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Top 15 Favorite Apps

February 16, 2016 22 Comments

Top 15 Favorite Apps

Fit Chick's Top 15 Favorite Apps 2016
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Hey Babes!

How is your week going?
I thought it was time I shared some of my favorite apps with you.
These apps make my life easier in so many ways.
I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.


Okay, Let’s get started:

  1. Evernote: Evernote is a beast. Seriously. I use it everyday for my blog, my fitness page, my personal info and so much more. It helps keep me organized and allows me to sync all my notes between all my devices so I can easily access them. With Evernote you can create checklists, write notes, clip screenshots or full webpages, you can share your work with others. In short, she is my digital assistant. Since I have multiple accounts, it was easier for me to purchase the premium version for $6/month but they have a free version and a plus version for $2.99/month. With the premium version, you can quickly switch from account to account on the app. Cost: Free or monthly.
  2. Daily Water: YAS. If you haven’t heard me talk about the importance of water by now then let’s have a quick chat. I drink about a gallon of water a day. It helps keep me hydrated, keeps my skin looking radiant and helps remove toxins from my body. has a great list of reasons why water is great here, so I will skip the lecture and carry on. This app helps track your daily water intake and lets you set goals. If you aren’t up to a gallon a day that is okay as long as you get at least 8 glasses in. Cost: Free.
  3. Uber: Uber may save lives. Honestly, I just started using Uber this year and it has rocked my world. When I was in Tampa (at a work conference last month), I ended up spending about $100 total for the four days I was there and used about 20 rides. A normal oneway ride from the airport to the hotel would have cost $20-30 bucks (plus tip) and it cost me $11 (which – btw – all of the rates include tips). Plus, while chatting with some of the drivers, I learned about their system which is pretty amazing. They require certain standards of the drivers (which you can rate after each ride and I highly recommend) but also the driver rates you! Can you believe it? I was floored – but – I was happy to learn that they basically can see if you are a good passenger. So make sure you rate your driver right after the ride! Cost: Free.
  4. Hello Vino: If you love wine as much as me, this app is like a personal wine assistant. It provides you with a shopping guide, ratings, meal pairing, and more. The coolest features are the label scanner and remember every wine option. The label scanner lets you snap a pic of the front of the wine bottle and the app will tell you about the wine (tasting notes, ratings, food pairings, etc). The remember every wine option will help you make sure you never forget your purchases. You can rate and add quick notes to each purchase too. Cost: Free.
  5. Giffage: Okay – so – this app may consume all of my time lately. My cousin, Ciara, introduced this app to me and honestly she may regret it now. If you text me or have seen any of my Friday Five lists, then you know how much I love a good GIF. This app is life. It cracks me up. It takes what I can only assume is every GIF ever created and puts them in one, searchable place AKA a nightmare for anyone who is friends with me and my sarcasm. Overall, this app is a solid win. Cost: Free.
  6. Poshmark: Is an app that allows you to buy, style and sell your own closet. It shows you when items are ‘just in’ and when prices drop. They have over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off retail. I especially love that I can sell my own closet items. Just because I didn’t use or need something doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. Cost: Free.
  7. Tabata Pro: Where are my fit babes at? If you have popped over to KLF, then you have seen my HIIT workouts. Tabata pro is designed for Tabata style workouts however, you can also use the timer for HIIT workouts. A HIIT workout is a form of interval training. The customizable timers allow you to control the workout. I usually will pick about 5-7 exercises and go for 5-7 rounds (or ‘cycles’). I like that it has an alarm option but you can tell when a set is changing by the blinking and the colors. If you know me, you know I’m shy so when I’m in a gym I like to hang in a corner, do my workout and be quiet. Cost: $2.99.
  8. Photo Apps: Squaready, VSCO, Boomerang, Selfie, LiveCollage, and Photo Timer+: Okay ready? I know that was a lot but I use all of these apps pretty much on the reg. Squaready lets me create the perfect square, white border. If you check our IG, you will see white borders everywhere. VSCO is my favorite photo editor. Aside from it’s dope filters, it has a ton of editing options to help bring your pictures to life. Boomerang is new to me. It’s about two weeks old in our app collection but I have used it every day since I downloaded it. It is a bit different than most apps, you can’t edit and there is no sound, but I think that is why I like it so much. It lets you capture fun moments and replays them in a loop. Selfie is another new app to my collection. It is great for editing – well – selfies. They have some cool tools that help polish your look and it kind of just ties everything together to give you that ‘perfect’ selfie. LiveCollage is my favorite photo collage app. They have a bunch of different frame options but I stick to the same four (lol). I used to have a couple different collage apps but the only one I found myself using over and over was the LiveCollage app. Last, Photo Timer+ is an app that lets you take timed photos. I use it when sending my coach check-in photos for bikini prep so I don’t have to subject any poor souls to taking the photos. Costs: All Free
  9. Houzz: Lately I have become obsessed with interior designing. Maybe it is because we are looking for a house (which has caused a temporary remodel of my apartment) or maybe I am already designing my dream house in my head – and on my secret Pinterest board – but either way Houzz has always been on my phone. I love the huge selection of products and I use the projects created for inspiration. The community is great too because they are helpful with suggestions and you can connect with contractors or designers in the app. Cost: Free.
  10. Retail Me Not: In short, coupon central. My mom always used to tell me I needed to carry coupons with me, but with this app, I don’t. It has every coupon available (online and in store) for over 50,000 retailers. Just type in the store and it will show you what is available. I can’t tell you how many times I get to a store, open this app, and am shocked by the deals I did not know about. It definitely has saved me some dough. Cost: Free.
  11. Avocado: Avocado might be the coolest app. It lets you and your significant other share lists and a calendar so you know who is doing what, on which date and what has already been done. It will even tell you if you SO’s battery is dying. Seriously?! Anyways I use it for sharing lists (which can be super helpful when meal prepping) and for the calendar aspect so we know whats going on. Cost: Free.
  12. Shazam: This app would have totally crushed it in the 90’s and early 2000’s when you had no clue who was singing that song on the radio. Even though most cars, including mine, have the song title and artist scrolling across the screen, I still Shazam the song. Why? Shazam creates a list of all the songs you search for. It makes it easy for me to check my list of songs I want to download when they are all in one place. Cost: Free.
  13. Timehop: Hmm. Timehop’s description says “It’s like #tbt every day” and it’s true. Timehop pulls old photos and posts from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare to create a list of memories. It’s really cool to see what you did nine years ago on this exact day or what you did the last three years on that day. It also gives you the option to share so you can share the memories with your friends and family. Cost: Free.
  14. Genius Scan: For my fellow workaholics, this is gold. Genius Scan allows you to create PDF files right from your phone. I love it for when I have receipts or when I am traveling to keep everything all together. When I am working on the go and need to sign off on a document this app makes it like having a scanner handy. Cost: Free. 
  15. Snapguide: Snapguide is like a Pinterest but with only how-to guides. I like to browse this app when I get bored or I’m looking for inspiration. They have multiple categories but my favorites are beauty, pets, lifestyle, photography and home. Cost: Free.

Thanks for stopping by! I really hope you liked the list and found some helpful new apps.

Oh, but before you go…

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