriously think it creates a flawless under-eye.

6. Tarte – Buffer Airbrush Foundation Brush: I own so many great foundation brushes but this brush – and the next one I mention – are top notch! I constantly get asked about how I apply my foundation and I’m proud to say this brush makes my skin look incredible. The large brush makes the application smooth and it does not leave any streaks. I also love using this brush to make sure my neck matches my face. The large brush head makes it possible in just a few quick sweeps.

Fit Chick's - Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes...Ever!

7. Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush – F80: I constantly rotate between this brush and my Tarte brush. The dense bristles create such a smooth finish. When I use this brush, I always get compliments on my complexion. I am so embarrassed to say that I used to apply my foundation with my fingers in high school and then I used the flat foundation brush – which is still a decent brush – but ever since I discovered this flat top brush my foundation game is on point and the compliments flow.

8. Morphe – Deluxe Eye Shadow Brush: I just recently purchased some Morphe products for the first time. Aside from the fact that their eye shadow palettes are so fierce, their brushes are great and they are very affordable. I love that this brush really packs on the pigment and it does it applies evenly.

Fit Chick's - Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes...Ever!

9. Zoeva – 142 Concealer Buffer: When I’m not using my beauty blender, I love using this brush to buff out my concealer. It fits perfectly under my eye and allows for even blending without loosing or moving around the product. I bought a few sets and this brush is one of my favorites.

10. Zoeva – 106 Powder Brush: All of the Zoeva brushes are phenomenal. I own so many and they are all great but this powder brush is my favorite for applying bronzers. It doesn’t overpower and it distributes the powder evenly so you aren’t patchy or blotchy. It could also be a great setting powder brush.

Fit Chick's - Ride or Die: Our Favorite Makeup Brushes...Ever!


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Help It!

What makeup brushes do you consider your ‘ride or die’?
Do you use any of these brushes listed? Which ones are your favorite?
Comment below and tell us.

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