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Top 5 Tips For a Killer Resume

December 15, 2015 2 Comments

Top 5 Tips For a Killer Resume

Fit Chick's Top 5 Tips For a Killer Resume

Hey Friend!

I decided to change gears a bit and switch it up today.
I’m putting a temporary leash on my inner shopaholic because I want to offer a different kind of assistance on this lovely Tuesday afternoon.

A friend of mine came to me about a month ago asking for help with updating her resume. Of course I didn’t hesitate to help because – 1. I’m weird and 2. I love this kinda stuff – but I also wanted her to succeed. After helping my friend, I thought it would also be helpful to put it out on the www for all of you just incase you are going through the same motions. This is time of the year when people seek change and personal growth. Whether it be in life, career, or health, this is the season where new beginnings are crafted and dreams are chased so I want to be a part of that journey with you.


Here are my Top 5 Tips For a Killer Resume:

  1. Tailor Your Resume: Every single resume I have ever sent out was tailored to the job I wanted. Starting with the most relevant job experiences at the top and ending with appropriate skills. With that being said, don’t rearrange your positions around to make it work. Make sure they are always in date order but place more relevant tasks (at that role) towards the top of the bullet points.
  2. Clean, Simple, and Triple Checked: What I mean by this is keep it simple. Basic fonts, a professional email address ( is not professional), and proofread at least 5 times before sending. I would chalk it up to my borderline OCD with organization but honestly, my friends in Human Resources agree. Nothing makes them toss a resume faster than bad spacing, misspellings, and poor grammar. Also, must-have sections include: contact information, objective or about, work experience, education, and skills/certifications (see the example below).
  3. Single Page with Separate Page of References: The single page isn’t 100%, but when I do hiring I prefer a single page because to me it looks clean and concise (plus if the person hiring is looking at a ton of resumes they don’t need to be reading two pages worth of info). There really shouldn’t be a second page unless you have every single job you ever worked at listed. This goes back to my first point, make it relative. If I’m going for a entry-level or mid-level role, then having my first job at the local theme park – when I was 14 – listed probably won’t do me any favors and doesn’t need to be on my resume. You should always have a references page handy but I wouldn’t submit it until the interview if/when you are asked.
  4. Don’t Lie: Yes, most companies will run a background check (These usually show your title and years employed, any criminal history and education) but don’t lie about the tasks you’ve done. It won’t help if you do get hired and have no idea what you are doing. However, you can choose your wording carefully and maybe jazz it up. For example, when I started working at a doctors office – back in high school – I started as a “file person” then became a “phone person” and eventually a receptionist. Just because the office I worked at referred to the role as “file person” didn’t mean I  had to list it that way on my resume. I simple changed “person” to “clerk”. It sounded better but didn’t change the role. Now on my resume I would list it as receptionist because that was my last role when I was working there but when I was starting out my original role was “file clerk” on my resume. Make sense?
  5. Skills: Feel free to add skills that pertain to the job you are seeking. If you are going for a social media role, then knowledge of social platforms, photo skills, and analytics would be proper skills you might want to add. The theme of resumes is relevance, so if you are applying to a certain job and have a skill that would benefit the role then I suggest adding it.

Here is an example of a basic resume outline:

Fit Chick's Top 5 Tips For a Killer Resume

Okay, so:

Next week we will discuss cover letters – but – in the meantime,
if you are resume-ready check out our post on How to Slay Your Next Interview.


Here is your pin-able:

Fit Chick's Top 5 Tips For a Killer Resume

Help It!
I hope we helped answer some of your questions about resumes.
What do you want to know about cover letters?
Comment below with your questions.

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