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5+ Ways to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

November 28, 2017 No Comments

5+ Ways to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Fit Chick's - 5+ Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home!

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Are you glad Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over too? Ugh, I don’t know about you but I am mentally exhausted from deleting so many emails and spending too much money!

*insert burning money emoji*

No but seriously if you caught my Black Friday sales post last Thursday then you know there were some pretty awesome sales. I even went to the mall and bought one of Steven’s very expensive Christmas gifts this weekend [totally unplanned] but the sale was worth it!

today I am talking about something that hits close to home [literally]. Ever since I made the transition to working exclusively from home, it’s been tough finding new ways to stay healthy and to keep our routine in check. Below are five of my best tips for helping you to stay healthy while working from home.


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Fit Chick's - 5+ Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home!

5+ Ways to Stay Healthy While Working From Home:

1. Wear Jeans: I know you are like “what?! Um okay, Kara… What kind of a tip is that?” but seriously, hear me out because this is my number one tip for this post. If you wear jeans or something with some structure [aka not yoga pants or sweats] you are less likely to have a free-for-all binge day in the kitchen. I know there are going to be days where maybe you just can’t stop eating carbs, I get it, but honestly if you wear a pair of jeans [and maybe ones that are a little snug], it will be like a gentle little reminder not to have open season on your fridge… or waistline. Also, wear a bra and maybe put on a little makeup. I made this mistake trust me and honestly I truly believe if you look good you feel good [or at least better than a zombie covered in crumbs].

2. Move around: I know this one can be tough, but if you can, get up and walk around, even if it is just for a minute or two every 30-60 minutes. It is very, very easy to just sit at your desk all day so doing something like working in your basement and having to go upstairs to get a drink may seem silly but it gets you out of your chair. Also, and this may be a stretch, but depending on how busy it is, if you can, jump on an elliptical or treadmill or stationary bike [if you have one at home] even if it is just for 2 or 3 minutes a couple times a day. Get moving and you will be less likely to run to your kitchen and you may even feel a bit more energized.

3. Drink Water: This will forever be one of my health tips regardless of where you work. Drinking water vs soda or a cappa frappe whatever, is always a healthier option. If you can, grab a big liter water bottle and refill it at least twice a day. You will not only have to get up to fill it, but it will force you to get up and pee so it’s a win-win. Ps- if you can drink two full liters and not have to pee, you are a champion of another breed.

4. Do not work in your kitchen: I work from two places in my house, my basement and my living room. Why because they are not my kitchen. If your living room connects to your kitchen that is still better than working at your kitchen table. Why? because you are surrounded by food and even if you are busy, your mind will probably wonder to what is in your fridge and how it can get into your stomach. Plain and simple, you will be more tempted to eat or snack mindlessly. It’s even worse if you are not busy and bored so just stay away from the kitchen unless it is time to actually eat.

5. Get out of the house: If you can, get out of your house. Go to a local coffee shop or eatery. Pretty much any place that is quiet that has wifi. Changing up your scene and having to get dressed can change your entire day and switching up your routine won’t hurt. I promise. If you work from home and are craving a conversation, getting out of the house will provide you with that opportunity.

Fit Chick's - 5+ Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home!

6. Prep some food: It is SO easy to just grab a snack or some processed crap. If you have some healthy meals prepped, you will be less likely to run to the pizza joint around the corner and more likely to grab that glorious salad or homemade chili. It will also help you with snacking. If you have a healthy, balanced meal [yes carbs, fats, and proteins], your stomach and mind will be more satisfied and you will feel fuller. You will be less tempted to grab a snack from your cabinet or eat an entire bag of boom chicka pop.

7. Don’t buy crap: If your house is loaded with crap, you will more than likely find a home for it in your stomach. Where else is it going to go? If you are a person who loves to snack, then make sure to have some healthy options read to grab. You will also feel more satisfied with a snack like hummus and carrots than a bag of chips which will reduce your constant need to snack.

8. Go for a walk: If you get a break, go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a full hour or even 30 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes will do the trick too. If it’s winter, maybe make sure your home gym consists of a treadmill and some weights. Do a quick workout or if you don’t have a gym we have plenty of at home workouts. Have a conference call that you have to listen to but don’t have to participate in? Put it on mute and hop on the treadmill for a walk. There are plenty of ways to get a couple of steps into your day so take em’.

Thank you all for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post and that these tips were helpful.


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 Fit Chick's - 5+ Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home!

Fit Chick's - 5+ Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home!

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