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Spring Cleaning Like A Pro: What To Toss

April 3, 2018 No Comments

Spring Cleaning Like A Pro: What To Toss

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Hey Friend!

Guilty Pleasure… buying things.
Not so guilty pleasure… throwing those precious gems away.
However, it must be done or we will all end up on an episode of ‘Hoarding Buried Alive’…
Am I right?

Each year after my annual deep spring cleanings I always think about finding ways to make the process easier or if I’m being honest, quicker. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like that rewarding feeling of accomplishment after I toss half of my apartment but at the same time, I am ALL about efficiency. My hope is that the tips below simply to help you sort through the crap you don’t need and hopefully each year you will have less to toss hence less to spring clean and to make your process shorter.

Before you go, comment below and tell me
if you currently spring clean each year and what is your best kept cleaning secret!



What To Toss:

Again, these are my personal suggestions.
I have found that tossing these things make spring cleaning easier each year.

  • Paper: I’m talking about scraps of paper, random papers, old coupons or mail, documents that you haven’t touched in years, paper that needs to be shredded, etc. Just get rid of it! I can’t believe how much paper I discarded in my recent spring cleaning! It was everywhere! If you are like me, you never know when you are going to need something in 10 years and I get that but 1. that is what the power of the internet aka google is for and 2. if it is something you need to keep, then organize it in a file folder or have all your paper in a certain area but no matter what, each year you should shred old papers or documents you no longer need.
  • Christmas paper and boxes: Every year I say I’m going to use the boxes/wrapping paper I bought the year before and every year, Target and TJ Maxx come out with even more adorable wrapping paper and boxes so I never use the stuff I bought from the year before. Like honestly do I really think I’m going to use those scraps of paper? Apparently, I do because I hold onto them for some reason but personally, I never use last years wrapping paper or boxes. If you have, tell me your secret(s). I’m dying to know but in the meantime, toss it!
  • Clothes You Haven’t Worn: I am that girl that will cling to the life of a piece of clothing until it has nothing left to give. Trust me. I love and cherish each piece of clothing I buy. However, each year I still donate two or three large bags of clothing. How does it happen? I have no idea because ‘I never have anything to wear’ but I will tell you my recent donation successes have come from donating clothes that I haven’t worn in at least 5-10 years. My latest rule of thumb is if I haven’t worn it in at least 5-10 years, it gets donated. I used to keep pieces for sentimental reasons [hey, college jeans looking at you!] and I would tell myself I may need a piece of clothing for a Halloween costume one year…well guess what, that Halloween is still yet to come. Aside from the fact you haven’t worn it, it probably isn’t ‘in style’ at the moment and you never know when it will come back. Also, shoes are included in the 5-10 year rule as well as anything that is broken, torn, or that has holes in it.  Toss those single socks and that ‘Halloween costume’.

  • Your Kitchen: Okay maybe not your entire kitchen, but it’s time to toss the expired cans in your pantry. I also make it a habit each year to toss any Tupperware that is on its last legs. They are pretty cheap to purchase so if they are starting to discolor or get some microwave burns, toss it. Also, any old appliances or extra dishware [you don’t need 14 mugs I promise] that you haven’t touched can be donated. Like I said, don’t throw out the whole kitchen but if you are in the market for some new kitchen gadgets or appliances, the cool thing is now most of them are made to multi-perform and that may save you some extra space. Also, don’t forget the fridge and medicine cabinet, anything that’s expired [or with freezer burn] can go. Bonus points if you do this ever 5 or 6 months aka micro-cleaning and saving time!
  • Random Cords + Old Electronics: If it were up to me, I would still have my original LG flip phone [#nostalgia] but there is no need for it. If it’s broken, toss it. If it doesn’t turn on anymore, toss it. If it is something you don’t use anything, bring it to a shop and try to sell it. Also, I don’t know about you, but I realized during this latest spring cleaning session that I had about 52 random cords. I know that nowadays EVERYTHING comes with a very specific cord so if you have no clue what it belongs to toss it. If you are afraid to toss the cords, then bundle them up and put them in a box. At least they will all be in one place if you need to access them.

Bonus: Want to learn how I ‘spring clean’ faster? Micro-cleaning. Every couple of months I will tackle a room or area that needs a little extra TLC.


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