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Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Life

August 4, 2015 13 Comments

Our Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Life
Fit Chick's Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Life
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Hey Friend!

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.
Lately I have been getting overwhelmed and I couldn’t figure out why until this past weekend.
I was rushing around – like always – trying to get myself together for birthday parties and bridals showers and then it hit me. I had stopped for 5 seconds to breathe and re-focus and then I noticed…I had let myself go.


I let my apartment go actually but to me it is the same thing.
How can I preach if I don’t practice what I preach? Ya dig?
So I took a hard look around and decided it was time to re-organize my life and guess what?
I feel a whole lot better AND I am less stressed.


Here are my top 10 tips to help organize your life:

1. Take 20 Minutes Each Day: Taking 20 minutes each day to attack one area of your home can be so helpful. I like to call it micro-cleaning or micro-organizing. By taking those 20 minutes each day, you reduce the workload and reduce having to spend an entire day cleaning and organizing your home.

2. Make a daily list: I love lists (if you couldn’t tell) but I think you get SO much more accomplished when you have a list. It keeps you on track and helps you to remember what you want to get done. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it could just be things you would like to do that day or week that you don’t want to forget…OR if you are undiagnosed, borderline OCD like me, it could be elaborate. I like to organize my lists by most convenient tasks or I group items together in the same area (I learned this from Maria Menounos’s book which is one of my favorites). For example, if I want to go to three stores I will list or route them in order so I don’t travel all over the place.

3. Recycle: I can’t tell you how much I love to reuse empty candle jars, bins, and boxes for other purposes. They have some pretty cool ideas on Pinterest. I saw the other day that someone used a old gum container as change storage for their car – I mean that’s genius, seriously.

4. Create a Little BlackBook: Yup – but not the kind for your binders of men. I’m talking about one for your personal information, logins + passwords, contacts, birthdays, events, etc. My “little blackbook” is a giant green binder that consists of all my login info, healthcare info, car info, birthdays, contacts and more. It’s very convenient since all the information is in one place. If you prefer to have your book readily available at all times you can use a platform like Evernote or Dropbox. I prefer Evernote and have the app on my phone.

5. Every Item has a Home: If you put your belongings in the same spot every time, you will save time trying to find them. Imagine that huh. 😉

6. Labels: I find that labeling boxes makes it really easy to find things. I know some might say it’s too much but it really only takes a couple of seconds to put a label on something. Unless you get fancy then it may take a while but a simple label is a simple solution. Also, clear boxes are great because you can see what is in each box.

7. Make IKEA and the Dollar Store your BFF: They have so many products you can use! UGH the possibilities. My personal dollar store favorites are bins or any office supplies and IKEA has a ton of storage units and gadgets for cheap.

8. Maximize Vertical Space + Space in General: A few years ago, I create two mini walk in closets. I had these little awkward closets in my apartment living room and thought – oh, the potential – plus I needed more space. One closest I made a walk-in with a shoe-wall on one side and all my coats on the other. The coat bar used to go across the closet so all I did to open it up was switch the direction of the bar and added some wood shelves. The other closet I made a mini walk-in office and pantry. I am also a huge fan of ottomans with storage. Simple changes to both closets gave me 50x more space in each.

Fit Chick's Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Life

Fit Chick's Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Life

9. Start in one place: I like to think I get more done by multi-tasking but studies have shown that apparently that is not the case. I know – weird – but I think it might be true. When I run from one room to another just to put something away, I have found that I then start to focus on something else in that room I just entered and I forget about the first task I was working on originally. So my advice, start in one area and make a pile if you need to place something somewhere else. When the task is done then sort that pile.

10. Visibility is Key: Keep the items you use the most towards the front. It will save you from having to dig and search for things and will save you time and energy.


Pretty neat huh?


Help It!
What is your favorite tip for organizing? Comment below and tell us.
Want more? Learn about our favorite ways to de-stress here.


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