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Our Top Five Drugstore Foundations

May 22, 2017 No Comments

Our Top Five Drugstore Foundations

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations
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If you have been hanging around our Instagram lately, you may have caught a sneak peak of our favorite drugstore foundations in one of our IG stories. If not, have no fear, we are here today to share our favorites and to tell you why we love them and why they beat out some other drugstore foundations.

Each of these foundations has been used over and over again and some even repurchased. You know we love our ‘high-end’ beauty products but we also – L O V E – a good dupe or drugstore find just as much [if not more].



Our Top Five Drugstore Foundations:

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

Before we dive into this post, I will note that my skin is commonly referred to as ‘combination skin’. Combination skin tends to be a mix of dry and oily. My skin tends to be more dry than oily [depending on the season] but, I do tend to have more oily skin around my T-zone [nose, forehead, chin]. Also, can we also talk about how drugstore makeup has seriously upped their makeup game? Their foundations are better than some high-end foundations that I have tried. Seriously [just throwing that out there]. The quality has improved tremendously and I’m excited to say that I use all of these regularly in rotation with my Clinique foundation. Anyways, let’s get to it.

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

1. L’Oreal Pro-Glow and Pro-Matte Foundations: Technically, I could have counted these each as a favorite but I wanted to give a bit more variety. The pro-glow foundation is so beautiful and lightweight. I was nervous when I first bought it that it would make my ‘oily’ areas even more oily but it doesn’t. It literally creates a flawless, smooth, glowy finish. I also love how incredibly lightweight this product is. Sometimes I do want a bit more coverage but for day-to-day wear this formula is perfect and it is a buildable formula if I want more coverage. It seriously feels like you have nothing on [which is perfect for the gym also if you come from work with makeup on]. As for the pro-matte foundation, it is exactly the same as the pro-glow except instead of a glowy finish, it provides a matte finish. It is the same lightweight formula and it gives the same coverage [in my opinion]. I think these products are perfect year round but especially in the summer.

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

2. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: If you have been around FCN for a while, then you know my holy grail, all time favorite foundation ever is Clinique. This foundation formula reminds me SO much of the Clinique formula for less than half of the cost. I haven’t tried the other Fit Me Foundations but the matte + poreless foundation is simply incredible. It covers pores and creates a matte finish that isn’t as drying as the pro-matte foundation above but sometimes I prefer that. If you caught some of our older posts then you know I love the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless pressed translucent powder and the concealers so this line is easily one of their best lines. I don’t own a ton of Maybelline products but like I said this line is my favorite from them.

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

3. Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation: The Milani foundation I purchased for the first time last year and it is heaven in a jar. It is a bit more full coverage than any of the others on this list but I love it. It is heavy without being overpowering or leaving you feeling like you have cake-face [aka a ton of layers on your face]. I mentioned this product in my drugstore dupes post that this is a dupe for the TooFaced foundation and I still stand by it. This foundation hides any imperfections and I love the pump applicator. I know once I put this foundation on I won’t have to touch it up at all throughout the day. *Not pictured because we just ran out of the foundation*

 Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

4. L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Foundation: I think this was the first drugstore foundation that I actually bought when I started buying drugstore products again. For a long time, I swore off drugstore because I felt like the quality wasn’t there anymore and the products that were in the stores weren’t anything special. When I bought this foundation the first time, I instantly went back and grab another in a darker shade because [see semi-pro tip below]. Anyways, this foundation gives such a healthy, luminous finish. It is definitely medium coverage so it is great for year round. It is also a buildable coverage so if you needed a little extra help, you could defiantly add a little more coverage without feeling like you have 10lbs of makeup on.

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

5. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation: I appreciate Wet N Wild products probably the most out of any drugstore brand. Their products are always affordable and their quality never disappoints. I recently dubbed their concealer one of my new favorites and described it as a cross between the cult-favorite NARS creamy concealer and the other cult-favorite, the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. It is amazing. Anyways, the foundation was created so you can wear it and not have to worry about that dreaded ‘white cast’ in photos. The applicator spatula on this particular foundation is very interesting but I don’t mind it. I apply my foundation with a brush or sponge anyway. The formula is probably the most lightweight out of all the foundations on this list but it is easily buildable. The foundation is matte, with ‘light-diffusing’ complex to give you that perfect ‘no filter’ look. I also love that it comes in so many different shades.

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

The prices vary from store to store but these are the prices I pulled from the brand’s actual websites. The Milani foundation [not pictured] is $10.00 USD. You can also find some of these products for less at Target.

If I had to rank these in order of foundation ‘weight’, I would say the Wet N Wild foundation is the lightest, then the pro-matte and pro-glow foundations are the second lightest formulas. The Maybelline foundation is in the middle and the Milani foundation is the heaviest. As far as coverage, they all have great coverage but the Maybelline foundation and the Milani are a little more full coverage than the others.

Semi-Pro Tip: Buying two different shades of a foundation will help you achieve a gradual tan ‘look’ year round. Buy a shade that matches your natural skin tone and one shade that would be equal to your shade when you are tan or very tan. As the season change, add small amounts of the ‘tan’ shade and your regular shade and mix them together on a palette then apply. As your skin tone gets darker/tan your foundation will gradually match your skin tone and you don’t have to buy seven different shades of each foundation.

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Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

Fit Chick's - Top Five Drugstore Foundations

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