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Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag Like a Pro

June 9, 2015 26 Comments

Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag Like a Pro

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Hey Beauts!

 So – you are going on vacation, a weekend getaway, or simply just want to have your makeup essentials handy in your car – well – we got you covered.

A few years ago, after weeks of me running around like a mad-woman, I decided that it was time to eliminate that constant 20 minute drive back to my house for a quick touch-up in between clients and life deal. Now you might say… but Kara, can’t I just carry a few items in my purse? – and the answer is Yes, of course you can, but I wanted to make sure I had everything I could ever need handy at all times. Plus, carrying those few items in my purse just wasn’t cutting it AND now I have a little more free time for myself.

Okay, Lets get started.

First, I have four rules:

  1. Travel size items are your BFF: This includes hotel samples to save money or travel products available at Target, Sephora, or your local drugstores.
  2. Don’t throw it away: You know all those little random makeup samples you get? Guess what – they are your other BFF. Also, mini brushes that come with some makeup products are great too.
  3. Free ‘giftbags’ are gold: Hello freebies! Well kinda – You know those “free giftbags” you get when you spend over X amount buying products at your favorite Macy’s counter? Yeah – Those are the golden mini products you keep for your new travel makeup bag and the free bag it comes in is your new travel bag. That is what I like to call a two-fer.
  4. You need two medium size bags or one big bag: I like to separate my brushes, sponges, eyeliner, brow pencils + powders, sprays, mascaras and lipstick + glosses into one bag and all other products into another. I find it easier to grab one bag that has my eyeliner and gloss (if I just need that) rather than digging through a big bag or case – but – your choice.

So what actually goes in the bags?

Great question 😉

Bag One: Makeup Brushes

Bag One Continued or Bag Two: Eyes, Brows, Lips, Sprays

Bag Two Continued: Face, Shadows, Creams, Etc.

  • Remember: All three bags can be combined into one big bag or you could have two medium size bags (one with brushes, eyes, brows, lips and sprays and the other with face, shadows, creams, etc).
  • Samples: YAY. Remember when I said samples were your BFF? Here is why: I use a lot of mini perfume samples, foundation samples, primer samples, and cream samples. Samples save money and are normally great quality. The foundation samples usually come with a few different shades which are great in the summer if you need a darker color. If you are using one big bag, it is helpful to sort them in a smaller bag or clear baggie inside of the big bag.
  • Makeup Essentials for your face, shadows, creams and more: 1-2 Face primers, mini perfumes, mini concealer, contour sticks in dark and light shades, 1-2 blushes (powder and cream), 1-3 foundations (light, medium, darker),  1-3 BB + CC creams (light, medium, dark), powders (translucent powder, foundation powder, bronzer), shadows (neutral shadow palette, cream shadows, darker shadow palette, highlighter), mini body and face creams, hair ties + elastics, bobby pins, q-tips and makeup pads.
  • PS Again: That makeup bag is from an Estee Lauder “giftbag” promotion.

Got all that?

Lastly, here is our quick reference checklist for you just to make it even easier 🙂

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