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Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips + Giveaway!

May 23, 2016 13 Comments

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips + Giveaway!

Fit Chick's Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips + Giveaway!
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Hey Boss!

After doing a my yearly spring cleaning this past Sunday, I thought it would be helpful to share my tips that help keep me on track and feeling less-stressed.

I usually do a heavy-duty ‘spring cleaning’ twice a year in the spring and fall. I do my whole apartment from top to bottom and afterwards I feel so accomplished and generally like a weight has been lifted.

I really hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any tips for me feel free to comment below.


Oh, we also have an awesome Summer Giveaway at the end of this post so make sure to check it out!


Here are our Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning:

  1. Donate: Every year during my spring cleaning process – which is twice a year, in the spring and fall – I donate a ton of clothes, bags, and shoes that I no longer use. I create a toss pile and a giveaway pile. The toss pile has anything I wouldn’t want anyone I love wearing in public and the giveaway pile is usually massive.  I’ve been told a good rule is to toss one thing for every new item you buy but I prefer to donate a lot of goods all at once so I don’t listen to that tip but maybe you might.
  2. Paper Process: Yes, it is okay to toss those old receipts. Cleaning up and organizing notes is something I feel like I used to do constantly. I was always jotting down little notes of things for me to remember or things I wanted to look into. I had paper literally all over my apartment. I was always filing papers too until I discovered Evernote. Evernote is like having a giant, virtual notebook handy at all times. Instead of me writing down little notes, I just add them to my virtual work space. It has cleaned up my office tremendously. There are obviously things that I still like to have hard copies of and that I like to keep files on but for the most part most of my important notes can be found on Evernote. They have an app or you can use the website itself but both are tremendously helpful to me.
  3. Pantry + Kitchen Cleaning: My fridge and freezer are usually on point thanks to my ocd-ish organization but I still go through everything to make sure nothing is expired or looking wonky. If I have products I don’t plan on using I will donate them or toss them if they are expired. If I have a ton of items that I want to use that aren’t expiring then I have a BBQ or friends dinner that weekend.
  4. Sell, Sell, Sell: So you have too many great items that you don’t want to donate or discard? OR you have a few bigger items to sell? Craigslist or local facebook sale groups are great if you have one or two bigger items (like furniture). If you have bunch of bigger items and some smaller items then maybe a garage sale is for you. If you have a lot of clothes or bags you want to sell then you can use apps like poshmark and Mercari to sell.
  5. Mental Cleanse: You all know I love me some goals. Every spring and fall I love setting goals for the next few months, year, three years, five years, hell even 10 years sometimes. Everything from personal to physical to emotional to career gets a goal. I love goals and lists because they help me (personally) sort through a lot of what is going-on-in-my-life-currently moments and a lot of where-do-I-want-to-go-with-my-life moments. It gives me a big picture while still keeping me productive and positive in the moment.
  6. Condensing Items: Whether it is cleaners, makeup, or even photos I like to have as much space as possible. If I have a cleaner that is 80% finished and I just bought another cleaner I will condense the two into one bottle so I can discard the empty. Same thing with photos. They take up so much room on my phone – because semi-pro photographer obviously – so every couple of months I back the photos up on my seagate external hard drive and condense the photos into folders so I know where they all are and then I deleted the photos on my phone. I know – crazy right? I also save room on my computer by keeping them on the external hard drive. Two-fer baby!
  7. Closet Organizing: Obviously I have a thing for organization. Clear and labeled bins for storage are heavenly to me. You can easily sort all of your gift supplies, crafts, memorabilia, wires and cables you name it. It also holds a place for all those wrapping paper scraps you are saving up (see our toss-it check list below).
  8. Digital Makeover: My coworkers all make fun of me because I have about 60+ email folders, but guess who can find anything in a second? That’s right – me! Every couple of months I like to sort my emails, unsubscribe from any unnecessary emails, clear out my junk mail and trash emails, and clean up my social media accounts. Let me be clear, ‘spring cleaning’ on my social media accounts does not mean I post how I just cleaned house on my friends list. It means going through and deleted any old posts I don’t want the world to see anymore or any embarrassing pictures. I absolutely cannot stand when people post about spring cleaning their friends lists. I think it is rude and kind of cruel to make people wonder if they are good enough to be your friend. Sorry – end rant… but what is really fun is when the people who de-friended you ask to be re-added. Mwahahah. Okay seriously end-rant.
  9. Everything has a home: Yay to micro-cleaning without even realizing it! If you always put your belongings back where they belong then it is one less thing you have to clean or organize. How brilliant is that? Seriously that extra minute or two it takes for your to walk across the room can save you from a massive to-do pile down the road.
  10. Re-purpose: Spring cleaning does not mean tossing out your entire apartment or home. If you don’t want to toss those 80% burned candles then it’s time to re-purpose them. I personally like to make them into jars for my home office to hold my paper clips and stuff but that’s just me. You can use them for whatever you want. Point is, you don’t have to toss it if you can find another solid and functional use for it.

Alright friends,
That is it for my tips and rants today but make sure you check out our pin-ables below and this killer giveaway!


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