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Travel Essentials That Make Life Easier

October 11, 2019 No Comments

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Don’t you just love a good product that can make your life easier? Me too. Especially when it comes to travel and lugging around a bunch of your things everywhere.

Today I’m sharing some travel essentials that I hope will make your life as easy as they have made mine. If you caught my IG story sneak peak this week, then you know I can’t get enough of smart, convenient and efficient products and all of the products listed below are the best I have found.

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Travel Essentials That Make Life Easier

BEIS The Weekender in Beige: I have a confession, I am a travel junkie. I feel like traveling is one of those things that you can’t put a price on because seeing different cultures or even cities and towns is something so fascinating and often enlightening. One thing I will say is that I used to hate the travel process of getting to the destination because by the time I got there, my back would hurt or I was exhausted from carrying so much of my crap. When Shay Mitchell launched her brand, BEIS, and I saw how effortless travel could be and functional her products where I knew I needed to try them out. As you guys know for my birthday, my husband bought me the weekender bag and the BEIS backpack [pictured below] and I have become obsessed. Not only are her bags high-quality but the designs are sleek and classic [and carry-on appropriate], the compartments make sense, the lining is water-resistant, and the design just seriously makes life easier. I love to use this bag for a quick weekend getaway whether it’s traveling to see my college friends or hopping on a quick flight.

My favorite features of this bag are the padded laptop sleeve, the zip-nook compartment on the bottom of the bag [great for shoes and dirty laundry!], and the trolley passthrough so it slides right over your roller bag handle!

BEIS Backpack in Black: I was always a fan of Jansport backpacks because they were super durable but that was until this backpack launched. It not only made so much sense for traveling but also for working out of the office. I love that this bag has a luxury look to it but it doesn’t break the bank. Every time I travel I use a backpack as my carry-on to help protect my back, neck and shoulders when they are tired. The reason I love this bag so much is because if you wanted to say, workout after work you can pack some clothes in the main compartment and safely store your laptop in the padded laptop sleeve. Obviously with traveling you can pack your clothes in the main compartment but another way I like to use this bag is for my photoshoots. I can put the camera equipment in the main compartment and either my laptop or tripod in the padded sleeve. This backpack also comes in evergreen and beige but I loved the black because it will probably get a bit dirt while traveling and it works for me or my husband.

My favorite features of this bag are the padded laptop sleeve, the water-resistant lining, padded should straps and the trolley passthrough.

Vera Bradley Travel Organizer: As you guys know from my Vera Bradley event, I love their bags. Similar to BEIS, they are made with the consumer in mind and their products are high quality. I do own a bunch of different bags but my two favorites for travel are my travel organizer for my jewelry and my cosmetic bag with the removable components. My travel organizer is probably one of my favorite life products. I personally leave my jewelry in it year round and hang it in my closet with my clothes. Not only does the jewelry stay safe but I never have to worry about finding my jewelry because it is always packed and ready to go! Sometimes I will add or remove pieces depending on the trip but for the most part it stays ready in my closet.

Note: My travel organizer that is pictured, I couldn’t find anymore on their site so I linked to their current style that is available.

Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag: My cosmetic travel bag also a game changer. I put all of my basic essentials products like cotton rounds, q-tips, hair accessories, etc in it so it’s ready and then I just add my favorite skincare, contacts, etc when I’m ready to travel. I love that I can remove certain component so I don’t have to lug the whole bag to the bathroom while traveling and if I don’t need one I can take it out. Like all of the Vera Bradley products I own, their designs are smart, high-quality and durable. I love that the bag I picked is also clear so you can easily see what you have packed.

Note: Like the travel organizer, my bag is no longer listed but I linked to the currently available styles. They also have a flat iron case [not pictured] which I love to use for travel and daily life so I don’t burn holes in things.icon

Mini Products: Mini travel products like my favorite EvaNYC hair dryer and straightener make packing lighter and easier. I used to never bring a hairdryer or I would bring my full size one until I discovered mini’s. Now I always bring them because they are compact and don’t take up much room. Plus you never have to worry if you room will have one handy again!

Jewelry Organizer Case: This case I wanted to include because if you are someone who loves dainty jewerly like myself, it is great for keeping it organized. Also, if you are taking maybe a shorter trip and don’t want to carry the larger organizer, this one is compact and has a spot for everything whether it’s necklackes, rings or earrings! If you caught my Amazon Favorites post then you already know all about this beauty!

LippyClip: Talk about saving time and not having to search the endless pit that is your bag to find your chapstick! One of my favorite comedians, Iliza Shlesinger, once referred to searching the bottom of your bag with your designated search claw [aka hand] only to find crushed up products and A french fry and I swear I laughed so hard because it’s true. We all know the struggle and it’s real. Right? haha Seriously though, for all my chapstick lovers, this one is for you. I personally know the hassle of searching your bag for your favorite lip product and not being able to find it immediately. If you saw my IG story then you already got a sneak peak of what’s to come on Monday! If you didn’t, then make sure to check out my Instagram Monday because we will be giving one lucky winner a LippyClip!



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